Written by Naked

28 May 2013

This is a totally true account of something that happened to me a couple of years ago, it was something I wasn't expecting and definitely wasn't prepared for.

First a little bit about me, I am your 'average woman' 5'4" size 14 with a 38b bust (there seems to be an awful lot of stories on here where the women are size 8 and have huge breasts, but I want to keep my account as honest as possible)

I am self employed and work from home, we have a nice large home in the middle of the Fens, with our nearest neighbour approximately half a mile away, our house is surrounded by fields and as we have no one over looking our property, on nice days, I tend to not bother dressing after my morning shower as I enjoy the freedom being naked gives me.

After what seemed like months of miserable grey English weather, one morning the sun finally appeared in East Anglia, I chose not to dress and got on with my work as nature intended me to be, at lunch time I decided to call it a day as far as work was concerned and took a picnic blanket and a couple of cushions outside onto our back lawn with a sandwich and the remains of a bottle of red which we'd opened the previous evening, after my lunch I lay back enjoying the heat of the sun on my body, I must have dozed off as I was suddenly jolted back to reality when I heard loud clanking and distant whistling, which was getting closer, by the time I realised someone was coming around the side of the house it was far too late for me to disappear, I hadn't a clue what to do and just froze, suddenly the window cleaner came around the corner, I'd said hello to him before, but didn't (and still don't) know his name, he's about 10 years younger than me, with a gym fit body and very nice looking, but he wasn't my type at all, he's very sure of himself, one of these guys who knows he's got it and knows he has his pick of the bunch.

Anyway, in a split second I decided I would make out I was asleep and maybe he would catch a glimpse of me, do the gentlemanly thing and go back around the front of the house, giving me chance to dive inside and put something on, instead of that, I lay there wishing the ground would open up and swallow me while watching him from behind my sunglasses as he stopped dead in his tracks and slowly looked me over from top to toe, instead of making his way back where he came from, he then put his ladder up and started to clean the upstairs windows glancing over at me far too often than was safe, I don't know whether it was the wine I had drank or just the fact the kept looking at me, but I started to feel hot and it had nothing to do with the sun!

When he came down from his ladder I decided to make out I had just woken up and was surprised to see him there, I apologised for being naked and made a slight effort to cover up with the blanket, he just said 'very nice, very very nice' and walked over to where I lay, he told me there was no need to apologise or cover up as he had very much been enjoying the change of scenery as the Fens could be pretty boring, by now I could feel the heat between my legs and although I have naturally large erect nipples, they were defying my act of trying to stay cool and were getting even harder while he stood over me staring, I offered him some of my wine and he sat down to chat, after about 10 or 15 minutes of idle chit chat, he started telling me he liked shaven havens, large nipples etc etc, all the time running his eyes up and down my body, which was turning me on big time, he lightly ran his finger tips down the front of my right leg stopping at my knee (I guess to gauge my reaction) I just smiled which he quite rightly read as the green light, he then ran his fingers back up my leg across my pelvis and down the other leg, although it was only the slightest touch it had me on fire and I let out a soft moan, he lent forward and began by licking my right nipple before taking it in his mouth at first gently teasing with his teeth before sucking on it quite hard, his right hand had made it's way up my body where he was rolling my left nipple between his thumb and forefinger, I was in heaven and to be honest I was so engrossed in what he was doing to me I really wasn't bothered about touching him. He moved his mouth to my left nipple and again sucked wonderfully hard while his hand moved down to my wet pussy, his fingers found my clit which was so sensitive it was almost painful, suddenly he plunged two fingers into my soaking wet hole whilst a third was pressing against the outside of my arsehole, I came instantly with a shuddering orgasm so intense I cried out, this obviously turned him on even more and he continued to finger fuck me hard with his third finger finding it's way inside my most private hole, after what must have been two or three more orgasms (I wasn't counting) he went down on me with the most talented tongue I have ever had the pleasure to have between my legs, he licked, nibbled and even hummed against my clit bringing me off multiple times.

I was soaked, due to my spurting when I cum and was totally spent but by now wanted to taste his cock, I asked him to lay on the blanket where I undid his shorts and was met by a gorgeous hard, hairless throbbing cock, not massive like I was expecting, just a respectable 6" or so, but quite thick, I took him in my mouth, teasing the head with my tongue and teeth, before running my tongue down his shaft and taking each of his balls into my mouth to suck on, my fingers found the area between his balls and his arsehole and I gently massaged him there while I deep throated him, he was grinding his hips, pushing his cock as far into my mouth as he could all the time groaning and telling me he wanted to shag me, I felt his balls tighten and tasted his precum so reluctantly let his cock go before he got to the point of no return, I wanted to ride his cock and wanted to feel him inside me, I gripped the base of his shaft to stop him cumming and felt it throbbing in defiance against my hand, but managed to stop him ejaculating.

I allowed him to cool off for a few minutes, doing just enough to keep him hard but to let the intense feeling he had subside, before I slowly lowered myself down onto him, taking his rock hard cock deep inside my wet pussy, I rotated my hips, feeling his balls against my arse and his pubis pressing against my aroused nub, I rode him, first hard and fast, then slowing down and barely moving until he was desperate for me to ride him hard again, it was after one of the times I had been riding him slow, I was just speeding up when he arched his back pushing deep into me causing me to orgasm, due to the position I was in it was difficult for me to keep going having just cum and I wanted to stop, but he held my hips and ground into me until I had a second orgasm quickly followed by him filling my pussy with his cum, when I finally got off I had a huge amount of cum, both his and mine running down my inner thighs.

All this had gone on, we hadn't kissed once or even spoken that much, it was pure sex.

After a few minutes, we got up, he rinsed himself off using the outside tap and I had a shower before hubby came home, I've seen him since to say Hi to, but nothing else has happened between us, the experience has awoken the exhibitionist in me that I never even realised was there, needless to say this has resulted in me having couple more encounters!