Written by Matthew

11 Mar 2011

My wife and I have just returned from a few days away in a hotel on the South Cliff in Scarborough. I think faded-glory would charitably sum-up the hotel, or seen-better-days if one was feeling less charitable. However it had an old-fashioned swimming pool and a sauna which, being a mid-week break in March, was somewhat under used.

We visited the pool on Tuesday afternoon, our first day there, and were the only people in. We were in a playful mood and were fooling about - I was trying to get Di’s bikini off and she was playfully resisting. Then an old guy came in which put a stop to our games. After exchanging pleasantries, he started swimming lengths and, slightly frustrated by this, I suggested to Di that we try the sauna which was at the far-end of the pool. Five minutes later we were fooling around in the sauna and I managed to get her top off and throw it up onto the top tier. I stood up to prevent her recovering it and noticed the old boy heading our way.

Not wanting to get into conversation I threw some more water onto the coals and jumped up to the top tier myself. By the time he entered the steam was rising and I was pretending to be asleep. I assumed the heat would drive him away quickly. And I could almost feel Di’s embarrassment from the other side of the sauna, sitting with an old man, trying to hide her boobs.

The old man sparked up a bit of a conversation about how quiet it was and the weather not helping and I thanked God I had decided to opt for sleeping. Small talk is not my thing. He asked if I was aware that sleeping in a sauna can be dangerous and she said I was very tired and that she would let me have a rest then wake me up in a short while. Then out of the blue he said “if you don’t mind me saying you have lovely breasts”. I was stunned and waited for my wife to tear a strip off him, or better still the sound of a slap, but no – “thank you” she replied.

“At my age it’s rare to see such beauty close up” he continued, smarmily. “And they are just so perfectly shaped and so firm.”

“I don’t know about that”, she replied coyly, “but thank you anyway”.

And that appeared to be the end of the conversation. I lay silently, still pretending to be asleep, but wishing I hadn’t been quite so cavalier with the water on the coals – it was getting very hot! About two minutes later, now in a kind of whisper, he said again: “mmmm, so lovely and firm.” And she responded, again in a half whisper, slightly breathlessly, “thank you”. And I realised he must be touching her boobs. I tried to move slightly but I was facing exactly the wrong way and if I was to move so that I could see what was going on it would be obvious.

So I lay still and listened. I could hear her breathing and gradually this became louder. I wondered what he was doing and my imagination was now going crazy. Then I heard him say, so quietly, “yes, that’s nice”. So now I knew she must be touching him. I listened and, without another word, their breathing suggested that they were being pushed nearer and nearer to orgasm. Then there was a little tell-tale stifled half-scream which I knew so well – as she orgasmed.

As she settled down after this it was just his breathing I could hear and a rhythmic slurping sound – she was sucking him off. This continued for another ten minutes or so and then he must have cum and it was all over. There were a couple of minutes of quiet and then, again in whispers, she thanked him and said she needed to go and get cleaned up. He thanked her and I heard the door open and close. I didn’t know whether it was just her or whether they had both gone, so I kept still.

Then he said “you enjoyed that didn’t you?” I lay still, not knowing what to do. “Nobody sleeps in a sauna”, he continued, “it’s too damn hot.” Still I said nothing. “Have it your way”, he said. “But bring her back the same time tomorrow and we can have some more fun. It’s always nice to find a girl who swallows”. And with that the door opened and closed and I was on my own.

As far as I am aware Di has never been unfaithful to me before. I was stunned, but very excited. I would have got up to follow her back to our room, but I had to wait until my erection subsided before I could do that.