Written by Mark

16 Jul 2011

I’m sure you get many letters that while they claim to be true are more imagination than truth. What I am about to tell, really did happen and is absolutely true. I suppose what all the more amazing is my wife Dawn and I are a very normal couple. We have what I guess you would call a very normal sex life, and have never considered anything out of the ordinary nor felt we needed to.

We bought a modest, but character in a rural village about a year ago and as we were both working long hours did not get chance to know the locals, but often frequented the local pub for an evening meal particularly if we had both been working late. It was during one of these evenings we began to get to know Richard and Clair another professional couple living in the village. After two or three evening chatting in the pub they suggested we should come over for an evening meal, which we both agreed to and confirmed dates for the following Friday evening.

When I got home from work on the Friday, Dawn was already home and just having a shower after she had finished I showered myself she was already dressed and looking particularly attractive in one of her favourite black dresses, not tarty , but elegant set off with dark tights and her black high heels, the dress, just above knee level with a low neck line, just showing off the gentle curve of the tops of her breasts. With her shoulder length natural blonde hair I must admit to feeling very proud to be going out with such an attractive wife.

As we arrived at Richard and Clair’s very nicely refurbished barn conversion, Richard took our coats and I could not help seeing the interest he suddenly showed in Dawn as he helped her out of her coat, I guess he had only seen her in her baggy jumper and jeans at the pub before. We were almost immediately introduced to Mark & Julie another younger couple who had just moved to the village.

The evening progressed well as we got to know one another and over dinner the normal topics came up, village life, property prices our respective jobs and careers. The wine flowed and as we all lived in the village and no one had to drive no one seemed too bothered about how much they drank. After a lovely meal we sat around the table trying various liqueurs, the subject drifted round to university life and our experiences, this then drifted into the various pranks that most of us had got up to, drinking games and so forth . It was Richard that asked somewhat out of the blue that asked whether any of us had played spin the bottle at college or university. It was at this point that Dawn innocently played right into Richard’s hands by asking what’s spin is the bottle? I don’t remember playing that in my youth.

There was a short pause before Richard retorted, seeing an opportunity developing and aware of the amount of alcohol that had been consumed ’would you like to play spin the bottle’ Clair quickly responded before Dawn had chance to say anything, saying, don’t listen to him he’s had far to much to drink, then turning to Richard said ‘in your dreams!’

Richard not to be defeated came back with ‘well is that everyone’s opinion, there was an awkward pause, he then added what if we put a ten minute time limit on the game to protect the innocent, so come on just some harmless fun and student memories or are you girls too old and prudish?

Clair gave Richard a very hard stare and was obviously not at all happy with his behaviour, Julie who was probably the tipsiest surprised everybody by breaking the silence saying OK, but just for ten minutes. That was all the encouragement Richard needed as he got up from the table and walked through to the rather large sitting room with an open fire smouldering . He quickly moved the coffee table and sofa’s to the edge of the room. He then beckoned us in to the sitting room where we sat or knelt in a circle on the floor. Richard got up but returned a few minutes later with an empty wine bottle from the table and a bottle of malt whisky and glass’s adding for those that need some Dutch courage!

A we settled down in the circle I realised that Dawn still had very little idea of what we were playing although she obviously guessed it was something a bit daring for all the hesitation and at the suggestions and the way Clair had responded.

Richard spun the bottle and the neck ended up squarely pointing at Clair, who now started to enter into the spirit of the game and seductively stretched her arm out and removed her bracelet letting it drop into the centre of the circle. Dawn quickly picked up where the game was going and looked toward me with a rather nervous ‘get me out of here glance’ . The game proceeded for a while as bracelets, watches, rings and necklaces were discarded into the centre of the circle. Then to everyone’s amusement Richard lost his shoes , socks and shirt in three consecutive spins. At that point Clair said OK we have done our ten minutes, can I get anyone a coffee. Richard again took the lead and said, come on, just another 10 minutes, look at me, I’m going to be the looser anyway, Julie spoke up who was still doing relatively well with a number of items of jewellery still to go, I’m game for another ten minutes, so before anyone else had time to comment, Richard spun the bottle again which slowly came to a halt pointing squarely at Dawn my wife who was feeling very self conscious as she removed her shoes.

At this point to many of you this may all sound very tame, but this was really happening and I don’t think anyone in the room had ever been in a similar situation before. For the first time I was beginning to dare wonder where all this may end up and the thought of this started to make my cock to twitch.

The game continued but with a slightly more serious atmosphere developing. On the next spin the bottle pointed towards Clair who was now down to her skirt and top with no jewellery left to discard.

