Written by Lipspreader8

7 Jan 2010

A Scenario comes true.

I had a message come up on this site from a bloke that said he would love to suck me off and could he? So I checked out his profile and after some messages back an forth. I decided to give him a scenario, for him to act out and was he up for it?

Well the message came back very fast saying yes please.

The scenario was that I would come to his, he would blindfold me then strip me naked and lay me on the bed and certain things laid out in the scenario virtually gave him a free rain on me.

So here is how it went, I knocked on the front door and he opened it said hi, I said hi and I followed him up stairs to the bedroom there was no talking, he handed me the blindfold and said put it on which I did and he said can I see any thing, I said no and he started running his hands over my body from the shoulders down across my chest an down my leg and back up again his hands were going everywhere over my body, then up my legs and on to my semi hard cock which he savoured. Then his hands came back up to my chest and he began to un button my shirt button by button feeling my pierced nipple. Then down to my shoes untied them and eased them off one then the other, then my socks. Then he unbuckled my belt, undone the button and then the zip as he eased my jeans down my legs his mouth just pressed against my cock. He removed my jeans and then ran his hands up my legs an over my chest then he sucked my nipples into his mouth one then the other while his hands were running up and down my legs and under the legs of my tight white smooth boxer shorts. Then on to my cock under the material of my pants, Ummmm that felt good, His hands removed my pants down my legs and I felt my cock hard spring out to his view but not mine. The anticipation of what was to happen just standing there naked in front of someone I had never met before. All the time wondering what was to happen next, then he took me between his lips and in his mouth he cupped my balls and played with my piercings. With that he led me to the bed and I laid on my back he then put a hard pillow under the lower part of my back at the base of my spine to raise my arse into the air and of the bed, to allow him better access where he then began to help himself. His hands were everywhere up my legs across my chest his lips mouth sucking my nipples kissing all over my body except my face and his hand running up an down my leg to my cock, feeling playing groping then his mouth was around my cock giving it lots of attention. His fingers exploring my arse cheeks, then between my cheeks then my legs were pushed apart and his fingers feeling all round my arse. Then his fingers were replaced with his mouth sucking my ball sack into his mouth and then his tongue prodding at my hole making it very wet then my arse cheeks pulled apart to allow his tongue further access. Then a finger pushed at my entrance then some lube ice cold blob direct hit on my hole smeared around then the finger slipped in, then out a little then back in then worked at it for a few minutes, then two finger were pushed in an out in an out what a feeling, then he was stretching my hole even further and another finger went up there. Now three finger being forced up in as far as they would go in up to his knuckles. All the time he was working my arse he was playing with my cock. Which was hard as a rock then a condom was slipped on very quickly and his legs were at each side of my body and slipped quickly down its length and slipped straight up inside his arse, with him riding my cock as if he was riding the winner of the Grand National. He rode me for about twenty minutes, harder an harder, caressing my balls as if they were the back of a saddle.

He then got off me as if he was getting of a horse then within a minute he was back on my cock again and a lot tighter I can only assume he had dismounted and wiped himself dry, to give him more friction then he was back riding it harder than before the bed was bouncing up an down, up an down. My body rising up to meet his strokes it was just as if I was trying to through him off but he stayed mounted and riding hard. When he finally got off he told me to turn over on my front I did as I was told and he went back to forcing my legs apart and rimming my arse Ummmm I like that, then he was back with his fingers again first one finger then it felt as though he had poured a load of oil on the top of my crease and it had run down the crease of my arse and being trapped by his finger has he expertly fingered me first one then two and when my hole had expanded to accept two fingers so a third was introduced into the hole then working it good and hard, a forth was now in there as well it was now getting too painful and he had quite big hands. I certainly didn’t intend to be fisted. My arse has only been used four times as till recently I was absolutely straight. He just kept working my arse with the four fingers for awhile. As I flinched he removed his fingers and I felt my hole stay open what a feeling, a feeling as I had not experienced before and it slowly started to contracted again. As he left my arse to contract. He said turn over and he went back to giving my cock some deep throat attention with a lot of slurping and pulling my foreskin right back hard and as far as it would go, with my bell end looking very, very red and very veined and very roughly wanking me into his mouth and fingering my hole with one finger this time. He had a good knack of bringing me to the brink of orgasm and back again finally I cum in floods into his mouth and he swallowed every drop and was cleaning it up just like he was licking and sucking a boiled lolly pop sweet. When I was drained of every drop of cum and licked clean he got up from the bed removed the blindfold, I got up got dressed and said bye and left.