Written by Amazedbuthappy

3 Apr 2012

My last post was some time ago, September 2009 .'I could not believe my eyes'.

Since then, very little progress has been made in 'liberating' my lovely wife and helping her enjoy the sexual side of life more.

We are now retired and living at our long-term rental place on the Med. Whilst my wife will now swim in the sea (previously she would swim only at a pool on women only sessions) she has never done anything 'risque' after briefly displaying her breasts down the front of her top to a fellow ex-pat back in 2009.

Recently we decided to get a health 'MOT' and booked to see a local doctor. As it transpired, her blood pressure was a bit on the high side so he decided to do some investigation. Over the next few days we visited the hospital for blood tests, etc and returned with the results to the surgery.

This time the doctor wanted to do a physical examination and, as no nurses were available to chaperone, I was asked to stay in the room.

My wife removed her blouse and bra and lay back on the couch. As I wrote previously, she is normally very reticent about displaying her body, especially to males, so this was quite a feat.

Anyway, the examination began and soon the doctor's hands were all over my wife's breasts as he listened to her heart, etc. Her nipples were brushed several times as he continued the exam and they soon responded with some vigour, becoming very red and a lot firmer than I have been able to make them for many years!

I had to avert my gaze a couple of times, as I was painfully aware of my own growing interest, but was very happy to see my wife clearly enjoying the experience of a strangers hands - albeit a doctor - on her breasts.

Of course the doctor was all business and completed the exam without comment.

Fortunately my wife has been given a clean bill of health, but I think my blood pressure may need checking now.

Whether or not this experience will lead anywhere, I do not know. She did not mention the incident once we left the surgery. Years of patient coaxing have led virtually nowhere, but, a single friend of ours from the UK has been wanting to come and stay for some time. He is a real ladies man and has previously told my wife how much he fancies her - cheeky sod! My wife's sister also wishes to visit, and there was some juggling with dates. However, my sister-in-law last night told us when she's able to come out and my wife had no sooner put the phone down when she told me to tell our pal to get out here. I'm probably wishfully making 1+1=3 now, but after recent events, my fingers are crossed. Wish me luck!