Written by BlueGirl

22 Oct 2014

I met someone the other day I had not seen in years Babs, I was surprised to see her as the last time I had heard she was in South America. Seeing her brought back a very old memory and as we sat drinking coffee I knew and she knew we were both thinking back to that incident.

About 10 years ago I had just got a new job in a hospital in Edinburgh and landed lucky with a let of a room in a shared house. I was going to drive to Edinburgh and although I had been driving for a few years this was the first time I would be driving a distance, I lived on the outskirts of Exeter. My Mum had an idea her pal Ella had a daughter called Babs who was going to visit her father in Dundee he was a farmer, she would be company for me to Edinburgh and then she would get the train the rest of the way. Now although i knew Babs she was a few years younger, she stood out in a crowd, she was tall willowy and had the fairest hair almost white and long in a ponytail or braids, Her dress sense was hippy style lots of colour.

Well we set of bright and early I figured we would make Edinburgh where the letting agent said she would wait in her office till 6 so I could get my keys. If anything could go wrong on a trip it went wrong. slow traffic, road works and accidents it took ages just to get to the m5/M6 junction. I now knew Babs had got a job with a charity and hoped to work abroad in poor countrys and she knew all about my new job. At our 3rd or was it 4th hold up I asked what she was going to do in Dundee and to my amazement she said apart from seeing her Dad she was going to have a week of being fucked by the guy who had taken her virginity. I stuttered a little at this and so the tale she told. Her Dad had remarried a widow with 2 children when she was 14, the boy Robert was her age the girl a few years older. Because Robert and Babs were the same age they got on okay and over the next few years struck up a friendship of sorts. One year on a summer visit her Dad had to go to a farmers market and Roberts mother went with him, they left us some chores one of which was to hose down the yard. Well water and teenagers a lot of soaking each other fun and laughter. Babs said was what she did not realise was her soaked blouse became transparent and her tits were on full view. Robert grabbed her shoulders pulled her to him whispered in her ear you have great tits. Babs rushed into the house to get a dry top, Robert followed, leave it on he said you have such great tits. Now there was a tension between them, they moved towrds each other and they kissed, it was an shy kiss but as Babs said the longer it went on the deeper it got and soon it was open mouthed tongues entwined. Robert pulled her close and his hardness was pressed against her and to Babs it seemed huge. His hands cupped her tits and for the first time I felt a quiver between my legs, for a long time we kissed and I touched his hard cock through his trousers with a groan he said I`ve come in my pants. We seperated he to his room to clean up me to get dry clothes. She said they tried to keep out of each others way for the rest of the day. That night she said it was difficult to get to sleep when she heard her bedroom door open and there was Robert, she lifted the covers and he got in and for the rest of the night they kissed and fondled each other, he came at least 3 times on her belly. For the rest of her stay he crept into her bed at night she learned how to wank him and he managed to finger her to bring her to orgasm. On her final night she made up her mind to have full sex and when he climbed into her bed she said lets just do it he got between her legs nudging slowely till he was all the way in, it was tight but she wrapped her legs round him and he started to ride her of course he came in seconds shooting his spunk up her but well he had great powers of recovery and we did it again and this time we both came together. Now every time I visit we just fuck each other at every oportunity. After listening to this story I had a pair of very wet panties.

This isn`t the end though after all the hold ups I knew I wasn`t going to make Edinburgh for 6 that night and I discussed with Babs whether to carry on to Edinburgh and get a hotel and hope there was a late train for her to Dundee. Her idea was lets just stop at a travelodge stay the night and carry on to Edinburgh in the morning we made our phone calls saying what was happening. We found a travel lodge had a bite to eat and decided on an early night ready for the next day. Babs used the shower first when she finished walked out towelling her hair and naked a whisp of white blond hair covering her slit. Well I never thought I would be attracted to a woman but the sight of Babs got my pussy throbbing. When I came out of the shower Babs was streched out on the bed and there was no mistaking what she was doing her fingers buried deep in her cunt frigging herself off. I stood watching for a few minutes so horny, she saw me oops caught in the act and laughed. As i lay there trying to sleep the image of Babs frigging herself played over in my mind and my hand found my clit and I started to frig myself till with a sigh I brought myself of. A voice from the other bed said we are both horny lets just pleasure each other and Babs slid in beside me her hands and lips over my body, her hot mouth working down my belly till she teasingly gave little licks to my clit, I pushed her head further into me her tongue found my hole my orgasm rushing through my body. She slid back up my body my juices on her mouth, now your turn. I told her I had never been with a woman and was not sure I would know what to do but she laughed she would help me with what to do to pleasure her. I slowely started kissing and sucking at her tits, then down her belly to that so secret place and a little sigh as I licked at her soon she was bucking herself into my face as she achieved orgasm. Babs said for a first time I did okay. Of course we did it again in the morning we were two horny bitches my first but not last time with a woman.

Well I went of to my life in Edinburgh she to Robert in Dundee and as I say we met up

last week she very weathered but still a person who stood out in the crowd as we said goodbye she said she hoped we would meet before she left on her travels Babs smiled and kissed me on the lips saying you still taste good. My husband Tom comes home tonight from a business trip I will tell him about Babs I no he would love to meet her she would like his cock it is nice and thick.