Written by goodnight

20 Mar 2014

My young wife and I had been having fun for years together and also for her to be encouraged to take lovers, which she did, often, we had a very open lifestyle where we were both relaxed with sex. I had no inclination to let my cock wander but loved her having different experiences whenever a nice guy came along. Having been reading the stories on here, we decided that a visit to a club would be an interesting and for us, novel experience.

We found one reasonably close to us which had good reviews for the most part and after a phone call to the hosts, we arranged to meet on a night when males were allowed to enter without partners, which suited us better than couples nights due to my desire to not enter any sexual relationship with anyone other than my size twelve, almost ten wife, who retains a lovely figure with a velvet soft texture to her skin, her trimmed bush makes her a lovely tidy and sexy woman.

We made our way with a few nerves, cautious as to what was in front of us, I was mildly excited, and my wife kept repeating that we were just going to see what it was about and she was not going to have sex with anyone. I reassured her that I would not push or insist on anything, just see where things went.

We stopped in a town nearby and had a drink to calm nerves and chat about anything but what lay ahead. An hour later we arrived, a tidy approach and several cars, it was around nine o'clock and we entered the building, nice and warm, greeted by the host's wife and we explained we had enquired about being able to come on a visit, paid our entrance fee while she gave a quick run down, emphasising that all were friendly and asked if we had read the rules, which we had.

We were given a tour where she repeated the no means no rule, showing us the play rooms and that a closed door meant nobody else comes in, the dance floor and mandatory pole, some people around in the bar, late middle age mostly but some scantily dressed younger ladies around late twenties with their partners, a few older guys with paunches and a couple of fitish men in their late forties.

We had a drink or two and chatted at the bar with the host and some of the guests, listening to sounds of an orgasm building as the dungeon room was taking a hammering much to the delight of the lucky girl who was no doubt suspended in the apparatus which was a love swing, the beams creaking in unison with the thrusts, one or two people sauntered round the corner from the bar to watch and a few wandered away, returning with towels around their waists and others picked up their towels and disappeared towards the jacuzzi and sauna rooms.

My wife was getting relaxed now and she said she might be tempted with a wallow in the Jacuzzi so I agreed and asked if she wanted to go solo and I got a no, she wanted us both together, I agreed knowing that the advance from barstool to naked in the jacuzzi was a major step forward not to be missed.

Soon we were putting our clothes in the locker and she was stripped out of her hold up stockings and displaying her freshly shaved cunt for anyone interested, my cock remained under control by enormous effort on my part and we entered the bathing area to find two couples getting out and just one guy sitting amid the bubbles.

This was great, she sat up to her chin in warm inviting water and the bubbles stopped. The guy stood and reached across to reactivate, showing a dark skinned cock, which my wife got a good look at and a smile as he sat down closer to her. Small talk ensued and we all chatted together about the coming weekend and our respective plans. Then he asked what we were into, a sudden and dramatic, but reasonable question. I said I was straight but liked my wife to have fun if she wanted and that it was our first time. He smiled and asked if we wanted some fun and my wife then stated that she was not going to have full sex on this occasion.

Richard, as we now knew him asked if she minded him sitting closer to her and she looked at him and then me and said ok. My cock was now rampant and I knew that just below the surface they were touching each other up and I got to be in charge of keeping the bubbles going. Another guy joined us but his beer gut more or less hid his cock from view and got only the merest acknowledgement from my wife. Richard continued to fondle her cunt and she his cock.

The other guy began to talk with me and by the time we had finished, my wife turned to me and said we were going to a play room. She and Richard got up and left the water, her cunt looked divine and my corpulent friend had a long look as she emerged. I followed Richard and saw his cock was erect. We dried off and left for a playroom, just a couple of metres away. My wife had put her hold ups back on and I suggested she put her red thong on to give Richard something to remove, enhancing the fun.

So we entered the room and closed the door. A quick cuddle and a snog with him and she lost her towel and was laid back on the bed, all our towels were now on the floor and Richard was between her thighs, licking his prize. Her thong went quite soon and she sucked his cock, making them both more randy than before, we had moved into lust mode, where I knew she might well concede to getting fucked.

I was naturally keen for her to be filled with spunk and allowed the lust between them to build. They sixty nined and she sucked my cock a few times in between taking his down her throat. I felt my cum threatening so backed off so as not to spoil things. My wife asked where he wanted to come and I said if he wanted to put it in her cunt I would not mind. She said that was not going to happen this evening but she would swallow if he wanted or he could come elsewhere. He said he would love to shoot over her tits and she dipped her head and sucked him till he pulled out and groaned, shooting several strong streams of come across her tits, over her neck and onto her face. I was on hand to rub it in and then she wanked me until I had shot my spunk on top of his. We all massaged the combined mess into her breasts and she sucked us both clean.

We finished our evening with a shower and a last drink before saying goodnight, leaving various guests fucking and enjoying a good night of self entertainment and relaxed honest to goodness sexy fun