Written by horny_cpl

29 Feb 2012

This happened last year during a weekend trip to Amsterdam.

My wife Jenny, early 40's size 12 long legs and looking very good for her age, and I decided to have a weekend away together. We did a last minute cheap flight to Amsterdam and stayed in a hotel right in Dam Square.

After a few drinks and a meal we decided to take a walk around the red light district. Just intrigued really and looking through the windows at all the girls. One section we walked through also had some transexuals who seemed quite active to get business from couples as well as all the lads and men walking around. We didn't even consider a visit in one of the windows, but it was quite obvious that Jenny did get very turned on at all the sights.

We continued our walk around, looking in some of the 'peep shows' for a laugh and ended up at a sex shop a little way out, with a cinema above. Jenny was having fun looking at the toys and was saying how she couldn't wait to get back to the hotel room. I suggested, just to get us even more excited, we go and check out the cinema above briefly. Neither of us ever having experienced a sex cinema before - we though it would be interesting.

I have no idea what we were expecting to be honest, I guess a normal type cinema with porn on rather than a hollywood blockbuster. There were a couple of different floors - with different screens and a combination of sofas and cinema seats. We watched for a few minutes and decided to look around. The top floor was dark and was more of a mix of cubicles, although they all seemed empty. One are looked like a private area with a small screen showing porn so we decided to stay there together and get a bit naughty. Jenny took out my cock and a put my head back and closed my eyes as she started to suck me. A moment or 2 later I looked back to Jenny and was surprised to see 4 men all with their cocks out watching us.

Jenny had not noticed this yet, so I let her carry on and reached over to raise her dress above her waist, showing her very wet briefs. She continued to suck as I pushed my hand down lowering her panties and exposing her wet pussy to the 4 guys.

The guys moved in a little closer, and one of them put his hand on Jenny's ass. She jumped a little and started to pull away from sucking my cock with a muffled sound of surprise, so I just held the back of her head and told her not to worry, she will enjoy this.

With that one of the guys lifted her ass up a little and pushed his cock into her very we pussy, as the other guys gathered round and started rubbing their hands all over her body. I was about to shoot my load deep in her mouth at the site of this, so I lifted her head at the same time as taking one of the guys cock in my hands. I then fed her his cock while the other guy contnued to fuck her. She looked at me nervously, so I told her not to worry and enjoy the experience.

She needed to further encouragement, and started to suck eagerly on his cock as the other guy pulled out and spurted his cum all over her ass. With that I stood up and invited one of the other guys to sit down. Jenny climbed onto his cock facing towards him and exposed her ass to the guy she was sucking earlier. I rubbed around the guys cock in her pussy to get some juiced and rubbed them around her ass, and slid 1 then 2 fingers inside her ass. Taking the 3rd guys cock, I gave it a quick suck on the end to get it nice and wet and then helped him push it into Jennys ass. She was getting DP'd for the first time in her life.

I watched as both the other guys fucked her hard, and both came inside her. One in the ass and one in the pussy. The forth guy who was helping out with some wanking and a little sucking myself also shot his load all over the floor at the site.

I then went down and liked her sodden pussy for a few moment before coming myself.

We cleaner up a little, quickly left and went back to the hotel - in a combination of shock, excitement and guilt. When we got back to the hotel we just looked at each other, giggled and fucked again thinking of the event that just happened.

It really was a weekend to remember.... not repeated as yet - but I am sure at some stage we will!