Written by Jonny

12 Oct 2014

This is a true account of a night that happened and yet to be repeated.

We were invited to a charity function at a rather plush hotel in London ( Black TIe ) Jade was taking an age to decide what to wear, she settled on a sexy little black dress. In the room jade showered and shaved her juicy pussy in readiness for the return back to the hotel as once the champagne flowed she becomes a rampant whore.

Anyway she got out of the shower and was pulling up her stockings and I just had to have her. I bent her on all fours on the giant bed and started eating her cunt and teasing her arse with my finger, she was soon gagging for it, I finished eating her and then slid my thick cock deep inside her wanting pussy, I pounded her for all she was worth she screamed in orgasm her body began to shudder as my cock twitched in readiness to fill her cunt full of my creamy spunk.

Jade said I hope there is more of that later, Anyway we were on our way down to the function and opened the door to go to the lift we were greeted as we shut the door by Agnes a 50 year old German lady who said to us are you going to the charity ball ? Jade replied yes oh good Agnes said I'm in the next room and my husband is sick and can't make it so I decided to come on my own! Do you mind if I join you? Not at all Jade replied.

Once into the room the champagne reception was in full flow and jades new pal had stuck to her like glue. Low and behold we were on the same table. As the evening wore on jade and Agnes were laughing and giggling more and more, I was intrigued what they found so amusing. After all the formalities of the usual auction which we won fuck all as usual. Jade said don't worry you have won the star prize just wait and see.

Cut to the chase I was feeling quite pissed by now and I could see jade and Agnes were getting more pissed by the hour. Jade came upto me and stuck her fingers in my mouth and said I've lost my g string and I'm going to find it with Agnes give me the key and come and claim you're prize in 10 minutes in the room but bring champagne. Off they went !!!!!

The ten minute wait seemed like a lifetime as I went up in the lift, I put the key in the door and walked in to see Jade and Agnes on the edge of the bed laughing and giggling like a pair of school girls. My thoughts were running wild as the door shut behind me and didn't haven't a chance to say anything before they were soon kissing each other my cock almost exploded there and then, they both stripped down to there stockings, kissing and sucking each other expertly. I couldn't believe this I had no idea jade was bi.

They were in the 69 position and jade asked me to pour champagne on Agnes arse so it trickled into her mouth. They were both slurping for all they were worth orgasming one after the other. I was then summonsed to drop my trousers and boxers my cock was raging by this time and they laid me on the bed and started sucking at my tool. Agnes then stopped and sat on my face as Jade mounted my cock and started to ride as the whore she had become. I couldn't take anymore and shot my load deep inside jades swollen pussy. I stopped to have a smoke at this time Agnes laid jade on the bed and greedily lapped up my spunk from jades clit.

Soon I was beckoned to serve them a glass of champagne each which I did naked. Jade got Agnes on all fours and was rimming her arse expertly she then ordered me to put my cock in agnes arse I did not need to be asked twice I inched in and proceed to fuck her tight arse pounding her till my balls slapped against her, jade greedily slurped on her cunt as I ramped her arse harder and deeper until I shot my full load into her screaming German obscenitys at me my spunk dribbled into jades mouth from Agnes arse.

We fucked most of the night and fell asleep, I was awoken by my cock twitching I thought fuck me jades rampant already but it wasn't it was Agnes sucking on my cock, jade was in the shower just as I was about to ramp this wanting slut jade came out the shower stark naked and said don't stop on my account.