Written by Chrissie

16 Nov 2009

My wife Lynn and I, on reflection, may have been in a bit of a rut with our sex life. She has always been in charge of our relationship, a flirt yes, but I told her that was what attracted me to her and I wanted her to still be herself. The one thing we both enjoyed was me having to watch her with another man. There was a lot of fantasy involved about her wanting to 'marry' a rich man and keep me on as their sissy maid - she liked the idea of having to give herself completely to him and that turned me on too - a real man instead of her sissy maid. It all started from when I used to watch her at a nite club - pretend I wasnt with her and see her get chatted up and sometimes slow dance and kiss with someone - everyone assuming that she was really with him (which turned me on a lot).

Anyway, having chatted with a guy called David from SH who was very interested in this scenario, I arranged with him to meet with Lynn as they were in a similar line of work and he needed some advice. Lynn was not aware that the meeting had been arranged and told me she wasnt sure about this new contact that had turned up out of the blue for a meeting. David sent her a few flirty emails and the meeting went very well - as Lynn is a flirt herself, she told me she had difficulty in avoiding too much eye contact which would have started her flirting with him in the office!

David seemed to know that she fancied him and, after a few more emails, dared to ask her out on a date to a concert in London. Lynn came home from work that day in a quandry - not sure whether to accept or not as she hardly knew him yet felt that there seemed to be an irresistable attraction...