Written by Sally

15 Nov 2011

Over the years I've gone along with my husbands fantasies. Stockings and sussies, skimpy G-strings and bra, mini skirts which hardly cover my bum. You know, the usual male thing of getting you to dress like a Slut. I went along with it to please him, even going out wearing the stuff a few times, when we were on holiday which I secretly enjoyed. All the blokes ogling me, was a turn on and last year in Spain, after we'd had a few drinks, John suggested flashing some guys. I actually went a bit further, nipped into the ladies, took off my string and sat on a wall, wearing a short skirt, legs open exposing my very wet pussy. I felt a bit embarrassed about it in the morning, but John thought it had been great, not only that he dropped a few hints about going further. He didn't mean flashing, he wanted me to have sex with another bloke or preferably two while he watched. No chance I told him, flashing was a laugh, but typical male give him an inch and they want more. After a day or so he gave up after a good man sulk.

When we got home I went round to see my best friend Kerry. Kerry and I are both thirty four and have been best friends, since we were in junior school. We have few, if any secrets so I told her what what had happened, including flashing my pussy. Flashing she thought was quite horny, saying she'd have to give it a try, as for letting another bloke fuck me, well she seemed to think that was naughty of John, her idea being that I should have done it, then refused to let him shag me as a punishment.

A few months later she told me she was secretly seeing a bloke asking me to cover for her. She had told her husband she was staying at ours so she could spend the night getting fucked rotten. Of course I agreed, and several more times over the following weeks but didn't need to lie because he never asked. It was inevitable that he would find out which happened in the new year and she moved out, though not with her bloke. She had moved on, different, usually young guy or guys, shagging her every week. I told her was being a slut, she agreed, telling me I didn't know what I was missing.

Come the summer, John and I went to the Canaries for two weeks. One night, after a few drinks I was flashing my pussy again, getting a thrill at the looks on guys faces when they saw my naughty bits. I should have known better, because once again he pestered me to let a guy fuck me while he watched, which ended in another sulk when I refused. I say I refused, but after listening to Kerry’s stories about all the blokes who'd fucked her over the previous few months, I quite fancied having another guy fuck me. If I was going to have sex with another man it would be with someone I fancied at a time and place of my choosing. I finally got the opportunity two nights from the end of the holiday when John got drunk.

A guy who'd been in our group helped get him to our room and put him to bed. He was with some other lads, no girlfriend, about 21 or 22, nice looking. I'd had a few dances with him and felt what promised to be a decent sized cock pressing against me. We got John to bed, went out on the balcony, started kissing, I got my hand in his shorts stroking his cock which was already hard and nice and thick, he got his hand inside my panties fingering my pussy. Soon we were both naked, I dropped to my knees and sucked his cock until he pulled me to my feet, turned me round, bent me over the table and fucked me. Only feet away, snoring his head off was John, fast asleep while I got a lovely young cock in my pussy. It was so exciting I came so loudly, I thought I'd woken John, but he just rolled over and continued snoring. The next morning I asked John if he'd enjoyed watching me being fucked. It was obvious he didn't remember. I described what I'd done, surely you remember. “Oh well I did what you wanted and all you did was sleep through it” I told him partly to annoy him. He said he didn't believe me, but spent the last day practically begging me to do it again. “No. Next year maybe. Unless I find someone sooner” I teased, which earned me another sulk.

The problem was I didn't think I'd be able to wait a year. A few days after we got home I told Kerry what I'd done, confessing that I wanted more. Her solution. Do it, go out with her on the following weekend, pick up a couple of guys, back to hers, I'd stopped over numerous times so John wouldn't think it strange. She even suggested we have a bit of girl/girl fun, something we'd done in the past, mainly out of curiosity, but had both enjoyed. “The guys will love it. Most of them like watching women making out” she laughed, groping my tits. Tempting as it was I decided not to. By Saturday night I was having second thoughts, especially when at about 11pm she phoned, told me she'd picked up two guys, saying one was for me if I went around hers. John wouldn't be back from the Rugby Club for at least an hour, leave him a note and go. Somehow I resisted, but she left her mobile on while she was being fucked by the two blokes. I sat back, undid my gown, took off my panties, listening jealously, masturbating as the lucky bitch got fucked.

