Written by Expo65

21 Oct 2017

My previous submissions tell how I ended up in a 4’some initiated by my wife Sue in “A very surprising morning” and how after some months I discovered that this was not enough for Sue and in “A very surprising morning – the sequel” I discovered that she was cheating on me big time, ending with me finding her fucking a succession of men at her office Christmas party. Her words to me when discovered was “I hope that you are not going to be a nuisance, now fuck me”, and I did but it was not making love, it was a hard fuck and the only emotion was anger. After dumping my load in her to join that of my predecessors that night I left and went to our hotel room. Sue eventually arrived at our room at 3:30 in the morning.

“I am not going to apologise” she said” “you must have known what has been going on these last months and you have been waiting up to fuck me knowing full well that I have been fucked at least once before coming home. In fact is that why you are still awake now so please, stop scowling and fuck me, I know you want to” to my shame she was right and I fucked her for the 2nd time that night and when I asked how many does that make she said 11. “Why Sue, why have you become such a slut?” I asked. She told me that she had always been one, that she had loved sex from her very first time as a teenager and would fuck any half decent looking lad that asked. She said it was different after we were married and that she had tried to remain faithful and control her lust but as we settled down to a regular twice weekly session it was not enough for her and that is how she started fucking Helen and James.

She went on to say that she thought by involving me in a 4’some she would be satisfied and that her regular meets with Helen would help but after we became involved with them it opened her up to her old ways. She said that she was sure that I knew what she was doing and instead of rowing with her she had come to expect the last fuck of the night from me as if I was saying that all was Ok as long as my cum was the last of the night. In some ways she was right but finding her naked in that hotel room waiting for the next cock to fill her gaping cunt changed things.

For a few more months our lives carried on much as before. Fortnightly foursomes with Helen and James and twice weekly Sue would come home late with a cum-filled pussy, inviting me to give her the last fuck of the night. We never had sex when it was just the two of us or without her being full of other men’s cum and twice weekly became three times weekly or even four or five times a week.

Something had changed between us and eventually we got divorced. Somewhere Sue is following her own lifestyle of endless sex and I am left on this site looking for a fuck buddy that I can enjoy without emotional ties.