Written by bearspaw

3 Aug 2008

Well I was sitting here thinking about posting my story when I saw the green sauna post and that agave me the courage. I had thought about visiting a sauna often since reading about them on SH. i have a very good straight sex life and not one minute of gay experience but I decided it was an experience I wanted. My girlfriend (I am 48 she is 37 ) had fucked me with a strapon and I was curious about the real thing.

I was in Leeds on business last week and decided to visit on impulse the Steam Complex. Its a large place, very clean and full of interesting rooms nooks and crannies etc. I arrived showered and with just a towel headed for the video room, here gay porn was showing and a couple of guys were watching. after a while and no action I moved on and was thinking of leaving when i walked into a dimly lit room to find7/8 men all up to something in a group. I let my towel drop and just joined in. I felt a mouth on my cock as i gently wanked a guy for the first time, it didnt take long and he spurted over the guy in front of him. I fel to my knees and within a few seconds my mouth was full of cock which i sucked for a few minutes, then the cocks owner reached down and took my nipples hard lifting me up, how did he know I liked that? he led me intoa side room and pushed me over a settee, I felt him prt my cheeks and lube me up, god I was scared, I felt the wait of him as his cock pressed into me "fuck you are tight " was all he said and then in he went Igrabbed the cushions and bit my lip as he fucked me. when he had finished he again took my nipples and led me to a swing chair in another room. Hehelped me on , positioned my legs said relax and wait there and left.

Within minutes I felt another cock at my arse and looked around to see several wanking over me and some looking to be sucked. This was my first experience andgod it was blowin my mind. I think I was fucked 4 times and tasted 6 cocks before someone took me in hand and wanked me off. Now all I need is a Bi partner for me and my girl so she can watch me get fucked mmmmmm