Written by JIM

16 Aug 2008

I drive a taxi and tomight I picked up a fare from a posh ball. I asked her why she was on her own and she said she'd had a fall out with her husband. She was in a strapless, low cut ballgown, had blond hair and a reasonably good figure for her age. She was totally blitzed and started talking about him no getting what he was hoping for tonight. I pleaded ignorant and asked what that was. She said that he wasn;t getting to fuck her tonight. I said that would be a shame, because she would loose out. She said I had a point there and why should she loose out. I want to get fucked, she said, will you do it for me. I said that Id ould love to and we drove a short distance to a country spot. We got out of the car and went over to a tree. She walked in front and as we got to the tree she asked me to pull down her zip. I did and her dress fell down to the ground, revealing a great body. She had no underwear, except a pair of holdups. She turned around and we started kissing. Within seconds I was in her. I could feel her coming and rammed away. I started to come and again i could feel her coming. I let loose and we both fell to the ground. I picked her up, put her dress back on and dropped her off at home, where her husband had arrived before us. Little to he know what she was up to, but maybe I will let him know.