Clair looked across to Richard with a somewhat nervous expression, he quickly responded by telling her that she had a great body and nothing to be shy or embarrassed about, she retorted back to him in a rather negative tone, ‘so you’re serious about this’, he just shrugged his shoulders . No one really knew what would happen next as we were all moving into new territory. Slowly clare started to unbutton her top until she finally got to the last button and let it naturally open giving the everyone their first view of her white lacy bra. She slowly proceeded the open top over her shoulder and let it fall to the floor behind her , before picking it up and throwing it into the centre of the circle, as she did so her smooth slightly tanned breasts wobbled in the semi transparent bra. The atmosphere in the room was now changing from one of fun to one of awkward nervousness with an element of sexually charged expectation. Clair was now kneeling in just her skirt and bra looking slightly uncomfortable with the males in the room trying not to make to obvious but clearly eyeing her up and down.

‘On with the game then’ Richard cheerfully shouted and with that he motioned Clair to give the bottle a another spin which she duly did, the next couple of spins saw Mark and myself losing our shirts , to the amusement of the girls. Then after spinning the bottle again it was Julies turn to be the focus as its neck ended up pointing towards her, she was almost unscathed so far wearing a thick V neck sweater and a long black skirt. She looked a little nervous and after a short pause stood up and started to undo the catch of her skirt and then the zip and with a few wiggles of her shapely bottom the skirt fell to the floor revealing her long shapely legs, but the male eyes in the room were drawn to her very minimal black knickers revealing a few wisps’ of hair around her fanny. As she carefully sat down trying not to reveal too much the atmosphere was charged but nobody said a word as Julie spun the bottle again.

As the bottle stopped it’s spin it was my wife Dawn who was in the firing line, she was perhaps the most apprehensive and nervous of everyone in the room and started to hesitantly roll one of her hold by stockings down her leg, at this point Richard in a rather bullish way shouted out ‘House rules stockings don’t count, so it looks like that little black dress’. At that point I was so close to grabbing Dawn by the hand and making our excuses, but something in me wanted to play this through. She looked up at me for guidance with a look of panic; she was way out of her comfort zone. I noticed that her dress had a detachable belt which I motioned to and with a temporary look of relief she unbuckled it and removed it from her dress, this time Richard just quietly nodded slightly disappointed at not seeing more of my lovely wife and realising he may have over stepped the mark.

Dawn nervously spun the bottle which after barely two spins was pointing to Julie, who responded with a rather nervous but mischievous look at the same time glancing over to mark her husband. She then stood up and very slowly pulled her arms one at a time out of the sweater sleeves then slowly pulled it over her head revealing her small but pert breasts, she then seductively shook her head allowing her long dark hair tumble over her shoulders from where it had got tangled up from dragging the sweater over her head.

I’m sure she was enjoying the attention and seemed relatively relaxed, partly I suspect due to the copious amount of alcohol Richard had been plying to everyone. After everyone had taken in the image of Julie kneeling in front of us in no more than her knickers Richard asked if she would be kind enough to spin the bottle again. On this spin it pointed back to Dawn, with Julie virtually naked now she felt a little more relaxed. She nervously stood up and reached behind her neck fiddling with the catch at the back of the dress and slowly pulled the zipper down then one at a time she pulled the straps over each shoulder allowing the dress to fall down to her waste revealing most of her breasts in a tight lacy black bra leaving very little to the imagination. She continued to push the dress down over her hips revealing her matching black lacy knickers. I must confess she looked so sexy standing in front of the group of us in just her hold up stockings, black lacy bra and knickers and judging by the now obvious bulges showing Richard and Mark both agreed.

Dawn then spun the bottle and after two rather clumsy spins it came back to her, I really did not know what to expect, but much to my surprise she turned her back to me with a nervous giggle and pointed to the clip on the back of her bra. With trembling hands I pulled the catch which undid immediately, she then took over and pulled the bra forward to reveal her gorgeous 34 D breasts shaking them to help the bra slide down her arms the floor. At this stage the mood was becoming more serious, I’m sure none of us had been involved in anything like this before this evening, but in a strange way we had all been drawn into this with many small steps and while there was the opportunity for any one of us to stand up and say things have gone far enough, no one did.

The next few turns quickly saw Mark and I down to our boxer shorts followed by Claire who lost her skirt. The next spin was back to Julie who was already down to just her knickers. She stood up and with little hesitation shrugged her shoulders and slowly pulled her knickers down revealing a neatly trimmed pussy. Almost to break the awkward silence Richard said well done, nice to see a girl with spirit and nerve. With that she grinned and did a few erotic gyrations of her hips, before spinning the bottle slowly to try and catch Richard out, but the plan back fired and it awkwardly span back to her. At that she laughed out asking as she was stark naked if she should try and remove an organ from her body, Richard witty as ever retorted ‘later my dear’.

