Written by handy andy

31 Dec 2013

My mother lives in some retirement flats, I pop over at the weekends to do some odd jobs for her, every now and then I'm asked if I can do odd jobs for her neighbours, which I don't mind doing. One morning I'm asked when I come over could I pop in to val's to get something out of the loft, no problem I reply.

I ring val's buzzer and enter, hello she said , thanks for helping out, I rummage around in the loft getting covered in dust, eventually finding what I'm looking for, found it I shouted , I looked down from the hatch , very nice I thought seeing down val's top , I passed it down to her, and climbed down, your all covered in dust ,she started brushing me down, she brushed the front of my trousers, I saw you looking down my top did you like what you saw , I'm liking what I felt, I didn't know what to say, the next thing I'm on the bed and she has her tongue down my throat, so I grab her arse and give it a good seeing to.

Lets do this properly she says take your clothes off its been along time since I've had such a good looking bloke like you in my flat. For her age(69) she was remarkably good looking , not massive tits but enough of a handful , and what surprised me a clean shaven cunt .

As I lying on my back she starts to suck on my cock I'm so excited I only last a couple of minutes, sorry about that I said, don't worry it tasted great, now you can fuck me and it will take a little bit longer for you to satisfy me next time. She stood up turned around and lowered her cunt on to my face and leaned forward trying to suck my cock back to life, whilst I was sucking at her bald cunt , after I couple of minutes juice was flowing out of it, before I cum again she stopped sucking she got off and said to me is there anything you would like to do to me , how about doggy style ,whats that she asked , just lay face down on the bed and I will do the rest.By this point I was stiff a bone , as I entered her she let out a little squeal of joy do you mind if I cum inside you, I'm not likely so get pregnant ant my age so yes it's ok, and with in a few minutes I was ejaculating in her.

We both collapsed on the bed , after a while we went out to have a shower where we both explored each others bodies once again.

I can hardly wait until val asks for another job to be done