Even then, I might not have gone any further. I'd just done my gown up and gone into the kitchen when John came home. I heard him talking to someone then he came into the kitchen, put his arms around me, one hand inside my gown. He touched my pussy, “You're nice and wet. You must be feeling frisky” I was as it happened, reaching behind me giving his prick a squeeze, telling him he'd better get rid of whoever was in the lounge if he wanted a shag. He slipped a finger in my pussy, “Actually I was thinking he could fuck you. Like you did on holiday” I froze, seething with anger. Unfortunately for him, I had just cupped his balls. I squeezed and twisted then as hard as I could. He groaned, sinking to the floor as I released them. I stood looking down on him, my voice shaking “You wanker. Did you seriously think you could wander in with some bloke and I'd drop my knickers so you could watch him shag me. Tell him to fuck off. I'm going to bed. You can use the spare room” Half way up the stairs, I shouted “You're a twat, You're going to pay for this” slamming the bedroom door behind me.

I'd calmed down by the morning, when he brought me a cup of tea, looking a little sheepish, making a half hearted apology. I told him he wasn't going to get off that lightly, promising him he was going to suffer. “What I did to your balls is nothing. Try that again and I’ll rip them off” God knows what he thought I meant but he asked me if I wanted to give them a good hard twist or squeeze as punishment. I told him to get out, the pervert. Later that day I went around to Kerry’s telling her what had happened including, squishing his balls and him bizarrely asking me to do it again. “Don't get mad get even. If he wants to see you fucking let him, just not how he expects” I was still pissed off at him, listening to her suggestions, liking some, rejecting others but after drinking 3 bottles of wine between us had agreed that she would arrange things for the following weekend.

During the week I had second thoughts, but Kerry persuaded me not to back out, reminding me that it was all John deserved, and that she had arranged for us to meet up with four fit young guys, not difficult in a University town. She described them to me again, all over six foot, muscular with big cocks which she'd personally “road tested” none of them over twenty one and best of all were heavy, repeat cummers.

Saturday arrived, I told John I was going out with Kerry, he was going to the Rugby Club as usual. I went over hers after lunch and we went to town for a spot of retail therapy, to visit the salon for a full waxing. She persuaded me to buy a short stretch, scoop back mini dress, showing plenty of leg. We nipped into a bar for a drink, where she described the guys and what we were going to do, reminding me, yet again, about their big hard cocks. Listening to that had my pussy wet by the time we got back to hers to get ready.

Kerry showered first, then me and when I went back to the bedroom to dress she was sat naked on a stool by the dressing table, just finishing drying her hair. I dropped my towel and looked at myself in the wardrobe mirror, twisting to look at my bum and legs, not to bad, quite toned and no cellulite. I haven't had children so my stomach is still flat and my tits have remained firm. Even so I was starting to have second thoughts, wondering whether the young guys would want to fuck me, how she intended to get John to the house to watch and what his reaction would be. I told Kerry I was having doubts.

She came over to me, standing behind, looking over my shoulder at my reflection in the mirror hands on my waist. “You've nothing to worry about. You've got a great body. Fantastic tits” Her left hand moved, cupping my breast, fingers brushing the nipple. “They'll love them” I felt her lips on my neck, her other hand moving down over my smooth mound. She kissed my neck, her fingers touched my clit, I involuntarily opened my legs letting her finger me. We'd done this sort of thing in the past, the the memories flooding back of the soft touch of another woman, reminding me of the pleasure she'd given me. I felt my sex juices oozing from my pussy, Kerry's mouth seductively whispering in my ear, her hard nipples sticking in my back “Girl, you're going to get fucked to night. That’s what you want isn't it?” “Yes” I answered quietly. She slipped two fingers in my cunt, finger fucking me, “This pussy wants cock. You need a good hard fuck. Tell me what you want” I could feel my clit bud hard and aroused under her fingers, knew she was going to make me cum. I gasped “I want to be fucked”. She fingered me harder, “Louder, as if you really mean it. What do you want?” “I WANT HARD COCK. I WANT TO BE FUCKED. OH FUCK I'M CUMMING.” I screamed as I came. I'd have quite happily gone to bed and spent the evening having sex with her, but she had already planned our night. “Good girl, now lets get dressed” I was still concerned about John's reaction even though it was his idea. “Don't worry about John. I'll handle him. I've a special surprise for him” she sniggered.

