Written by Valeter

9 Nov 2010

A couple of weeks ago my wife Dawn and I decided to go to Spain for a long weekend. We decided on Puerto Banus as I go there every year with the lads to play golf and Dawn has been a couple of times with the girls and we both know all the bars and clubs.

We arrived on Friday lunchtime and after a quick change in the apartment we went to one of the beach bars for lunch. Dawn was wearing a short flimsy summer dress with just her skimpy bikini bottoms underneath. Despite being in her early forties, Dawn still has a great figure and a wonderful pair of 36d tits, she looked very hot, and I knew she was horny from her comments on the flight over. We have a very active sex life but often thought of trying to spice things up. We had both fantasised about threesomes but nothing had ever happened and to be honest I had given up hope; how wrong I was!

After quite a boozy lunch Dawn wanted to get some sun and headed off on to one of the large double sun beds on the beach in front of the bar. I paid the bill and headed back to the apartment to make some calls.

From the balcony of our apartment, I could see Dawn but she couldn’t see me. She was soon lying on her front on the sunbed topless. I went inside to make my business calls. I came back out about 20 minutes later and glanced down to the beach. To my surprise I could see Dawn having sun cream massaged into her back by a guy who looked to be in his 20s, and decided to watch what developed. It was obvious that she was enjoying the attention and there appeared to be a lot of flirting going on. My cock sprang to life as the guy moved onto her legs which were parted slightly and it was obvious that he was getting very close to her shaved cunt.

I decided to text her and see what happened. I said that I would be another 20 minutes and was she ok. She texted back that she was enjoying herself and that I could take as long as I liked as she was being chatted up by two young guys…………………….two??

As I looked back down to the beach I saw another guy come back from the bar with some drinks. Soon the 3 of them were sat on Dawns bed laughing and joking. She was still topless and the guys could not stop looking at her tits. I texted that I was on my way and she said ok.

With that I walked down to the beach and joined them. Dawn introduced the guys as Tony and Paul; they were both in their mid 20s and had the athletic rugby player build that Dawn really likes. They were both single and this was their first time in Puerto Banus. Dawn offered that we should show them round the bars tonight. I quickly agreed, wondering exactly what she had in mind. We arranged for them to come to our apartment for a drink at about 10pm before hitting the town.

It was now about 6 and we decided to go for a “siesta” before a big night out. As we walked back Dawn started snogging me, she was obviously very horny. In the lift she took off her bikini thong and took my fingers to her pussy. It was dripping. As soon as we were in the bedroom she came at me like a wild animal. It was years since I had seen such passion. As I was recovering after our frenzied fuck, I asked her what had brought that on. She said that she was so turned on by being chatted up that she was desperate to be fucked. I asked her then about the guys. She said that she really fancied both of them, but particularly Paul who had been rubbing in the suncream. She told me that he had lightly touched her pussy when he was creaming her legs and that she nearly came there and then. It was obvious that both guys were up for a bit of fun so we agreed to let it develop and see what happened.

At about 10pm the guys arrived. I was ready, but Dawn was still getting dressed. Tony and Paul sat on the sofa and I went to get some drinks. From where they were sat, they could see through the open door into the bedroom. Dawn was naked apart from high heeled red shoes and her jewellery; she was deliberately giving the guys a show as she walked around the room before sliding into a short, tight backless red dress that showed her figure perfectly.

She came into the sitting area and gave both Tony and Paul a kiss before sitting opposite them and crossing her legs, giving them both an eyeful of her pussy. The bulges in their trousers showed that they liked what they saw. I was amazed at the change in Dawn, she had never been like this before, the most she had ever done was lightly flirt with men on nights out and once snogged a guy on a girl’s weekend away; this was a whole new experience.

The conversation was very spicy with Paul in particular becoming more and more suggestive to Dawn. After a few drinks we went out to hit the bars. We started at “Sinatra’s” and like everyone else stood out on the street. I went with Paul to get the drinks. I said that I was cool with what was happening and that Dawn could do what she wanted with who she wanted. He smiled and said as long as I was sure then he would love to fuck Dawn as he had a thing about MILFs. We went outside where we found Tony with his hand on Dawn’s arse whispering in her ear. I don’t know what he was saying but she was obviously enjoying herself.

