Written by Cuckold Hubby

30 Apr 2011

Thanks for your comments on my earlier thread, you can find it posted a few days ago if you haven't read the build up to this story.

We had another session, pretty much the same as before with the same guy. That was three weeks after the first session. I won't recount the story as it is very similar, except I joined in even less. I was better prepared with the video camera, so got better footage.

Again our only rule was a condom for oral and fucking. He came on her tits again.

I have wanked my cock off to that video more times than I can think.

To watch your wife shuddering with an orgasm as she and a stranger thrust against each other is such an amazing turn on. Some people just don't get, that it is just a thrill seeking, fun thing to do. Our relationship, if anything has got stronger.

We have talked umpteen times about it, and she loves it for several reasons. She loves getting a different cock. Who wouldn't? She loves the look on a strangers face when they see her huge 36jj tits. She loves the thought, that when we married she never considered the day that another man would shoot their hot spunk over nipples.

She loves the fact that she has now done some of those taboo things that you often just read about. She had her first spitroast. She was filmed fucking. She had two men at once. She dressed up like a slut. She loves getting fucked, looking across the room and seeing me there wanking on my cock.

She has a respectable job, and might come across as a bit of a prude. So she loves the fact that she turns into this whore, wearing slutty lingerie and doing naughty things.

It is doing that whole taboo thing, which just a few years prior she would have looked down her nose at.

So back to the story and back to , what for me, is being a cuckold. I suppose the true sense of this for me, is thinking or knowing that your wife is shagging behind your back, but not able to prove it. That bitter sweet pain, that you love this woman, but at the same time, you think she is a slut and shagging someone else.

We swap quite a lot of dirty texts. The iphone means that we can also swap dirty pics. She loves being at home, whilst I am at work and getting her vibrators out. She will send me pics and texts. It is quite off-putting, trying to work, when your wife is sending pics of her fanny mid orgasm.

So onto our third meeting with this guy who shall be called "Bob"

We have swapped various e-mails with him. Sharing various different fantasy's and situations. This one built up from comments here and comments there.

My wife wanted to get fucked wearing a very special dress that she had. He wanted to fuck her on his own without me being there. My wife and I were both OK with this, so we booked two rooms in the same hotel.

We got to the hotel room, and my wife as instructed shaved her pussy bald. Then she climbed into some brand new lingerie, that she was instructed to buy just for him. Furthermore he was to keep it as a souvenir. It was white, lacey and very beautiful. Stockings, suspenders and a garter.

We got ready in our bedroom, knowing that he had already checked into his room and was waiting for her.

She popped her make-up on and the the last thing that went on was her special dress. Actually our special dress. It was her wedding dress that she wore for me 3 years earlier. Complete with heels and some sparkly jewellery, she looked as beautiful as she did on the big day.

What a god damn amazing feeling. She was so unbelievably wet.

Then at 7 o'clock she simply gave me a kiss, said "I love you" and left the room.

The room was suddenly very quiet. I was alone, my wife was walking up the corridor to his room. In a minute she would knock, then enter.

There is a real downside to this whole story for you though. I hope you find it as frustrating and heart pounding as I did and still do. I think about that night every day, and wonder what happened after the door opened.

You see, one of the conditions of the fantasy that we all agreed to, was that I would never ask my wife or she would never tell me what happened.

That bitter sweet pain of imagining what they were upto, but never for sure knowing.

One of the biggest things for me, was that I always said to her, that if we were swinging, I didn't want another mans cum in her mouth or pussy. They had to use a condom for oral and fucking, although they could cum on her tits.

Of course she isn't a fan of condoms, never has been. He obviously wouldn't be a fan of them either. They add nothing to the party.

So deep down, I know my wife probably threw them in the bin, and fucked him bareback. Also knowing how my wife has taken to swallowing cum in that slutty porn video style.

The trouble is I shall never know, and I am sorry to say, nor will you. You will have to imagine like I do, that he bent her over, pushed her dress up over her head and slid his cock in.

She was gone just over four hours, when she returned she was without her lingerie. She fucked me and I came within minutes.

We are now planning two more events. My wife has been wanking on webcam for another man. She wants him to watch us fuck in the woods, then she wants him to fuck her in the cornfield. After that we have decided to go to a swingers club. She wants to taste some pussy and to watch me fucking another woman.

Happy days.