Written by Horned Up

2 Oct 2014

This is a true story which i am sure a lot of guys on here, single or married maybe able to relate to.

A while back, 9 years to be exact, i had a girlfriend, semi serious, we had been together for 4 years.

She was 24, i was 26.

We had a good sex life, always adventurous and never not willing to give something a try.

One night in the middle of a steamy session in bed, she said she wanted to try a threesome with myself and her friend, being a guy, obviously this sounded hot, my imagination was running wild, and soon enough i cum all over her nice tight stomach.

The subject was brought up the following day, or even weeks, until one night when we was out drinking, when i asked about this threesome. She thought i wasn't interested, but of course i was, and i said how about tonight. It didnt happen.

Again more time ticked over, days into weeks, when i was approached by her one morning. She woke up horny, and went down on me, sucking me slowly, when she started asking me if i would like someone to be here now, fucking me from behind whilst i suck your cock. I was surprised, i had thought when she said friend, i thought as in another female. At first i was shocked, but the more she spoke, the more excited i became, and soon dragged her off me, and pounded her as hard as i could. Cumming deep inside her, whilst she groaned out loud.

I was interested to know who this friend was she had suggest join us for a threesome, maybe she was cheating on me with this guy already, i didnt know, so i asked her. There was a guy from her office, she was thinking of, she had heard from office gossip, that he had a 8 to 9 inch cock, and thick. One of her friends had given him a blow job after a drunken night out once, and commented she couldn't fit it into her mouth.

To be honest i felt intimidated by this, felt as though maybe she was satisfied with me. So i said i would be ok with this, as long as it wasnt the guy in her office. I thought this would make her not want to try, but she agreed.

We didn't have any rules really, it was to be just quick, no questions fun with a third person. We both said it wouldn't affect our relationship (wrong) and lets see where it goes.

At the time we lived in a rented apartment, and didn't want any strangers coming here, so we booked a hotel in Sheffield, 40 miles from us, and busy enough to find a guy willing.

The hunt as it happened, was not so easy, and it wasn't until clearing out time in the pubs ad clubs, so about 4am, that we found a guy who thought was serious.

He seemed a nice enough guy a student 22 years old and from the area, so away we went. We got to the hotel, i was drunk, she was drunk, and he couldn't believe his luck.

My girlfriend, Michelle, was 24, nice tight frame, size 10, 34 breasts, very pretty with short hair. She was always shaven, she knew i loved this, and was easily turned on.

It was awkward once into the room, and i had to break the ice, so i simply took off all of my clothes, i was starting to get hard, just watching Michelle take off her dress, and remove her bra, our guest Liam, started to get undressed also, and to Michelle's liking he was hung. She couldnt help herself, and dropped to her knees, slowly sucking on his cock, trying hard to make him hard.

It took a while, but he managed a boner, which for a moment we thought wasnt going to happen, he lay back on the bed, she was on all fours, sucking him. With her pussy exposed and arse, i got in there, and started licking both holes, probing her with my fingers, she was so wet, i could feel every bit of her insides.

I took a step back, took my cock, and put it in her, she took it the way she knows, hard and fast. I could help but pull on her hips, as i thrust into her, i couldnt hold it any more, and i cum deep inside of her. I took a seat next to our guest as she continued to suck on his cock. He wanted to fuck her before he cum in her mouth.

He rolled her over, and went down on her, he must have known i had just cum inside of her, but he continued licking, he must have loved every bit of it, it turned me on like crazy, enough so to get a semi erection, i began wanking whilst our guest came up for her, put on a condom and slid his big cock in her.

I dont think she had experience one this big before, after a short amount of fidgeting, she finally took him in, and he ploughed her as though she was some slut from a one night stand! She loved it, seeing her being fucked like this was amazing. I tried to put my cock in her mouth, she couldnt concentrate long enough to even suck as he raised her legs onto this shoulders to get even deeper, soon enough she came, he loud groaning and moaning must have been heard in the next room, and then he came.

He pulled out, took off the condom and went to the bathroom. i asked her how it was and she wanted more. Our guest on the other hand wanted to leave. He left, and we fucked again.

The following weeks, was pretty awkward, and the subject of her and another cock, came up over and over, to the point where she was more interested in 3 ways and other cock.

We split shortly after, we have spoken since, she had an experimentation phase she said, thas ok, it was fun after all.

I am now in a serious relationship with marriage on the horizon, i cant help but think about me watching my soon to be wife being fucked by other men,it wont happen, she just isnt they type 'yet'.

In the meantime i will continue to read other stories on here, and keep on dreaming!