I got my underwear from my bag, I couldn't wear a bra with the dress, so just a thong and hold up stockings. I put the dress on. It was lucky I had dieted for my holiday and sunbathed topless, no white marks on my back, the dress clinging to my body, the thin material doing little to hide my 32d tits, my hard nipples or the thong. There was no way of hiding the thong lines so in the end I removed it and went commando.

We took a taxi to the bar she'd arranged to meet the boys in, arriving just before 9pm. Kerry spotted them talking at the bar and we squeezed through the crush to join them. Four hunks, just as she promised, around twenty years old, tall, slim and fit looking. I was introduced to them, Jez and Gareth for her, Sam and Marcus being for me - at least for starters! From the conversation, Kerry had obviously told them that I wanted them to fuck me while my husband watched and they were cool with that, in fact almost drooling over it. Kerry took great delight, messing about, lifting the back of my dress, to prove I was naked underneath, persuading me after two or three drinks to raise the front and flash my pussy. After about an hour, we saw a group leaving a side booth and all squeezed in. I was between Sam and Marcus, as I sat my dress was pushed up to my waist, Sam had his hand resting on the seat, palm up. I told him he was a very naughty boy as I sat on his hand, wriggling as he slipped a couple of fingers in my hole. Marcus caressed my thigh, above my stockings, moving my legs apart, until he pushed a couple of fingers in my cunt too. Both of then having a good grope, forcing my legs further apart, openly finger fucking me, pulling my legs even wider apart, displaying my smooth pussy, when they noticed a couple of guys watching. Kerry looked as if her pussy was getting some attention from her two guys sat opposite, watching me squirm, until she lent over, asked for my mobile, telling me it was time to leave. It was before 11pm and we didn't have much trouble getting a couple of taxis to go to mine, me sharing one with Sam and Marcus. One fingering my pussy, the other easing my tits out and sucking my nipples, most of the way, the driver frequently glancing in the mirror watching.

I ran from the taxi, opening the front door, pulling my dress over my head, standing naked, just inside when Kerry and her two arrived shortly after. She went to fetch something for us all to drink, while I settled on the sofa, rubbing my extremely wet pussy, watching the guys strip off,. By the time Kerry returned, I had Sam on one side, fingering my cunt from behind, while I had my head in Marcus's lap sucking his prick. Kerry put down the drinks, picked up my phone and took a couple of photos of me with his cock in my mouth. “That should persuade John to get home. I don’t think he believed me when I phoned just now to tell him you were about to be fucked” I carried on sucking, letting Sam roll me on my side, lift my leg on his shoulder and enter me. He slowly slid his cock in my pussy and began to fuck me. Kerry sat in a chair near the door, fingers in pussy, Jez and Gareth sucking her tits, patiently stroking their cocks, watching her masturbate. About five minutes passed, my pussy nicely filled, steadily being fucked, holding Marcus's cock in my mouth, being careful not to make him cum when I heard the front door open and close.

Kerry got up and stopped John in the hall telling him to undress. A minute or so passed before she brought him in standing by the door holding his prick. The look on his face was a picture, surprise at first then triumph that he'd got his way. Kerry had other ideas, holding his erect prick, face close to his she spat in his face “Isn't this what you wanted. A slut for a wife” he nodded, an uncertain grin on his face. She soon wiped that off his face, grabbing his balls, squeezing and twisting them roughly. He gave a strangled groan as he sank to the floor, though his cock seemed harder than ever. Kerry knelt next to him, still scrunching his balls, she winked at me and told me to suck Marcus until he came. I gobbled on his cock, taking him deep, feeling Sam fucking my pussy just as deeply. I jumped as John gave a high pitched squeal, as Kerry dug her nails into his bollocks and slapped his cock hard several times. She had her bum in the air and told Jez to fuck her doggy. He slipped his cock into her slippery hole, holding her waist, fucking her deep,while she turned her attention back to John. “Let go I can't stand it” he moaned. She laughed in his face. Twisting them harder. “Why stop? You're enjoying it aren't you?” “No. No. Please” She spat on him again. Slapped his cock several times, appearing to loosen her grip on his balls “Look how hard your pathetic little cock is. That's cos you like what I'm doing isn't it?” He nodded, admitting he did. “Good. That's sorted. Now sit over there and do as you're told. You can have a wank if you want” I'd never seen him look so meek and I suppose submissive. I felt Marcus's cock start twitching in my mouth. I sucked harder, feeling it pulsate, shooting his spunk in my mouth. I lifted my head, turned to towards John, letting some spunk dribble from my mouth before swallowing the rest.

