Written by Moshyplops

22 Mar 2012

What a renaissance beauty. Statuesque and noble she stands before me

From the glint of light in her blonde hair the eye is drawn down her smooth neck towards the fullsome mounds of her heaving breasts

Large pink nipples like fruit ripe for plucking attract my slavering mouth. And down across smooth skin to the delights of a smooth wet pussy

Reclining backwards she revels her full nakedness

Soft eyes stare willingly and demand that her body is worshiped

Licking her ample breasts, I work down to her smooth pussy. I run my tongue over the soft skin, translucent as marble

She opens the soft lips to reveal the moist pink insides. The first droplet falls onto my tongue, tangy and alive. I feel her respond as I probe deeper nibbling, licking and sucking the glorious folds and tucks of her sweet pussy

Now she raises her head and her eyes fill will lust, wanting and demanding satisfaction

Her stare drills into me, penetrating me as I will do to her

Her legs are apart, moisture glistening between the pink lips, which are slightly open, beckoning me inside

I rub the tip of my cock against her, feeling the wetness. She pushes towards me with each stroke, my cock becoming covered with her juices, sliding up and down against her lips

Now she is ready

I push into her. She gasps and pushes back. I feel the warm wetness of her slide onto me, that feeling of being completely inside someone

Our mouths meet, tongues searching each others mouths, with uncontrolled lust. We move faster now, she pulls me into her, harder now, deeper

Each thrust brings us closer to climax. We are like beasts, animalistic sound pour from us, grunts, cries and screams

Finally the moment comes. I feel the sap rising within. The orgasm begins deep within us both, pulsing , rising and then erupting

Our bodies shake as we reach a crescendo. I feel my cum shoot into her warm willing depths. She holds me tight and then we slowly relax, wasted of all energy, limp

A short time spent with a goddess.........