Written by Sandy

4 Nov 2014

Sorry for the delay , but I have been away with my lover to get some son and sand .

first of all a big thank you for the many kind comments ,for those who don't believe , come to my city in East Anglia , I will not be hard to find ,say hello Sandy and I will give you an afternoon for free .One final clue ,I am not in Ipswich .

I mentioned my lover ,she is the lady from the hotel .I have found myself and it is wonderful .We don't live in each others pockets ,but the weekend is our time . Shopping on Saturday morning ,lunch afternoon in bed ,evening clubbing , followed by wonderful sex ,maybe with another woman from the club .

I feel turned on all the time and have a job to keep my hand off my crutch .Now that I am shaved , gave up the waxing ,my lips really stand out ,both inner and outer . I have taken to wearing tights when I shop ,with just a sweater ,the outline of my cunt is very clear and leaves nothing to the imagination .

I am very busy and have no need to street walk , but I still do as walking slowly round my beat wearing very little is a great turn on for me .Sometimes I will play a sort or dare game and promise to take the next punter whatever they are like . It is usually a let down but once or twice I have been well and truly fucked . Most of my clients are after kinky sex and pay very well for it .My arse is very popular and it has stretched more than I would have liked ,but I can still squeeze tight and gip whatever is pushed up it . The first time I got fisted was towards the end of a long session and I was too tired to resist .The client enjoyed using a plastic bottle to force water up me , so I had to run to the loo to empty out .Then he just pushed air in and asked me to try and play a tune .It was quite funny really , but what followed was not . He had something like a small cattle prod and he had my legs tied to the corners of the bed and touched my clitoris with his toy .The shock went through the whole of my body and I came with a stunning orgasm .I lost control of all functions and promptly peed the bed .He did it again with the same effect .I sat up to plead with him and saw my clitoris .It had grown to look like a small penis and was twitching all of its own accord .He touched it again and I saw it grow still more as I came again .Eventually I could no longer respond and he got bored and untied me .I felt myself being rolled over and was told to pull my cheeks apart .Slowly I responded and felt oil being pushed into me .This was followed by fingers which kept forcing themselves in . When the knuckles reached the entrance I thought he would stop ,because that was as far as anyone had ever been , but no ,he kept on pushing .Perhaps it was because I was exhausted , but I offered no resistance and quietly moaned as his knuckles stretched me , he never stopped pushing an then all of a sudden the knuckles were in and the whole hand was in me .He made his hand into a fist and fucked me with it .I had closed around his wrist and pulling out stretched me once again .Finally I was on my back and fucked ,but I didn't give him a very good time as I was too far gone .After he left I ran a bath and lay in it ,which was not a good idea as some of the water went up my arse . I then slept until the next morning . my clit was still swollen and showed through my tights when I went out for a late breakfast .

I think I have been used in every way possible so I will close now ,but will right again I ,another wants his if anything new happens .One client wants me to have piercings ,but that is a no ,no ,another wants his initials tattooed on my lips ,again no , that is where my lovers name is going when I retire .Have fun and thank you for letting me share my experiences with you ,it helps me relive some great moments in my life . xx