Kerry let go of his balls, to concentrate on shagging, pulling Gareth closer taking him in her mouth. I pulled away from Sam, told him to sit and hold his cock steady then got on top of him, facing John. I felt his prick touch my bum, reached between my legs found his cock and guided it to my cunt. I'd never felt so wet or aroused, as I sat down, his cock sliding up my hole, in full view of my husband who was avidly watching as my cunt hole stretched to take Sam's lovely thick eight inch shaft. I leant back against Sam, watching John's reaction as I took another man's cock. Sam reached around, fondling my tits, teasing my nipples as he thrust in and out. The room was charged with sex. The sight of Kerry sucking and fucking, the sounds of bodies slapping together, my sodden cunt squelching as his fat cock slid in and out, Kerry slurping on Gareth's prick. I reached down frigging my clitty, close to orgasm, suddenly aware that Kerry, had taken a load in her mouth and had spat her guys spunk in Johns face. He flinched, and stopped wanking, groaning loudly when she smacked his cock and grabbed his balls. He started wanking again as she held his balls tightly. I began panting, bouncing harder on Sams cock, taking it as deep in my pussy as I could, grinding my cunt against him as I came, sensing he wasn't far off flooding my fuck hole with his spunk.

I could feel Sam's prick throbbing inside me, pulsing as he came heavily, ejaculating in three or four hard spurts. I lay back against him, revelling in the wonderful sensations centred on my cunt, spreading out, in a warm pink flush, my nipples so hard they almost hurt. I heard Kerry, telling her bloke to cum, him grunting as he rammed his cock up her. Through half open eyes I could see her twisting Johns's bollocks, it looked painful but he seemed to be turned on by it, wanking faster, his eyes locked on my cock filled cunt. Jez stopped thrusting in Kerry's pussy, clenching his bum when he came inside her cunt, as she shuddered and climaxed. I was still sitting with Sam's half erect cock inside me. Kerry moved forward, Jez's prick slipping from her pussy followed by a gush of spunk, which dangled between her legs.

She stood, holding John's cock and told him to get out the chair. She pulled him by his cock until he was in front of me, she crouched, pulling him to the floor until he was kneeling. She told me to get off Sam's cock and cover my pussy and sit back with my legs open. Digging her nails into his cock she dragged them along his shaft leaving a row of red scratches. She stood, and straddled him, bending her knees, rubbing her pussy against the back of his head, smearing his hair with spunk and cunt juices. John was breathing heavily, holding his prick and balls. Kerry grabbed his hair dragging him between my legs, I moved my hands, felt spunk trickling out, John's head only inches away. “There you go John. You wanted another guy to fuck Sally. Now her cunt is full of spunk. Cleaning duties for you. Lick her clean” She pushed his face hard against my pussy, he tried to pull away. “Lick her clean” she told him again, sliding down his back, leaving a trail of spunk and cunt juice on his back before grabbing his balls. That was sufficient persuasion for him to begin lapping my cunt, licking and sucking the spunk from my hole.

She called Marcus and Gareth closer so she could suck them and get them hard ready to fuck me as soon as John completed his cleaning duties, while Sam and Jez watched, stroking their cocks, which looked as if they would soon have hard again. John dutifully licked me out, his tongue probing my hole sucking the spunk out and swallowing. I briefly wondered how Kerry had known he would be willing to let her abuse his cock and balls and go down on me after I'd been fucked. What’s more he had given every appearance of enjoying having his balls crushed and what he was now doing. It was only briefly because Kerry seeing I was getting close, was rubbing my clit with her fingers, the combination of tongue and fingers bringing me off. She told John to move out the way then used her tongue, licking my pussy until she was satisfied he'd completely cleaned me. She made a through inspection, sticking her tongue in my hole which took her several minutes, almost bringing me to climax. She stopped, said I was clean and ready for more cock and told John to sit in the chair opposite to watch.

