Written by Quimmy

20 Dec 2007

Bit of a shame I know but not all people can get what they desire. So whats the safe alternative....do it yourself.

Loving Wife not really driven, have a toss. Bit boring, spice it up with some lube. if your fit perhaps a bit of self sucking. Took a while to train myself but i can get some of my bell end in my own mouth. Didn't really fancy swollowing initially. But got in to it one time and sucked my whole load . Not a drip left once I laid flat. I didn't swallow every time as I was caught between swollowing and sucking and enjoying. Same goes for anal fun. Initially never thought of it but some friends joked it was the quickest way to cum. Gave it a try in the bath one night. Push comes to shove and before you know it its a regular thing. But is never stops there as one finger isn't enough. Nor two fingers, then the tools from the shed, fruit , veg. Anything cock like. i can honestly I am not small but have taken things of equal and greater stature anally and loved it.

Obviously you hanker after the other person actually taking the action but none the less an oragasm is acheived. I'm not gay but I know I could accomodate one. I don't fancy guys, only the thought of their cock excites me. When I'm drunk I home in on women. Any women, as they are all beautiful. But none the less I have a high drive so am open ot suggestion.......