Written by JandL85

13 Jul 2011

My wife, Liz and I, she now fifty four and still with a 32C breasts, size 12 and lovely soft skin and complexion, a woman with charms and attractive personality, she still has that quality where men like her. just as well that I am the understanding, no, willing husband who is happy for her to be with another man naked and enjoying sex.

This particular memory goes back ten years or so, when she had met a guy in York while out with the girls and over a few weeks built up a relationship as discreetly as she could for fear of her friends tittle tattling. I learned about him each time she returned home and eventually she said she was going to the races and meeting him at a pub prior to having the afternoon's entertainment and then a bit of fun in the evening.

She looked gorgeous after her bath and having changed ready for me to convey her to the York course on a warm sunny lunchtime. The meeting as ever was popular and she met one or two people she knew before finally meeting Maurice looking striking in his suit. They enjoyed the spectacle and won a few pounds before finding as quiet a corner of the course as they could to get a bit smoochy and teasing each other subtlely without bringing too much attention to themselves.

The races over, they returned to the pub where he ordered a taxi and Liz sent me a message to say everything was going just as she had hoped and he felt like a big boy. I was excited to read this and heard nothing more until a spectacular sunset faded and the day faded to the promise of night. I had been pacing around with my mind in a turmoil, excited, raging erection, just wondering what she was doing at any given point of time, was she naked yet, had she been fucked, all the enticing questions each still bearing no confirmation.

At last my phone rang. She whispered that she was in his bed and that he had gone downstairs to make a drink and that she had been fucked by him. I was delirious with happiness, but then she had to go as she heard him returning to the bedroom.

I next heard from her around one in the morning as she was in a taxi coming back home. i was still up watching nothing on the TV (typical when your mind is distracted in the way mine was).

The door opened and she was home with a big kiss, which tasted of cock. I could feel immediately that she was naked beneath her summery dress and she whispered that her underwear was in her handbag, admitting that the taxi driver had probably had an eyeful when she got out to pay him.

The tale she related told me that she had got back to his place just after seven and they had been playing with each other in the taxi to his place and as soon as they got in his kitchen he had opened a bottle of champagne and then pulled her tits out of her dress and lifted the hem up to her waist so he could remove her thong. Soon they were both naked and touching each other gently at first but with increasing energy and ardour as they raised the passion stakes together, heavy breathing and then lips on nipples, and then lower, fingers in cunt, hand wanking cock, getting each other worked to more and more of a frenzy. His cock was thicker than mine and a bit longer and she sucked on it before he led her to the bedroom where he laid her on his bed and opened her thighs before lowering his face to her cunt and licking her until she came, delving his tongue deep in her time and again.

She said how good it all was and then his cock ready to fuck her bareback, naughty but nice, his shaft stretched her and she said how lovely it felt going in her. his stamina was up to the occasion, maybe the champagne had an effect to allow him to last longer than I could, but he kept going at her, changing positions before finally screwing her doggy style before he shot his come deep in her willing cunt. My fingers slipped into her cunt and I felt the silky smoothness of his come lining her walls and running slightly down my fingers, I had sloppy seconds, licking her out as we lay on the sofa, staining it with her juices. My cock was sucked as I asked her how good her night had been and she confirmed in that sexy harsh whisper as I put my cock deep inside her that she had loved everything about the day but was disappointed he only came the once.

I am afraid all the excitement only meant i was too excited and i shot my lot quickly into her and lay gasping as if I had just completed two marathons, when in fact i was probably a ten second wizard. never mind, she had enjoyed her time and did so a few times until the novelty wore off and she stopped seeing him. It can't last for ever, but we are happy and still enjoying her taking other men occassionally