He meekly did as he was told, sitting holding his ball, scratch marks still visible on his hard prick, as he gently wanked. I soon lost interest in him though, Marcus and Gareth were ready and waiting to fuck me. “You've never been DP'd have you?” Kerry said. “No. but I want to be” I answered excitedly. She told me to copy her. Marcus and Sam sat on the sofa, she straddled Sam, holding his cock and guiding his erection to her cunt. I did the same with Marcus, taking his lovely hard cock fully inside me. Kerry and I started moving on our guys, I could feel my juices flowing, Marcus's slippery prick sliding smoothly in and out of my cunt. Kerry looked at me, decided I was ready and told Gareth to fuck me too. Marcus stopped moving, I felt the tip of Gareth's cock touching my pussy, his hand on my bum. Kerry sat up on Sam, and with his cock buried in her, bent over, watching me trying to take a second cock in my pussy. She reached over and pushed two fingers in my cunt pulling me open, telling Gareth to slide his prick in between, her fingers and Marcus's cock. I felt him push his cock in, her fingers spreading my hole, then him pushing harder, my cunt stretching as he forced my hole open and penetrated me, and Kerry removed her fingers. I smiled my thanks to her and she lent over kissing me passionately on the mouth, our tongues entwined as the guys fucked us.

She broke off the kiss, and called over to Jez “I want your cock in my arse. Now!” He moved behind her, dribbled saliva on his hand, massaging it onto his prick, then more on her bum, pushing a couple of fingers in her arse. I was getting close to cumming but couldn't drag my eyes off what Kerry was doing. In fact it was getting me even more aroused and excited, watching as he spread her bum cheeks, pressed his cock against her anus and steadily eased his cock in her arse and started to arse fuck her, while his mate fucked her pussy. The whole situation was so wild and horny it sent me over the top and I started to cum, wave after wave, pulsing through my body as I had the most awesome orgasm that just seemed to go on and on. I felt the two cocks in my pussy, ramming me harder, then the two guys groaning, their hard, thick cocks throbbing as first one followed quickly by the other, they pumped spunk inside my pussy. Gareth pulled out and I rolled off Marcus, knowing what I needed to do next.

Clamping my hand over my pussy I called John over, noticing he'd cum, his spunk running down his belly, and told him to clean my cunt again. He knelt and buried his face between my legs, me holding his head, rubbing my fucked pussy on his face. While he licked and sucked the spunk from my cunt I watched Kerry climax, taking Jez's spunk in her arse and Sam's in her pussy, the slut.

She sat scooping spunk from her pussy and drinking it, until John had finished cleaning my pussy. Kerry told him to stand up grabbed him by the balls, told him he'd had his lot for the night and sent him upstairs. We stayed having a drink with the lads until they were ready to perform again, and we were both noisily fucked by one guy, while sucking off another. After that it was the early hours, we left them to sleep off their exertions while Kerry and I went upstairs, kicking John out of our bed to sleep in the spare room. Kerry and I kissed, licked, fingered and sucked each other in a sixty nine until we both climaxed and fell asleep.

It was quite late the next morning when I woke to the feel of Kerry sucking my tits and fingering my pussy, I reached between her legs fingering her until we both came. Discussing what we'd done afterwards she suggested not letting John fuck me for a week or so “I doubt he'll be able to after what you did to his cock and balls” I joked. He enjoyed it, exquisite pain she called it, explaining that with a bit of training he would learn to like his situation even more.

She was spot on, I only allowed him to watch, wank and clean for almost a month, squashing his balls and slapping his cock if he tried anything. Sometimes as a treat I toss him off, wearing studded gloves, Kerry bought for me, gripping his cock, digging the studs in. The tighter I hold his cock the more he likes it. He certainly cums heavily and keeps asking me to wank him so I ration how often I do it. When I did eventually let him fuck me it was after, four guys had taken me, and he had to shag me with my cunt sodden with other mens spunk then perform his cleaning duties afterwards. That’s about it, though I have now lost my anal virginity to a couple of lovely black guys Kerry introduced me to. To be honest whether they are fucking my pussy, fucking me up the arse or both they are the best and I can't get enough of them. Kerry's next plan is to get John to suck cock and maybe have a guy she knows arse fuck him. I'm not convinced he'll go that far but she is certain that he will and she's been right about most things so far. I'll let you know what happens.