Written by JohnW

21 Mar 2009

Some years ago I was in Leicester making my usual four weekly calls, I always stayed at the same hotel. One evening after dinner I was in my room finishing my paperwork at a desk by the side window. Opposite this window and about half a floor down was a large room of the adjoining house that I could see straight into. I had a vodka and tonic by me on the desk and I paused to drink a little when a movement caught my eye. In the room opposite a girl had entered, she looked about twenty-five or so, dark, attractive and with a good figure that nowadays they call a size twelve (or thereabouts).

She immediately began to strip, obviously this maintained my interest! As it happened it was beginning to get dark and she turned the light on, soon I was sitting in the dark watching this pretty girl undress. She had on a costume in a dark colour, she had already removed the jacket and skirt and had a full slip on which she proceeded to take off. This left her wearing just a white bra and knickers, she had medium sized breasts and her skin-tight knickers revealed the shape beneath. Dry mouthed and with my cock stirring I watched her take off the bra, her breasts were lovely, well-shaped and full, with those swollen looking aureolae and small nipples. She made to take off her knickers when she stopped and looked toward the door, she walked over and opened the door slightly then she opened it fully and let a man into the room. She was smiling broadly and they immediately kissed and hugged, obviously they were talking, of course I couldn't hear what was being said but the result was that the man started to strip.

He was interrupted with kisses several times, but eventually revealed a standing cock that looked to be something over seven inches long. The girl knelt and kissed the tip then took it in her mouth and really worked at giving him excellent oral, it must have excited him for he threw his head back with an agonised expression and said something. The girl got to her feet smiling and kissed him. He got his fingers into the waistband of her knickers and pushed them down, she kicked them off and stood slightly astride because he immediately slid his hand down over her stomach and, although I couldn't see, he was obviously feeling her up.

The man had his back towards me so I couldn't really see much but it was fairly plain that she was wanking his cock as he continued feeling her cunt. By now I had a throbbing erection and I sought to release my cock from the constriction of my clothes, I took it in hand. A few moments later they got on the bed and, as the head of the bed was on the opposite wall, I could now see everything. She didn't have a lot of pubic hair and I saw that she had a very full mound and also a very long-lipped cunt. Her cunt was now open and the man started finger-fucking her while she wanked his cock. Then I saw him pull his fingers out and use them to tease her clit, I was guessing because, at that distance, I couldn't see her clit but saw his movements and her reaction. She was obviously making some sort of noise and he kissed her passionately, working her clit enthusiastically.

After a minute or two she obviously came and when the effect wore off she said something to him and he mounted her. Unfortunately I couldn't see his cock slide into her willing cunt but I could certainly see that he was fucking her. He fucked her hard and fast for a minute or two then he slipped out of her and she rolled him on his back and, kneeling over him, lift his cock up and lowered herself onto it. This I could see and also how energetic she was fucking him.

Now I had never seen anyone else having sex at that time and I was, as you can imagine, incredibly aroused and had to exert extreme self control not to cum! She leaned forward to kiss him and I saw the fabntastic sight of her cunt with his cock embedded in it. Even at the distance I was away from them, I could see her cunt glistening with her juice, as indeed was the shaft of his cock. She fucked like this for several minutes before, presumably, her strength gave out and she rolled off him. She lay on her back, her legs wide apart and revealing the deep red interior and glistening flesh of her cunt. He was on his back too and his cock lay on his stomach also glistening with her juice. They turned their heads and kissed, she asked him something and he smiled and replied, she got up and moving to the end of the bed, knelt there with her legs wide apart giving me a perfect view of her cunt which seemed to hang, like some grotesque fruit, between her lovely thighs. I very nearly came at that moment but managed to hold off.

He now got off the bed and, standing behind her, obviously entered her again and began fucking. He fucked her like that for some time, her head down on the bed looking between her thighs. She lifted her head and he must have said something for he then slipped out of her and they moved back onto the bed, where he mounted her immediately and began fucking again. It didn't last long and I noted his jerky thrusts as he approached his climax and saw her raise her head. he dragged his cock out of her, grabbed it, gave it a couple of pulls, and came. All this was obvious from their movements as I couldn't actual;ly see what happed. However, as he collapsed at her side, I could see his spunk all over her face and she was licking at it as it ran down her face. She also used her fingers to scoop more into her mouth and she swallowed continuously.

I let go my cock,it had become so sensitive that I could now not bear to touch it otherwise I should have shot my load all over the desk and floor! I knew that I'd have to toss-off but wanted to do it a bit more hygenically! I went into the bathroom, stripped, sat in the bath (with no water in it) and wanked remembering in detail what I'd seen and wishing that I'd had one of my lovers to fuck. I soon shot a load of spunk up the wall at the far end of the bath, I didn't intend it but was glad that it would be easier to clean up!

Did I feel bad about watching those lovers, no way, I was pleased for them that could enjoy themselves in what they must have thought was complete privacy. The funny thing was that the following day, walking along Charles Street who should I see but the girl from next door, I almost said hello but caught myself in time, thank goodness.