9 Jun 2017

Ever since our marriage, over forty years ago, our holidays have been hectic. Rush here, see that, do this type of thing. Even in our retirement it has been the same. Until the holiday we have just had that is.

In January we sat down to plan the first holiday of the year. Out came the maps and travel guides. We sat at the dining room table.

“Right,” I said “what would you like to do this time?”

“Something different,” she started, “nothing! Just sit by the sea and watch the waves go in and out. Read a book. Walk along the beach hand in hand. Go to bed because we wanted to and not because we are exhausted. Get up because we wanted breakfast and not because we had to be somewhere at sometime. The only work I'd like to do is on a sun tan. Sun, sea, sand and ...” she finished with a happy face.

“Salads?” I offered.

And that's just what we have recently returned from. Well, not the salads obviously.

Sex with my wife has always been good. It tailed off a bit while the kids were around but once we had an empty nest we have made up for it. I've been a regular visitor to this site for many years. Nothing clandestine. It's bookmarked and on the quick link thingy that comes up when the browser is opened. I've even left the page open and I know my wife has visited a fair amount. We didn't openly discuss it but both of us came up with ideas that could only have come from this site or similar. Nothing like as adventurous as many of the stories we've read though.

We arrived on the holiday site two days after it opened for the new season. We had flown in and taken a taxi. The chalet was adequate, comfortable but still a wooden shed. I was despatched to the site shop for milk and to check if we could live on the items available while my wife got things sorted. Returning to the chalet I discovered my wife in her holiday outfit. What I called a floaty frock and sandals. Beneath which she wore either undies that looked a bit like a bikini from a distance or various bikinis of various sizes depending on her mood. I complained immediately. Watching my wife dress or undress was one of the many pleasures we both enjoyed. She laughed and taking the milk from me started to pour the tea.

“I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours.” she said.

An hour later we made another cup of tea as the first had got cold.

The site had everything it claimed on the website and the showers were big enough to share as we heard from a couple when we were inspecting them. Direct access to the beach? No problem. Out of the security gate and there it was. Sandy beach as far as the eye could see in both directions. We walked down to the sea and let the chilly water flow over our beach sandals. My wife hitched up her floaty frock as high as she dare. We turned left and paddled.

Going topless on a beach wasn't alien to my wife. She'd done it forever. Even with the kids ─ on a suitable beach. Her floaty dress, while not actually baring all, certainly didn't hide the fact that she was braless underneath. But this time, for the very first time – she had neither panties nor bikini bottom on! It didn't appear to be a conscious decision. There certainly wasn't a shall I shan't I debate. We were still naked when we had the hot cup of tea. When we decided to explore I pulled on my shorts and she slipped her floaty frock over her head. We were ready. As we stepped out of the chalet my cock dribbled. My wife was, to all intents and purposes, naked apart from a flimsy piece of material that did little to hide the fact. I noticed that her nipples were showing nicely and dribbled a bit more.

There looked to be a number of sites with direct access to the beach and as we walked along there were more or less people on the beach depending, I suppose, on the sites being open or not. When the section of beach was quiet I slid my hand up under the back of her dress and stroked her bum. She turned into me. My hand moved round to her pussy as she gently rubbed my cock. All this was totally new to both of us although we had often read of similar on this site.

That night the sex was wonderful with both of us laughing and giggling like naughty children. The morning session started early and breakfast was late. We were in no rush to go anywhere! It was too hot to go to the beach when we finally got up. She put a bikini on under her frock and I put my budgie smugglers on under my shorts. We went to the spar.

After a late lunch we went to the beach. She'd changed her wet bikini for a dry bikini bottom. The smallest she had. I took my time rubbing in her sun screen and she did the same for me. We sunbathed and watched the world go by. I was very aware that quite a few men were looking our way as they walked passed which made me feel very proud. My wife wasn't the only topless lady on the beach by any means nor was she the youngest. She was by far and away the most beautiful. My cock dribbled and I had to go into the sea to calm it down. Her nipples were as hard as cherry stones. Just her being looked at was such a turn on for both of us. When we returned to the chalet, we didn't have sex. We didn't make love. We fucked! We went to the restaurant for dinner. Back at the chalet we went to bed. We fucked. We woke. We fucked again. In the morning, we fucked.

