Written by Helen

16 Jul 2018

My friends and I decided that's it's been a while since we went out so we started to plan. We thought it would be a good excuse to go to Glasgow for the night out, but also a bit of shopping.

We checked into the hotel right in the centre of Glasgow, so handy for everything. We dumped our bags and went straight to the shops. Clothes shops featured heavily as you can imagine. No one knew us in Glasgow, so we decided to really let ourselves go and we buy clothes that we'd never wear in Aberdeen. Some of the outfits were revealing to say the least. We all bought what we wanted and went out for a drink before going back to the hotel. We didn't have any lunch and were drinking on empty stomachs, so by the time we got to the hotel to change ready for our night on the town we were very happy. My room partner had a shower first and I got in after. When I went through to the bedroom Angie was already dressed to kill. She had a White bolero top and an above the knee black skirt with a split up the front. She sat on the bed and asked what I thought. Wow. The minute she sat the split opened and you could see the tops of her hold ups and closer examination revealed that she was wearing any knickers.

I had bought shiny leather look leggings, a white vest top, 4 inch heels and a plastic leather look bomber jacket. I got dressed and was persuaded by Angie to forget about the underwear. I took her advice thinking that I'd be wearing the jacket anyway. We met the rest of the girls in the lobby and off we went to enjoy ourselves. We did a few bars, but as one girl said they lacked talent. We were all getting drunk and eventually found a night club where we saw some 'talent going in. It was after 11 and we'd attracted some attention from the opposite sex. Drinks were flowing freely and we were up and down dancing and we were all happy. Angie had obviously attracted a guy and when a slow number came on they were up on the dance floor. I had a tap on the shoulder and was asked up to dance. It wasn't until I stood up that I realised the guy was from my husbands work. As we danced he commented on my outfit and thought I looked rather warm in the jacket. I had to admit I was roasting. He took my hand and we walked over to the bar, where he introduced me to a couple of workmates. One asked if hubby knew I dressed like that. Because I was very tipsy, i said no, and added I only dress like this when I'm out for a bit of fun.. I knew the minute I said it, that I shouldn't have done.

I was now separated from my friends with guys who knew my husband. Dave pulled up a bar stool opposite him and Bob and Grant stood next to us. Another slow dance came on and Dave asked me to dance, suggesting I leave the jacket on the stool. We danced closely and I could feel Dave pressing against me. He had his hands on my bottom and whispered in my ear, does your hubby know you don't wear any underwear when you're out for a bit of fun. Once again I said no, and I trust you'll keep it our secret. Dave said that he'd answer that later. A faster tune came on and we were joined by Grant and Bob. As I wasn't wearing a bra, my boobs were bobbing about which pleased by male friends. As we left the dance floor I got a text from my room mate that she clicked and would see me in the morning. This left me as a free agent.

Dave asked if it was hubby texting. Again I opened my mouth before thinking and said no, it was my room mate who's not going back to the hotel tonight and would see me in the morning. Dave then announced that we were all going back to my hotel. So off we went. We arrived at the hotel and got in the lift. Dave had me in his arms kissing me. He said we won't tell your husband about the way you dress when away from home or that you wanted to get screwed. Providing you do get screwed. No option then. Into the bedroom again Dave took me in his arms and kissed me. I was getting turned on. Grant stood behind me and lifted my vest up and over my head. Bob took his place behind me and pulled down my leggings, leaving me totally naked in front of them all. More?