Written by Mal and Den

17 Jun 2007

This is a true story about Den and myself.I phoned her up,and told her to meet me with only a Thong,her quarter cup bra,hold ups and a long coat.She had to leave her house,and walk quite a way,before i picked her up in my car.When she got in the car,i said show me,she opened her coat to show me her nipples sticking over the bra.this was when it was light,about 6.30pm.I said we are going to a pub near Caerphilly mountain.When we got there,we got drinks and sat down.I then told her to go to the toilet and remove all the underwear.She came back and i said show me,she opened her coat and flashed her smooth fanny and bare tits at me.Anyway,we went and stood at the bar,and whilst being served,i put my hand through the opening of the coat and started to rub her fanny and push my fingers into her,we quickly finished our drinks,and when leaving the pub,i said open your coat,so she walked through the car park to my car with everything showing.We drove off,and she put her legs on the dashboard,so her fanny was there for me to play with.We stopped on the mountain,where i fucked her from behind bent over the bonnet.She then licked my dick clean.This was still light,and it turned us both on.We will do this again in the Caerphilly area before long.