Written by Peter

27 Apr 2008

There are many stories that i have read on SH regarding fantasies within couples of the male partner watching is wife/girlfriend with another man,mine is no different.I have been with Jude for 6 years and although it has always been my fantasy to see my partner with another man it has never happened and after mentioning it to Jude a few years ago about it she was not so keen.She has fulfilled other fantasies of mine and although she claims she is not Bi she has been with females and although she s for my pleasure,im not so sure,but who am i to complain.

Needless to say (Otherwise i wouldn\'t have a story) after years of fantastic sex and allot of talking about it she seemed to warm to the idea and it became a regular conversation piece during our love making often bringing her to climax,as i have always said to her i felt guilty of having her all to myself with her slim figure,fantastic tits and a cleanly shaved pussy with a beautiful piercing why should i have to be the only one to get pleasure from what she has to offer.

This is how the night unfolded into the greatest sexual experience in my life to date.

Jude had gone to a mutual friends birthday party ready to have a good time as she hadn\'t been out in a while,i unfortunately had to work so had to miss it.As the evening progressed and many glasses of wine were consumed the party moved from the restaurant to a local night club for the evenings activities to continue.

She met John not long after arriving, but being with friends decided to mingle, dancing drinking and enjoying herself,as the evening drew on she was reunited with John and spent time chatting and obviously there was a mutual attraction.

I received a phone call from Jude in the early hours of the morning telling me she had met a friend and that she wanted to bring him home,just making sure that i was OK with everything as this was our first time,which i was.

Jude arrived home closely followed by John and to my amazement John had his belt buckle undone and flies open obviously enjoying a blow job from Jude on the way home,which gave me butterflies seeing it as i remembered her reservation towards everything like this in the past.

Jude introduced me to John before making her way to the toilet to relieve herself,after a few pleasantries between John and i he made his way to the bathroom to get a bit of what he received on the way home whilst Jude was on the toilet.

Shortly thereafter they made there way upstairs to carry on from where they left off,as i waited downstairs to let them get acquainted as i would join them later.I will admit that i was listening with intent to the slurping,sucking and slapping which left me with a raging hard on and my cock i my hand.

It wasn\'t long before i was summoned upstairs to see Jude lying naked with Johns cock in her hand and gently easing it into her mouth while John was sticking 2 fingers into her pussy,if it was at all possible i felt another rush of blood straight into my cock.As we all lay there playing playing with Jude i could feel she loved having 4 hands covering her body and 2 cocks as her toys and asking both us to kneel over her and jerk off while she played with her clit, as she loves to see a guy jerk off and we spent hours playing, with John even following her into the bathroom to stick his cock in her mouth while she went to the toilet.As they went back to bed i started fucking Jude while she was sucking Johns cock,it was the most beautiful thing to see and it wasn\'t long before i came,only for John to dive straight between her legs to taste what i had to offer this was making her crazy as she thrust her pussy into his face,she then turned to offer her cum filled pussy to him and started sucking my flaccid cock, lying back watching her ride John with my cock in her mouth soon brought the blood back and my cock back to life as we took turns swapping between positions until we had no more cum to give and Jude had multiple orgasm\'s.As we lay in a heap with the room smelling of cum and pussy juice Jude and i made a promise this would be the start of many more encounters to cum.

I think as i went to sleep Jude and John were trying to have another go,who would blame him......Until next time.