Written by Lydia

1 Jun 2017

I asked my friend to write the account of me having a special photo album prepared for my husband’s 40th birthday, because I thought being written in the 3rd person would give a new ‘twist’ to it, but I have now taken it on as the situation has got a bit ‘personal’.

About 2 weeks after Mike’s birthday, he came home one evening and announced that he had decided to rent a flat in town to avoid the commuting and his long days. He planned to spend the weekdays in town and come home for weekends, particularly when our children were home from boarding school. I was shocked, I had spent all that time and trouble to have a sexy photo album prepared and he wanted to spend even less time with me. We had a bit of a row, but Mike was adamant that this was what he was going to do. I had thought several months ago that he was having an affair, so I confronted him. Initially he denied it, but he eventually admitted he had had a fling with a secretary in the office, but that was all over and he simply wanted some space to himself.

Several years ago, I had met and become quite friendly with an older lady that worked for the same company as Mike, so I took the opportunity to arrange to have lunch with her without Mike knowing. I went up to town to meet her for lunch, during which she seemed rather nervous, so I decided to take the bull by the horns and ask her straight out. She confirmed that Mike had had an affair with a young woman in the office and, to her knowledge, it was still going on. Apparently, it was his new secretary, who was aged about 25 and was quite attractive, described in the office as ‘this year’s model’. Needless to say, I didn’t let on to my informant but inside I was seething!

I decided to go back to the photographers and investigate the offer of another photo shoot with one of Joshua’s professional models, maybe have another album prepared with of photos of me in undies with an attractive male model. Mike might take some more notice of me then!

So, I called at the photographer’s a few days later and said that I had had second thoughts about doing another shoot, and could I look at the album of models again. The receptionist showed me into the small room next to reception and left me to study the album, but it didn’t take me too long to decide on the gorgeous black guy near the back. The receptionist said his name is Simon, and asked whether I had in mind something similar to last time. I was relieved she had said that as I didn’t have to say anything specific, I simply said “yes, an underwear shoot, with an attractive male in the background”. The receptionist said to leave it with her, and she would phone me with some suggested dates when Joshua and the model were available. The receptionist phoned me a couple of days later and we agreed an appointment for 10 days later.

I had decided on the set of red underwear for this shoot, partly because Mike had not seen it yet, and also because I thought of the colour as slightly ‘slutty’. I wasn’t sure what to wear over the top, but eventually settled on an ordinary summer dress, buttoned up the front, the sort of thing I might be wearing if we passed in the street.

The day arrived for the photo shoot, I packed my clothes and makeup into the holdall and drove to the photographer’s studio. By the time I arrived, I was having second thoughts, wondering whether to cry off. When I thought about Mike and his ‘floozy’, my determination returned and I had no hesitation in striding into the photographer’s premises. The receptionist showed me up to the studio and, while Joshua was doing some work on his computer, I went into the changing room to get ready. As I stripped off my outdoor clothes, I looked at myself in the full length mirror and thought ‘how could Mike not fancy that’. I had gone to the trouble of having a very sexy album prepared to entice him and he still wanted his dalliance with this year’s model.

By the time I had put on my new red undies, touched up my makeup, and put on the summer dress, I was back in ‘determined’ mode, and I strode back into the studio confidently. I’m not sure where he had been hiding, but Simon was there, in the studio. I was not disappointed, he was nearly 6 feet tall, dressed in a white T shirt, which did much to show off his muscular frame, and black designer jeans. He smiled and stepped forward to offer me his hand. His handshake was warm, without being ‘smothering’ and, when I looked into his face, I thought ‘mmm, good choice’.

Joshua suggested we make a start, and he began by showing us the ‘props’ he had set up. The first was simply a chair, with a couple of paintings hung on the wall behind, the second was the chaise longue I had used for the first photo shoot, with a white sheet behind, and the third appeared to be a raised stage, with another white sheet thrown over it. Joshua suggested we start with the chair, and had me sit in it, with Simon standing behind, and he started to snap away, varying our pose from time to time – Simon’s hands on my shoulders, my legs crossed and uncrossed, me with my head turned looking up into Simon’s face. All the while, Joshua was changing his position to take shots from different angles.

After a while, Joshua suggested we move to the chaise longue, with Simon standing behind, and he continued to take the same sort of pictures. Joshua suggested we moved back to the chair and asked me whether I wanted to get a bit more risqué, he suggested undoing a few buttons on your dress, which I was very happy to do, eventually undoing all of them. When Joshua suggested that Simon could cup by bra-covered breasts, I think I said yes rather quickly. When I booked the photo shoot, I was unsure what I expected or wanted to achieve but, during the past 10 minutes, I knew what I wanted!

