Written by Marion

1 Nov 2014

My name is Marion. I am 50, size 12 and not as youthful as I used to look but others tell me that I am still attractive. I enjoy gardening and pottering about but sometimes my life feels a bit unfulfilling. My husband, Gordon, is a good looking 54 year old but, due to very bad Illness about 10 years ago, is now disabled and confined to a wheelchair. Whilst he is unable to use his legs he is still fully functional in other respects. We are not short on love and we are very close. Obviously our sex life is not as active as it was or would like but we get by and we enjoy the intimacy. The one thing that we have done much more of is talk. It is almost as if his disability has allowed us to find out about each other inside our minds and thoughts. We have talked about everything but it was the sexual discoveries that most impacted on us and was the most enlightening. He discovered that I had thoughts and fantasies that included other men and, just as significantly, other women. I had kept this inside for years and it was liberating to be able to tell Gordon about my sexual fantasies. I found that he also harboured desires to see me with other men, especially as he could no longer do the things he used to. He still wanted to see me enjoy those things and the idea of watching someone else take his place was a great turn on for him. Surprisingly he also owned up to being a little Bi curious. One afternoon In September of this year I arrived home with the shopping and found Gordon asleep, his lap top sat on the table by his side. As I carefully moved it to a less precarious place the screen came on. I was intrigued to see that he had been reading the stories on Swinging Heaven. I read the first few lines of the story that was on the screen and became engrossed in the tale of a husband who acted out fantasies with his wife. As he explained, by being another woman in the fantasy she was able to be more liberated about what she was doing. I had not seen the site before and started to look at some of the other stories. I was more than a little turned on by some of the stories that seemed to mirror what had been in my head for years.

I was so absorbed in this erotica that I was not aware that Gordon had woken up and was watching me. I jumped out of my skin when he spoke. “Interesting aren’t they?” We both laughed as he enjoyed my shock and I felt caught out looking at his ‘stories’.

“Yes they are” I agreed as I started to put the lap top down and move away.

“Stay and talk about what you read. What did you think?” He was smiling but he was also clearly curious as to my reaction.

“They are really quite exciting fantasies” I said quietly. In truth the stories, being caught reading them and the conversation about them was making me feel peculiar. That is the only way I can describe how I felt.

“They seem to be much more than fantasies, the people in the stories appear to have turned them into reality.” I knew where this was leading and I felt a pang of anxiety but it would be a lie to say that I was not excited. Putting a more rational face on I replied.

“When we talk about what is in our heads they are just thoughts. I wouldn’t like to risk playing them out for real. I’m a teacher, I’m not young anymore and I love you too much to risk what we have.”

After a long silence he replied “We can be discreet, you are still a very beautiful woman and it would be something that we can share together not something that is done behind the others back.” I went to speak but he jumped in again “We’re not dead yet and why not enjoy life to the absolute full whilst we can?” I walked away from him saying that I would give it some thought.

I made tea and tried to forget about what had been said but the stories and the way that Gordon appeared to feel about it forced me to consider the possibilities. Having sat down with our tea, I had a lengthy discussion and at the end of it I agreed that Gordon would place an ad in the Adult Dating section of another site he knew about. It was only a day or so later that Gordon informed me that he was having a conversation with a suitable candidate via email. It shocked me that it was actually becoming a reality and it frightened me at first. I read the emails and he did seem to be a very intelligent and sensitive man. He was willing to fit in with us in every way and seemed to understand all of our concerns. He told us that he enjoyed having others join him and his wife and he was well aware of the worries that we might have. He also told us that he was straight but was happy to explore his Bi side with Gordon but that this was something new for him as well. The clincher for me was that he enjoyed role play and, like some of the stories I had read, it seemed like a good idea for me to hide behind a different persona if and when we did something. He also said that he could be quite dominant if we were happy with that. His argument was that he could lead us through our first adventure given his own experience when he started with his wife. Gordon thought it a good idea but I was not so sure. In for a penny in for a pound, we arranged for him to come to the house for a chat in order to see how we got on before doing anything serious. I was a bit nervous about a stranger coming to the house but it was the easiest option for Gordon. We had to go away to my sisters for a few days so we agreed to meet as soon as we returned. I have to say that it was in my head all the time I was away.

The day that Stuart was due there was a tension that was almost unbearable. We were both very nervous but we got ready for what was just a chat over a ‘cuppa’. We decided on smart casual and although Gordon suggested one of my rather nice dresses I opted for some well fitted jeans and a white blouse. We were sat together in silence when the doorbell rang and we both looked at each other with a start. “This is it then luv. Let’s see how this goes” Gordon’s words were said with a smile and I kissed him before going to the door. I was pleasantly surprised to find a very well presented man in his fifties. With dark hair, White shirt, jeans, a smart grey jacket and a wide smile he said his hello and rather formally but gently shook my hand. He did much the same with Gordon and we all sat talking for ages about anything and everything. What we didn’t discuss was what we were all really there for. It was nice, I enjoyed his company and I felt very relaxed. I am sure that he was well aware that we would talk when he had gone to use our loo. It wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t even need the loo and we did talk. Gordon was extremely excited by my favourable comments and asked me if I wanted to arrange another time or do something now. I was more cautious but I could see the excitement in his face. It was almost a whisper when I said “let’s go for it”. Gordon’s face was a picture as he questioned my answer “sorry, did you say yes?” I took his face in my hands and kissed him. “I will go and change and see what happens”. I was happy that I reached the bedroom before Stuart came out of the bathroom, maybe he heard me and felt it was safe to return to the living room.

I stripped, had a shower and then dressed in the most appropriate clothes I could find for the occasion. I am slim with good legs and a firm if slightly fuller belly than when I was younger. My breasts are quite full and hang quite heavy but not down to my waist like others of my age. I am quite proud of them on the quiet. With my best lacy bra and pants on I slid some black sheer hold ups slowly up my legs. I couldn’t believe how turned on I felt. I pulled on a black button through dress and, having fastened it with the buttons at the top and bottom undone, I buckled the belt. I now carefully descended the stairs on heels that were so high they were almost dangerous. I thought I would make a big entrance but I was not prepared for what I found.