Written by peternorth

25 Jul 2012

Following on we had another night out with Jan and Mick (10/11/11 amnesia and alcohol)Mick was in a Pool tournament a few miles away at a pub we knew and i had been voted to drive again. Even before we left Mick told us that Jan had had a few drinks before we left so she might not be such good company.

I noticed Emma and Mick got in the back of the car as Jan was put in next to me, Jan had dressed a bit better this time and after a quick kiss in the car we set off, Mick and Jan were talking quietly in the back as Jans skirt rode up her thighs to show some stocking top as we drove.

I got out the car with a stiffy as so did Mick trying to hide it with his cue in his hand, I noticed Emma slide across the seat to get out Micks side catching a glimpse of her skirt rolled up also in stockings but i couldnt see any underwear as i held the door for her. Mick took Emmas hand leading her off to book in for the tournament , i meanwhile opened the door for Jan undid her seat belt as she swung her legs around as she grabbed my neck pulling me in on top of her.

She began to tell me i was a lovely man and she fancied me (unusual for Jan)and i put my hand down between her legs to find she had no undies on either,i worked my fingers inside her as she pulled my cock free telling me to put it in her, luckily we were parked some way from the pub up alongside the car park hedge. She pulled me to her until i slipped my hard cock inside her and she soon had me cumming inside her, i told her we must go now as the others would be back and managed to get her out and sat her on a stool by the bar as all the tables had gone.

Mick was soon playing and won his first 2 matches, Emma was delighted kissing Mick for longer than usual, he won his next match as Emma said she wanted to go to the car i saw Mick follow her out they were gone a good 10-15 minutes and they both came back with smiles on their faces. He played again but lost his match to a old friend of his the 3 of them were chatting and Emma went outside again (she had the keys this time)as Mick and friend followed a minute later.

I left Jan at the bar talking to some guy with his hand up her skirt and walked up the between the cars towards my car, in the distance i could see the interior light on as i got near i squatted down behind the next car looking thru in to my car the only light was from the car interior light.I think it was Mick who stood up with his back to me as i caught a glimpse of Emmas bare arse no sign of her skirt and .I could just see past her to see her head bobbing up and down on the man sat in the car, i heard her mumble something as the man stood up had obviously put his dick inside her i could see his arse pumping back and forth.

Then the guy in the car said my turn now get in here and as he got out the far side of the car i saw it was Micks mate as Mick went to sit in the back seat to receive the feeling of Emmas lucious lips around his cock. I watched as his mate dropped his trousers and pants and was stroking a huge dick and i thought Micks was big enough, he nudged at Emmas pussy she stopped sucking Mick to tell him to go carefully,he held Emmas hips pulled her back as he thrust forward, i heard a muffled scream from Emma then within a few seconds Emma was telling him to fuck her harder i could see the car rocking side to side as he fucked her.

He gave a grunt and the car stopped rocking and i guesssed she had just received a mega load of cum from Mr Donkey dick, Mick got out said to his mate you banged her so hard i couldnt keep it in her mouth so she will get this load later. Micks mate said you were right she is a great fuck and likes to gobble he stepped back gave Emmas arse a loud smack and i watched as cum dripped from her pussy.I decided i better make my way back before they did and left them to clean up, about 5 mins later they walked in holding Emma around the waist, she turned to kiss Micks mate goodnight and he left.

When i got back to Jan i couldnt find her at the bar then i saw the guy who had had his hand up her skirt bringing her in thru the back door as he turned and left, i went over to her picked her and bought her over to the stool again but i could smell the guys cum on her lips and in her hair. When Mick and Emma saw Jan, Emma waved the key at me to leave i nodded and we headed for our home as Mick and Jan were staying at ours tonight.

Emma opened up and led Mick indoors, as i was left with Jan to get to bed, i stripped her off put her in the spare bed and went down stairs to find Emma sat on Micks lap looking very flushed, i told them i was off to bed and left the room leaving the door open. I went to the bathroom, then sneaked down, stood naked outside our lounge looking in to see that Emma was naked apart from her suspenders and stockings as Mick laid back with her sucking his cock once again, i felt my cock swell as i watched.

Mick gave a groan as i knew Emma had just made him cum she kept on sucking on Micks cock and soon he was hard again i suddenly realised he hadnt been drinking all night as he was playing Pool. He put Emma on her back and slipped into her well juiced pussy and fucked her and fucked her my legs ached just from standing there watching, Mick eventually unloaded his cum in to Emmas pussy and said you just get better each time Emms! As Emma replied well so do you Mick ! i love your cock and you, you sexy fucker at those words i went up to bed to be followed by Emma smelling as fresh as a daisy 10 minutes later.

In the morning i took them both home, Mick chated outside i said did you enjoy yourself last night, he said it was a great night apart from losing to his mate who fucked off after he had won anyway,he added theres always next year, i nodded and left.When i got home Emma was really chirpy tho looked a bit tired as she told me, wasnt Mick good , i said Oh yes! he was!