Richard, still anxious to keep things moving along, suggested just to finish the evening off we could each suggest a forfeit for those who ran out of clothes. He grabbed some old business cards from a draw and handed them round to us with a couple of biro’s asking everyone to write their forfeits on the back of the card. After some nervous giggling and quick scribbling the six cards were placed on the floor with the forfeit hidden, Richard then asked Julie to pick one and read out the forfeit , as her hand hovered over the cards. The forfeit was she had to French kiss another person in the room excluding her or his partner. Before I knew what was happening she leant across to me, I remember feeling her pert breast and nipple push hard against my chest then her tongue pushing its way into my mouth with the mild flavour of the brandy she had been drinking . Our tongues tangled with one another for what seemed an eternity before she broke away. By now my cock was like a ram rod I was surprised to see Dawn nodding an approval and smiling, this all seemed so unreel.

As I looked back to Dawn to see if her facial expression had changed following my lingering kiss with Julie I could not believe what I was seeing. She had rolled her knickers down and was openly masturbating her fanny her fingers glistening with her juices. As our eyes made contact what she said next was almost unbelievable, ‘fuck me now, lets make Richard’s evening’, even with the amount of drink she had consumed and the sexually charged atmosphere I could hardly believed such words had come from my normally shy slightly innocent wife. While this was sinking in she stood up kicked her knickers off and stumbled a little unsteadily over to the dining room table, even Richard was lost for words for the first time that evening. She went on to push the empty cups, saucers and glasses to one side before hauling herself so she was sitting on the edge of the table. She then gently leaned back until she was lying on her back with her legs dangling over the edge of the table. With words of encouragement from Richard and Mark I stood up and walked over to the table I was so hard and ready to come I was struggling to hold back. I recall just brushing my erect cock against her moist pussy lips as she shuddered and moaned. I gripped her firm soft bottom and push myself in as far as I could go. With each thrust she moaned and her whole body shock wobbling her exposed tits which was just so erotic with virtual strangers looking on. In my state of arousal it was not long before I came deep into her as I withdrew the glistening spunk combined with her juices slowly trickled down her stocking clad thighs.

Dawn was still hugely aroused as I had come so quickly. In the alcohol and sexually charge atmosphere I vaguely remember Richard saying ‘you can’t leave her in that state of arousal without finishing the job, Dawn just groaned and nodded in Richard’s general direction and with that Richard walked over to her, and standing over her played with her breasts rolling her nipples in his fingers before pushing his erect cock deep into her she again moaned and as he pumped into her whole body was again writhing on the table. Richard quickly with drew his cock just as he was about to come holding it over her breasts and face which were soon splattered in his cum. Although my recollection is a bit blurry I will always remember the vision of my wife sprawled on her back naked across a dining room table in black hold up stockings with her hair, face and breasts covered in another man’s cum.

While all this was going on Mark & Julie could resist the atmosphere no longer and were fucking on the floor almost oblivious to what was going on around them. I just remember Marks arse rising and falling as he pumped his wife.

As I was just trying to take all this in I felt my hand gently but firmly gripped by Clair as her hot breath whispered in my ear, ‘I’m feeling a little left out of all of this’ . She led me out of the sitting room and up the stairs I remember thinking this is just not happening as I focused on her walking in front of me still in her white bra and knickers. As we got to one of the bedrooms she led me inside closing the door behind us. She then embraced be tightly first brushing my lips with her tongue then pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. I could feel her firm but full breasts pushing through her lacy bra against my chest. As we broke away I remember her mumbling ‘let’s get rid of these’ as she reached behind her back to unclip her bra allowing to slide down her arms, she quickly followed by pulling her knickers down in my rather bemused state I remember her guided my hand down to her wet and warm pussy. Her body just felt so soft and warm. As we embraced again we rolled on to the bed and she took my cock in her hand and gently rolled a condom on to it then laid back on the bed with her legs spread as I positioned myself I remember thinking what a great body she had for a woman in her early 40’s As I pushed my cock into her she felt really tight and erotic. We rolled around on the bed I remember the fantastic feel of her breasts as I sucked and squeezed them. We seemed to both cum at the same time the feeling of ejaculating into a women you only met a few hours ago was just so erotic. We lay on the bed for 10 or 15 minutes in each other’s arms, before she suggested we ought to investigate what was going on downstairs.

As we got back downstairs Richard and Dawn were both dressed in bath robes after taking a shower looking a little uneasy. Richard suggested we might like to do the same. Mark and Julie had left a few minutes before we came down. Over a coffee Richard was very apologetic saying he had no idea how things would end up, Dawn I think just felt very embarrassed. It was now starting to get light at around 5.00am. We agreed we would say no more about the night’s events and while at the time it was an unbelievable experience we felt it might damage our relationships if we repeated it, and it just would not be the same, it was the unexpectedness of it all that made it so special.

This happened over 3 years ago in 2008 and Dawn and I often wonder how we may respond if we ever found ourselves in a similar situation?