Written by Cuckoo

22 Feb 2008

Some years ago, I made contact with a lady and her husband, in the Midlands. I suppose, in hindsight, she was nothing more than a prostitute as I had to make a contribution for their services. Swinging was not so advanced in those days.

I would telephone and make an appointment,arranging to call when her husband was there. After a chat in the kitchen, with a cup of tea if I remember, we proceeded upstairs to the bedroom. Whilst I sat on a chair watching, they stripped off and he then laid her out on the bed opened her legs and slowly fucked her in front of me. After a while he climaxed but came out of her first so shot his load over her stomach and breasts. He then popped into the bathroom and with a warm flannel cleaned her up. He then used to leave me alone with his wife. She of course was still spreadeagled on the bed, legs wide apart facing me. I was very inexperienced in those days and, wearing a condom, very quickley came in her. I was quite happy with the arrangement.

One day I arrived and she was alone in the kitchen, she took my money as usual and then told me about the problems one of her neighbours was having getting pregnant, due to her husband\'s drinking problems Evidently, the neighbour knew about their little business and asked her to look out for a customer who resembled her husband, which aparantly I did. She then asked if I would be willing to have sex with this neighbour, without a condom of course. I was rather taken aback by developments but very excited by the prospect so agreed. She made a quick phone call, it must have all been pre-arranged and ten minutes later the neighbour appeared, I was never told her name. She was rather short, brown hair, attractive legs and a perk little bust.To be honest she looked like an average housewife who had just come back from doing the shopping.We were both very nervous and spent some time chatting in the kitchen before finally proceeding upstairs. She said she loved her husband and had never done anything like this before but was desperate for a baby and today was the most likely day she would concieve. She was also worried about going to bed with a stranger and asked that the other woman could join us in the bedroom. Things were very awkward at first, she really wanted to get the whole thing over as quickly as possible and only wanted to remove her pants. I however said that I was not happy with this arrangement and we both eventually stripped off. I had my work cut out to get her going, her legs were clamped tight and I had to spread them by hand. She was not the most beautiful woman I had met but naked on the bed looked wonderful.I was having doubts about what I was about to do but what the hell, I entered her slowly she was quite frigid at first but after a while relaxed and in fact became very hot. Due to the fact that I was beside myself with excitement and ws not wearing a condom, I climaxed quite quickley. She was not content with a one off and turned on the bed, head face down on the pillow and presented her rear end to me. As i said I was not very experienced and had never seem a woman presented like this before. Needless to say I soon shot a second load into her,then she mounted me and again I produced yet another load from somewhere. To my amazement I managed to fire off a total of seven rounds ( wish I could do that today) before we finally called it a day.We were both very wet and sticky, I was both exhausted and in heaven. I never did know if the whole thing was a success and I did make her pregnant. I did not dare go back and have made no contact since.