Written by Denny

11 Jun 2019

We had been married about 2 years when we became friends with a guy from the West Indies. His name was Jeevan. He was a chef and he had started work at the restaurant where my wife, Candice worked. He was a good looking guy and Candice invited him over and we all became friends. Candice and I had never played with anyone else since we met but we had talked about it. She was constantly horny and always up for sex and anyway I wanted it.

Our first time was a threesome and it went on from there. As I said he was good looking and had a cock to match his looks and he had stamina. Soon he was fucking Candice 3 times to my 1. She could not get enough of him. When he stayed over he would end up staying in our bed and sleeping with her. I would go into the spare room to sleep. They would fuck during the night again and sometimes in the morning as with their jobs they started late. I had to get up at 6am so I needed sleep.

Jeevan turned her on to arse fucking. At first she was uncomfortable but he insisted and soon she was loving it. I did it with her when he was in her pussy and that was amazing. Candice and I did it when we were alone. She was a convert. She would rub her clit while my dick was in her arse and she would cum over and over till she was exhausted. He freely admitted he fucked around with many others before Candice so he always wore a condom. She and I had talked about it and although she wanted him bareback, we agreed condoms were for safety.

She was using the pill but got pregnant. This was a surprise but we were happy as it just started our family sooner than planned. When the baby was born the truth came out. Jeevan was long gone and moved on, but the baby was his. The baby was as black as he was. Candice and I are both fair so it was a great shock. Candice at once admitted that they had been fucking bareback when I wasn’t around. He was a big cummer. I had seen that. When he pulled of a condom he would sometimes pour and squeeze the contents onto her breasts. Then he would scoop it with his fingers and feed it to her. It was a much greater quantity that I could ever hope to produce. He used to laugh and say he wanted his cum inside her. Really he was getting it inside her, but only when I wasn’t around.

She begged me to forgive her but offered to split with me. I could not do that. She was a young beautiful woman with a new baby. Luckily her mother remembered when she saw the baby that Candice’s great Grandfather had dark blood. His mother had been a missionary’s wife in Africa and became pregnant to one of the locals. Candice’s mother did not know that Jeevan was the father as she lived miles away and only arrived for the birth. She immediately rang her mother(Candice’s Grandmother) who had a tiny postcard photo of the grandfather. All the family and friends saw the photo and believed that the black blood had just reappeared.

The baby was a beautiful boy who is 14 now. I accepted him as my own. He is very handsome and muscular. He is hung like his real father and is very confident so I expect he will be like his real father. He is popular with his school girl friends.

While Candice was pregnant with our son she had sex with 2 other men. That was after Jeevan moved and she didn’t want to stop. She was hooked. The more exciting the better. We have had two more children and both are mine, that’s for sure. Candice never made that mistake again. We used condoms with any partners until our family was complete. After the third pregnancy she arranged to be sterilised. She wanted no more risk.

Since then, she has mostly found lovers who she trusted she insisted that they cum inside her and I admit the whole sex play is much better. I had fucked her many times when she has been full of a lover’s cum and enjoyed the experience over and over.

After the first baby when I told her I wouldn’t leave her, she told me I would never regret it. She insisted she would do anything to make me happy. At times she has have more than one lover at a time. For about 6 months she had 2 brothers fucking her and she had threesomes with them and foursomes with me included. We have had a few couples as well where I was able to get my cock into another woman. Candice even licked my cum out of one of these wives quite a few times. Even convinced the other wife to return the favour. That was extremely mind blowing.

We continue to seek others to join us and see no reason to change.