Every day the sun shone. Every day we did the same things, wake, fuck, spar, lunch, beach, fuck.

We were booked on the Saturday afternoon flight. Had had seven days of sunshine. We woke on the Thursday. It was overcast so we went back to bed and entertained each other. By eleven it had brightened so we decided that we really should take a look at the local town especially as we had decided that we would return to the site in the future. By late afternoon we were back on the beach, people watching and my wife being watched by people. We stayed later than usual trying to get just a bit more sun.

“I wonder where they've been,” commented my wife right out of the blue.


“All these people,” she said, “walking down the beach back towards the campsites. Where have they been? Why?”

“No idea,” I admitted, “we haven't walked that way. We could go and have a look after dinner?”

We'd walked up the beach about three hundred yards when we spotted a sign, on a post, stuck in the sand.

“Wonder what that says.” said my wife dragging me towards it.

In three languages it informed the reader that 'Beyond this point clothing was optional'.

“A nudie beach!” exclaimed my wife stepping passed the sign. “I've always wanted to be naked on a beach and swim in the sea. C'mon get your kit off!”

Her floaty frock was off before my shorts had hit the sand. We paddled along the beach totally naked and looked at others similarly attired.

“We should have walked this way and not the other when we first arrived!” stated my wife without any note of censure or recrimination. “But it's a bit more windy here,” She shivered. “They must have spent the day somewhere,” she said marching up the beach towards the dunes.

It was a bit better but not much. She started to scramble up the nearest dune. It was a wonderful sight. I just stayed at the bottom and watched. Poetry ─ in motion. At the top she stopped and looked back for me. I was still stood at the bottom grinning ear to ear.

“Could you you come down and do that again?” I asked politely.

“You're just a dirty old man” she stated with a returning grin, “fortunately.” as I started up the shifting sand.

“That's where they have all spent the day,” she pointed as I reached the top.

Ahead of us was a field of sand dunes close on a hundred yards deep. She set off at a gallop down the other side of the dune. I joined her. It was surprisingly warm. No wind at all and the sand was radiating the heat of the day. She set off along an indistinct path, following it as it twisted and turned round the bases of the different dunes. Every now and then a path would head off up a dune which she would follow, look around then return. Eventually she didn't return but called down to me to join her. She had found a perfect hollow in a dune in the shelter of a bigger dune. The sides were gently sloping so that the hollow would be filled with sunshine all day and the bigger dune kept the wind away.

“Perfect!” she decided, “We'll come here in the morning. Get some proper sunbathing in before we go home.”

“Will we be able to find it again?” I asked.

“Of course,” she responded reaching for the bag that women always have with them, “I've got an app!”

By eleven we had a packed lunch, a couple of one glass sized bottles of wine, some snacks and our beach gear in a pair of manageable beach bags. By eleven thirty the app had done its job and we had set up our base camp in the little hollow. During the day people drifted up the path, saw we had already claimed it and drifted off. Most spoke to us if only briefly. We went for a dip, got very cold and returned to our hollow to warm up. It was idyllic.

It was about three thirty. I'd been reasonably well behaved all day. My wife was laying face down beside me. Her bottom was irresistible. I reached over and stroked it lovingly. She groaned with pleasure. I continued. She sighed and parted her legs invitingly. I traced the crack of her bum down to her pussy. It was wet. Dripping. As my finger slipped inside her she let out a long, satisfied sigh.

I'd been fingering her for about five minutes while she twitched and sighed when I looked up. There was a man standing on the path watching my every move avidly. His hand was stroking his cock. I looked straight at him and smiled. He smiled back. Opening my wife up I worked a second finger into her. Her delight was clearly audible. I smiled again at the man and began to finger-fuck my wife more energetically. She called me a bad boy, twisted and shuddered but made no attempt to stop me.