Joshua moved us back onto the chaise longue, had me remove my summer dress and sat me with Simon behind me and his hands round my waist. I hadn’t heard an instruction from the photographer, but Simon had removed his T shirt. His hands were big and strong and it felt like there was electricity between my belly and his hands. Without prompting, I leaned back against him and ‘nuzzled’ the side of his face. Joshua said “that’s great, are you ready to lose the bra now”. I think I may have been a bit too keen, but I reached round to undo it and toss it away. As I leaned back to resume my pose against his chest, Simon cupped by boobs, unprompted, and began to gently move my nipples between his strong fingers. The electric feeling I had felt on my belly had now moved up to my breasts – and down to my pussy.

Any lingering doubts I may have had beforehand had gone, and I whispered in his ear “I want you to fuck me”. He whispered back “I thought you would never ask” and slid one hand down the front of my French knickers; when he touched my clit, I gasped as the ‘electric’ shock went from my pussy, to my boobs, to my head and back again. Simon was totally in control, he rubbed my clit, massaged it between his fingers, reached forward so he could explore my pussy with his fingers, while I went to heaven and back. He kissed the side of my face, and I twisted round so I could kiss him full on the lips; he really was a masterful kisser, his mouth was so soft and sensuous.

After a while, Simon suggested we moved up onto the bed, which is what I had thought was the raised stage. As we moved towards it, Simon removed his jeans and I got a first glimpse of his penis – his cock – the bulge in his boxer shorts suggested it was big – very big. As we got onto the bed, Simon guided me onto my back and lay beside me before he began kissing me, with ever-increasing passion. He gently stroked my breasts, tweaking the nipples between his fingers, before it developed into mauling my tits sending shockwaves from my tits to my pussy, which quickly became my cunt.

He kneeled up between my legs and slid my knickers down and off my legs. He stayed there for several seconds, looking from my pussy to my face and back again. Was he going to simply fuck me – which I would gladly have accepted – or did he want to pleasure me some more before taking me to the stars. After a few moments he smiled, bent forward as he pushed my knees apart and proceeded to give me the most wonderful ‘seeing to’ with his tongue. I could write pages about what he did to me but, suffice to say, I orgasmed repeatedly and screamed the place down. I don’t think I have ever felt like that with my husband, even when we were first married.

When Simon stood up to remove his boxer shorts, I saw the full extent of his cock – probably 8 or 9 inches long with a massive girth – and I felt I had to see how much of it I could get into my mouth. It wasn’t very much as he had the most enormous head, which I would have had to dislocate my jaw to get it in. I gave him as good a licking as I could manage, slurping away on the end, where I could taste the pre-cum leaking out.

When he lay me back down on my back, Simon slipped several fingers into me, I assume to stretch me for his final assault. When he said “are you ready”, I said “oh yes please” and he pushed my knees wide apart and smiled directly at me. The most difficult bit was getting past the enormous bulbous head, but it wasn’t painful, just awkward. He was stretching me like never before and it felt – just wonderful. From that point on, I grabbed hold of his bum and pulled him inside me. He looked into my face and said “well that was easy” before he began to fuck me – slowly at first but I was enjoying it so much (and didn’t hesitate to tell him so), he quickly picked up the pace. Again, I could write pages about how he fucked me – and how I orgasmed repeatedly – but suffice to say that he eventually reached the stage when he announced that he was going to cum.

I had no hesitation in demanding that I wanted it inside me. He raised my feet over his shoulders, and proceeded to flood my cervix. Needless to say, this caused me to have a massive orgasm – not that I think I had stopped orgasming since he first entered me. I was vaguely aware that I was screaming out my pleasure in a very vocal and crude way, which I think matched Simon’s verbal ‘abuse’ of me.

I noticed at some stage during the proceedings that Joshua had set aside his stills camera and had been moving around us with a small video camera, which he now switched off and set down. Joshua seemed to realise we needed some time alone, and he left the studio, to where I did not know. When we went into the changing room to clean up, I had to stuff a large wad of tissues in my knickers as I would not be able to shower until I got home. I scribbled my mobile number on a slip of paper and thrust it into Simon’s hand without a word. He smiled and kissed me gently on the lips, which made me want to melt into his arms. I was conscious that the tissue ‘plug’ in my pussy would not last forever, so I had to leave quickly or risk embarrassment. I did so hope that Simon would phone me, or did he just think of me as another photo shoot with a rich white lady?

Footnote by Lydia’s friend.

Wow!!! Now I understand why Lydia wanted to write this part herself. Like you, I saw the way it was developing, and I have just frigged myself to a very satisfying, and messy, orgasm. I wonder whether Simon does photo shoots with 60 year old ladies?