Written by jackie

13 Dec 2010

After my night with Val and Ray emmbaresment set in a little ashamed but every time I thought of what we did my pussy just throbbed. How would I face Val at work? but when we did meet up at work it was just the usual no mention of anything. Every time we met up normal conversation but my thoughts were of her eating my pussy and for about 3 days I went home with wet panties replaying what had happened over in my mind.

It was lunchtime and I had gone into the ladies when Val followed me in, Ray and I were wondering if you would like to come over on Saturday night. I felt myself blushing and I just nodded, Val laughed coming closer her lips almost touching mine her tits pressed into my body. I take it you enjoyed yourself, I nodded, then her lips touched mine her tongue snaking into my mouth. I felt her hand pulling up my skirt her finger probing the front of my panties, just at that moment we heard the door opening and we pulled apart, Val left saying see you about 7 on Saturday. My legs were wobbly and I went into one of the cubicles sat down I was so horny I pulled my panties down and fingered myself to a climax.

Saturday came and I knocked at their door Val answered wearing just a long T-shirt Ray stood by the living room door in just jeans the zip half way down and an obviouse hard on started without me I thought. As I entered the living room if Val hadn`t been at my back pushing me in would have turned and left as there was another couple he half naked she sitting on his lap blouse open tits on display. What had I come into, they were introduced as old friends, she and Val school chums from way back at that they both giggled looking at each other???? They handed me a drink which I gulped down but my glass was quickly refilled and I sat down on the sofa Val on one side her friend the other, the guys on another sofa just watching. I was feeling a little giddy from the effect of the drinks I had drunk to quickly but a nice warm feeling. The girls took turns to kiss me running there hands over my tits and started to undress me that feeling one on either side sucking at my tits their hands running down my stomach I opened my legs giving them access to my pussy and 2 fingers went into my very wet hole soooooooooooo good. The guys sat quietly watching but had now unzipped and had their cocks in their hands slowely wanking, Val and her friend each took turns to lick me out mutiple orgasms coursed through my body. The girls got up and changed places with the guys and they came over sat beside me and carried on where the girls left of, kissing, probing, licking. I looked at the girls they were watching their hands idely carressing each other. Ray whispered in my ear we are going to fuck you now and with that he pulled me over onto his cock and started to thrust into me. His mate continued to rub his hands over my body as Ray shot his spunk up my pussy I was then pulled onto his lap and with a groan of I love a spunk filled pussy started to thrust into me. I felt a bit like a rag doll being passed from person to person ohhhhhh so good. When they were both finished the girls then started to push there fingers into my squelchy spunk filled pussy thought my orgasms were finished but no here were some more.

After we had rested a little Val and her friend took me to the darkened bedroom and we spent a very enjoyable time playing with each other. fingering, licking. I heard the door open and close and soon two more bodies joined us on the bed that thrill of not knowing who is touching you is a real turn on for me, whose tongue, whose cock such a sexual thrill. I was wrapped in so many arms a little smothered but in sexual heaven. A hand pulled me up and Val and I left the room. Give it a minute she said and then she opened the door the light from the hallway falling on the bed and there was Ray and his mate fucking Vals friend one at each end, as we watched they swapped ends and they came almost together one spunking on her back the other on her face. I knew I was invited for them all to use me like a sex doll but I LOVED it.

As I left in the taxi that night I saw the driver look at me a few times in his driving mirror, I stank of sex, he obviously knew that I had been well and truly fucked and you know that turned me on. I let my skirt ride up opening my legs as I had no panties on they were in my handbag and let hime get the full smell of my pussy. I bet he had a hard on after that. Val and Ray gave me first steps so sexual freedom they took me on holiday with them once and I explored another part of my sexuality but another time.