“There's a guy watching us!” I told her softly. Her pussy flooded instantly. “And who's a naughty girl then.” I asked as I twisted and turned my fingers inside her making her flood again.

When I looked up the guy was a little closer. Not too close but closer. I smiled at him again and continued to finger-fuck my wife.

“Can I roll over?” she asked very quietly.

“Of course.” I whispered back.

She reached into her bag and pulled out her sleep mask.

“Don't you want to see who's looking?” I whispered.

“Yes! And no,” she said, “I do but the one I'll see inside my mask will be much more handsome.”

She rolled onto her back and parted her thighs wantonly. I slipped two fingers back inside and looked up at the guy. He'd worked closer still. I smiled and started to work my wife up to yet another orgasm. I looked again at the guy and put a finger to my lips then beckoned him closer. He stood beside my wife's foot looking down at my fingers slipping easily in and out of her wet cunt. I motioned for him to crouch down. He moved very carefully until he was kneeling almost opposite me. My wife must have sensed that he was there but she made no move nor sound of complaint. Her arousal grew massively. I looked straight into the guys eyes and put a finger into my mouth, clearly making it wet and slippery before moving it down to my wife's cunt. He nodded understanding and started to suck his finger eagerly.

When he was ready I eased my fingers out and spread them wide to open her cunt lips. He gently moved his fingers between mine and circled the entrance. My wife started to make very encouraging sounds followed by 'Oh God Yes!' and 'slip it into me'.

There was no way that my wife could possibly imagine that I was both holding her cunt lips apart and sliding my finger into her cunt. Before he was in to the first knuckle she was pushing up and demanding more. He was quickly in full depth and still she was begging for more. He used a second finger. I rubbed her clitty between my finger and thumb. It was wonderful watching, hearing and feeling my wife's pleasure. I bent my head to her tit and started to nip and nibble. It was guaranteed to push her right over the edge. When she came neither of us stopped, pushing her further and further. I moved my mouth up to her ear.

“Fancy a spunky cunt, My Love?” I whispered.

She nodded vigorously. “Yesss pleeese.” she moaned instantly.

I looked at the guy finger-fucking my wife. He looked back as if seeking reassurance. I nodded and looked pointedly at his stiff cock. I looked back into his eyes and nodded. The grin he gave me in return was one of delight. I nodded once more and watched as he moved between my wife's legs while still fingering her. I moved back to my wife's ear.

“Open wide and high My Love.” Her legs parted and rose.

The guy held them gently as he moved forward towards her cunt.

“Guide him in, My Love.”

Without hesitation she reached between her legs and swiftly found his stiff cock. She gave it some loving strokes as he moved the shiny head closer. As it touched the cunt lips she stroked it up and down covering it with her own cum and herself with his pre-cum. She moved it back to her hole. The guy eased it in. My wife sighed in anticipation then moaned in total delight as he pushed it gently in to the hilt.

Watching a stranger's cock bury itself deep into my wife's cunt was the most amazing sight. Hearing her joy was the most amazing sound. She wrapped her long legs around his waist and they fucked each other while I looked on delightedly. She came at least twice while he was fucking her then it was his turn. He looked at me pleadingly 'can I come inside her?' his eyes were imploring. I nodded my permission and was delighted as he increased his urgency. My wife sensed he was close and urged him on. To fuck her. To fill her.

His bum cheeks clenched. With one last hard thrust he shook. I could see his body pulse and imagined his spunk forcing its way up his stiff cock to pump into my wife's willing cunt. As he came so my wife burst into joyous laughter.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Fill me. Fill me. Give me your spunk.” she cried out loud.

I watched spellbound as my wife eagerly took his spunk. I saw her stomach muscles tighten and the guy shuddered. Tighten, shudder. Tighten, shudder. She was milking his cock of every last drop. She stopped squeezing. He stopped shuddering. She had milked him dry. They rested. Her long legs held him tight into her for a few minutes then slowly, gradually she let him go. His cock slipped out and he knelt up. My wife sighed with a fully satisfied contentment.

I leaned forward. “Would you like to clean him up?” I suggested.

She shook her head gently. “No, next time — maybe.”