Written by robert3

30 Dec 2008

The darker nights really do help so much when you are horny..as again,after a hard day,I got near to the quiet lane I visit fairly regularly..For quite a time now I have been meeting a certain man for regular..and incredible,sex..I turned in and immediately about 100metres in he turned off his side lights..I drove past,turned the car..and drove up behind him.He flashed his interior light and got out..usually I join him in his vehicle.I got out ..It was one of those days where urgency takes most conversation away!!.I reached down and fondled him..Straight away he walked behind his car and slipped his pants down..I quickly knelt and began to kis and nibble his buttocks..as he moaned I gently patted his ass and began a long,slow..and very thorough rimming session.He moaned and gently began to buck against me..Reaching round I could sense he was getting very near..and so I got off my knees and slowly,but firmly eased into him...He felt fabulous ..all he gasped was ..\'darling\'...I simply couldn,t hold back and ejaculated fully inside him.We stood trembling for a few moments before he guided his hand around..and yes..he had come on his car..We have been having incredible sex for quite a time now..and would like to meet another guy so my friend can watch me getting what he so enjoys..Any takers??..Robert 3..