Written by Steve_Johnston

9 Nov 2012

If you’ve read my 2 previous posts, an unexpected threesome posted 1st Nov, and unexpected dogging posted 7th Nov, you’ll know that we had a regular threesome going on for nearly two years with our neighbour Linda, before we had to move away. I told the story of our first get together and said I would give some accounts of our regular encounters, one of them being when Sue and I talked Linda into going dogging after we told her of an unplanned dogging session we got involved in, when we had just gone for a quick shag in the car many years before. That story was the subject of my second post.

After our initial session with Linda, we used to meet up every week or two and have fantastic sex at our house. Although Linda had said she never wanted to be involved with having sex and was just happy to watch and frig herself off, once she crossed to the next level and we all had sex with each other she couldn’t get enough. We all became very close and Linda and Sue would go shopping together and have coffee at each others houses in between our sessions. Sue even met Linda’s husband. Linda told him that Sue was an old school friend she had got back in touch with via facebook. This worked out really well after we moved away, as Linda used the excuse of visiting her “old school friend” to have the odd weekend with us.

Our sessions were usually on a Wednesday or Thursday evenings. The format was pretty much the same for the first few months. Linda would arrive and we’d have a couple of drinks to loosen up. It would generally start with Sue and Linda snogging each other, exploring each others tongues, they would feel each others breast and fannies over their clothes, and then gradually undress each other. I never used to stand on ceremony and would just get naked and sit opposite them watching the show while slowly wanking myself.

Once they were both out of their clothes they would come and sit either side of me and get to work on my cock. The two of them, licking my hard shaft, and knob, their tongues touching each others at the same time. This would go on for several minutes and no part of my cock was left out, from my balls to the tip is was well and truly serviced, whilst at the same time they were careful not to go over the top so that I came too early.

Then it was my turn to get to work on them. They would kneel side by side on the settee, there arse’s pointing towards me so that I had a great view of their shaven cunts and arse’s They would continue to French kiss and I would kneel in between them on the floor and slide a couple of fingers into each of their wet cunts, and slowly finger fuck them. I would then go to each of them in turn and rim their smooth arse holes with my tongue whilst continuing to rub their clits and labia.

After doing this for a long time one of them would want a cock in them. I would stand behind them and slide my cock into which ever of them had asked for it first. I would slowly fuck them in turn spending a couple of minutes in each wet hole before changing to the other. I would stop at regular intervals and return to licking their cunts to prolong things, eventually I would shoot a load of thick spunk up one of their cunts.

Sue was a cum fiend and loved the taste of spunk, she had also got Linda well and truly into it as well, and whoever had received my load, the other would go down on them licking my cum from their cunt. After this the finale would be them both sucking my cock clean.

We would often have a rest and then resume, with me lying on my back with one of them riding my cock whilst the other played with the rider’s clit or rimmed their arse whilst I was fucking them. We would all swop round making sure the two girls got the same amount of attention and I generally finished by wanking over the two of their faces so they could have a spunky French kiss cum swop after which came the obligatory licking clean of my cock.

After one such session we all sat around talking and Sue said “do you remember that time we went for a shag in the car and the bloke was watching us”? “How could I ever forget that night” I responded. “Come on, tell all” said Linda. Sue briefly recounted the events of that evening not going into any real detail, just that she had got naked under her raincoat without telling me, when we were in a bar and then flashing at me in the car and we ended up in a car park shagging and a bloke watching us.

Linda said “I don’t think I could get involved sexually with a complete stranger”. “We were complete strangers the first time we had sex” I replied. “Yes but I’d met you and spoken to you before and sussed you out. What dogging is about is getting involved sexually seconds after meeting someone.” Sue said “Yeah, but you don’t have to have contact if you don’t want to. OK, I wanked the bloke off but I wasn’t letting him put his cock in me”. “Oh that’s rich, but it was alright for me to suck his cock”. I responded. “You did what”? Said Linda. Sue then told her the whole story, not missing out a thing, and me filling in the odd detail she’d forgotten. Linda said “I would never have thought you had a gay side the way you service us two”. “I haven’t, I’ve never had any gay encounters before or since. It was one of those things. You had to be there it was a bizarre thing, completely spontaneous, and when you are that horny and you’ve got your girlfriend telling you to do stuff…well you get the idea”.

“Anyway” said Sue “you are big into watching us fuck, so what’s the difference with going to where this happened and watching strangers fuck? It’ll still be a turn on and as I said you don’t have to let anyone touch you if you don’t want to.”

I said “to be fair the guy we had the thing with, was very well kempt and clean, if they look like a “minger” you tell em to fuck off”.

“I think we should just go and have a look, if we don’t fancy it we can leave. I’ve looked up dogging sites on the internet and this one has loads of comments” said Sue. “OK, I’m game” said Linda.

So that was that, we made arrangements that our next session would be to go to this site and see what happens. I’ll tell you now we weren’t disappointed.

I had planned to tell you about the dogging episode this time, but as this has gone on longer than I expected, I’ll make it another chapter in the Steve, Sue and Linda saga and tell all next time.