Written by Hard from behind

18 Nov 2009

A late break up in Dunblane at the large hotel their has changed JB\'s and my love life forever.

JB has always had admiring looks from all men, young and old alike. Her long blond hair, beautiful face, slim body and great arse has been the source of many free drinks at the bar, and her suggestive chat means she always has extra company when we go out into town.

Our hotel break was a much needed rest from work, and as always with any holiday our sex life jumps at least 300%. On arrival we went straight to the bar, JB just wearing tight jeans and a low top showing off her body to perfection. A couple of businessmen had already finished for the day, and I could see them eying up my babe as she passed them on her way to relieving herself after a couple of wines. JB wiggled her bum at them fully conscious that all eyes were on her, and on her way back she was halted by the larger of the 2 gentlemen and offered a drink.

JB pointed in my direction a few yards away and said for them to join us. A bottle of wine purchased the gents David and Neil attempted some small talk, but JB at every opportunity would make some double entendre. It was clear that JB was getting high on the wine and the company, and was comfortable touching her thighs and sliding her hands up towards her neck clearly indicating she was horny.

The small talk moved on with JB being more direct, asking who was keeping them company during their stay? Both a few hundred miles away from their homes and families in Manchester, Dave was bold enough to say that she was?

JB looked at me and winked. And what do you think of that darling, should I look after them? JB stood up and moved towards me, bending kissing me hard on the lips and then my neck. I slide my hands onto her round bum cheeks and then felt between her legs, JB was hot and moist. I need fucked now she said. I asked Dave and Neil, or me? Surprize me she said, and in a turn blew the men a kiss and headed up to our suite. Give me 5 minutes.

When JB was gone I was flushed, they looked dumbfounded, and I jokingly said you\'ve pulled. I asked them if they wanted to see where this would go. I explained the obvious that JB was a little drunk, but also when she is in the zone she can fuck for Scotland. I offered my wife to them, and they accepted the invitation to our room.

I tapped on the door with Dave and Neil in tow a few minutes later. JB answered the door in a white thong and see through body. Her small breasts were full and her nipples were like pencils. Come in gents, and then cum in me, she said. JB moved into the bedroom beckoning all three of us and bent onto all fours on the bed. Dave was first behind her and she pulled her gusset to the side and asked him to taste her pussy. Dave still in his shirt and trousers thrust his tongue straight into her gaping pussy. It was fantastic to see her give herself in such a wanton way.

I stripped in a sec and offered JB my cock to suck, which she did. I told her that she was a dirty bitch and that she was going to get fucked with 3 cocks, 3 big cocks. JB squealed with pleasure and desire. Dave withdrew from licking her pussy to be replaced by Neil. JB rocked back and forth receiving a fucking from Neil\'s tongue. Dave has stripped off, and for fuck\'s sake his cock was massive. Easily 10\"s and very thick. I tapped JB for her to have a look at the weapon of mass pleasure and she became almost hypnotised by Dave\'s body.

I told Dave I would fuck her first, so he moved to her head and lay on the bed allowing Julie to make love to his beautiful cock with her mouth and hands. I entered her pussy from behind, a now naked Neil .lay underneath JB\'s breasts and sucked them whilst wanking his 7\"s. I knew JB would be thinking of getting Dave\'s meat into her as soon as possible, but that was not a problem for me. I fucked and slapped my whore wife and filled her cunt with a huge load of cum. My cock and balls were soaking, so when I came out of her pussy I rubbed myself against her face as she worked on Dave\'s cock.

Neil jumped up and fucked her next, still doggy JB pushed hard so that every thrust was a slap. As he fucked her he played with her bumhole. I moved to pick up my jeans and took out my mobi and began videoing JB fucking. JB whilst still wanking Dave\'s big cock was now moving up his body. I heard her cum as Neil emptied his balls into a very wet cunt. She chewed at Dave\'s nipples, and then up to his face and engaged in deep kisses, their tongues eating each other.

JB collapsed onto her side, and then pulled Dave onto her. Her legs wide open and in the air Dave entered her with ease. Starting slowly he fed her pussy his long , thick cock, building up his pace until he was thrusting hard and fast into her. All the while they continued kissing. Dave was making love to her. Dave stopped and placed a pillow under Julie\'s bum, then reentered her. 10\"s of big cock disappeared inside her, and she was fucking as hard as Dave was giving her. I thought then she will be sore in the morning. :-)

Julie was squealing and screaming. She called to me shouting that this is what I wanted her to do....get fucked by big cocks. JB came several times before Dave pulled out and sprayed his sperm all over her face and tits. Neil was standing watching had wanked his cock back to full health and then emptied his balls over her naked body. Look babe I am a dirty girl, dirty with spunk.

All 4 of us were covered in sweat and were in need of a wash. All of us satisfied and with me having a video of memories we all sat naked on the bed, Julie wanking away at Dave\'s big cock. She then gave his penis a little kiss and informed us all she was retiring for a bath and looked forward to meeting up again before the 2 day break was over.

I asked the guys to get dressed and said we would like to see them again. Neil asked for a copy of the video I made. I bluetoothed it to him, and am sure it will make its way onto the web.

I joined my wide in the bathroom, bathed with her in the hot water, holding her close and told her I loved her.

Dave joined us again on our last night. Julie was more than fully satisfied by him, and we are still getting texts from him today. JB wants to go down to Manchester at Xmas, but until then we have been dogging in Lanarkshire, but no such big cocks have found their way to my girl since Dave.