After a couple of drinks we moved onto “Seven“ where we sat in one of the VIP booths. The drink was flowing and soon Dawn was sat in between the guys. Both of them had their hands on her legs and she was doing nothing to move them away. Paul leaned in and started to kiss her. She reacted by placing her hand between his legs to rest on the large bulge in his trousers. Not to be outdone, Tony had his hands on her tits, feeling her nipples through the thin fabric of her dress. Here was my very beautiful, upper class wife behaving like a whore in full view of me. I was loving it and it was obvious so was she!

Next we moved on to “The Piano Bar”. Dawn took Tony on to the dance floor, and they had their hands all over each other. Paul then moved in behind Dawn and she was sandwiched between the pair of them, Tony’s hands on her arse and Paul’s on her pussy.

After a while the 3 of the came back to the bar, Dawn came up and kissed me, whilst at the same time guiding my hand to her cunt which was absolutely dripping. Dawn said let’s go back to the apartment as I need fucking. I was only too happy to agree and the four of us walked back to the room.

As soon as we got back the three of them went onto the large sofa in the lounge and soon there were hands and tongues everywhere. Dawn stood up and slowly let her dress fall to the floor. Tony stood up and was snogging her while Paul moved forward and started to kiss her pussy. Tony’s hands were all over Dawn’s gorgeous 36d’s and she in turn was undoing his clothes while they kissed. As Tony’s trousers fell to the floor Dawn grabbed his thick cock and started to wank him slowly. Paul also stripped off and Dawn led them into the bedroom. Soon the 3 of them were naked on the bed. Dawn was on her back with Tony’s head between her legs and Paul’s 8 inch cock in her mouth.

This was incredible. I was in heaven. Sat in the corner of the room with my cock in my hand as my gorgeous wife was acting like a wanton slut with 2 young hunks.

Tony then turned Dawn over and slid his cock into her very gaping and wet cunt. He started to fuck her, slowly at first but gradually building up the intensity. Dawn was still sucking on Paul’s cock for all she was worth. After about 5 minutes Tony erupted inside her and I could tell from her screams that Dawn was coming as well. After what seemed like an age her orgasm subsided and Tony pulled out of her. I thought she would have had enough but she said to Paul “get round the back and fuck my pussy hard”. Paul needed no second invitation, and he buried his cock into Dawn’s dripping cunt. Tony lay at the side and was snogging her in between her screams and shouts. Dawn had two huge shattering orgasms before Paul finally came, adding his cum to Tony’s in her overflowing cunt.

She still wasn’t spent and as Paul recovered, Tony moved back into position and using her cunt juices and some of the cum started to lubricate her arsehole. Dawn has always liked anal but needed to be in the mood. She was certainly in the mood tonight and before long Tony was gently moving his by now fully erect cock into her arse. Dawn moved back onto him and I could tell that he was hitting the spot. “Give some more of that gorgeous cum, fill my arsehole” she cried as he thrust into her. This time she came quickly, before Tony was done. He moved beneath her and lay on his back. Dawn moved over and lowered her cunt onto his cock. At the same time Paul came round behind her and spread her arse cheeks before sticking his cock in her arse. Dawn now had both cocks inside her at once and clearly loved the sensation of being dp’d.

I couldn’t hold out any longer and put my cock in her mouth. Every hole was now filled and it didn’t take long before we all came. I filled her throat, Tony filled her cunt again and Paul added to the spunk that was dribbling out of her arse.

Dawn lay on the bed completely spent. Cum round her mouth, cum all over her red and swollen cunt. She looked amazing. I had never seen her look so beautiful or so satisfied.

The boys got dressed and left, while Dawn and I lay their in a sweaty and exhausted heap.

After a couple of hours it was starting to get light and we finished the night off by having a slow gentle fuck as I experienced for the first time the feeling of fucking my wife’s pussy whilst it was full of other men’s cum.