Written by Mala1234

19 Mar 2016

If you follow my stories or read any of them you know Marc likes to listen to me getting fucked by someone else. Two nights ago we decided to change things a bit, it started with me getting tied up and blindfolded. I was already soaking wet. I could here Marc walking around just looking at me, gently touching me now and again.. teasing me then he asks me if I want to fuck someone else or just him. So I said I want to fuck him and someone else as well. To which he got very excited as he started fingering my tight pussy. He stopped before I could cum for him. He walked out and left me for what felt like ages. He came back eventually with someone else. I couldn't see who it was but I recognised the voice and it was a friend of ours. I knew this was going to be a lot of fun because I've fucked him before and knew how good he was. I was still tied up so they both climbed onto the bed with me and Marc started touching me whilst our friend put his cock in my mouth. Marc licking my pussy as I was sucking our friends cock. I was loving it already. They then took it in turns to fuck my pussy. I was soaking. They've then untied me and our friend laid down and told me to sit on his cock so I did as I was told and Marc got on top and put his cock into my arse they were both fucking me. It was amazing I was cuming so much for them both. I was told to stand up. Marc then bent me over the bed and watched as our friend filled my ass with spunk. Marc then took his turn fucking my already filled ass until he spunked in there as well. I was full of their cum it was so fucking dirty