Written by SnowWhite

10 Oct 2019

Darren and I have been together for around 14 years now and over that time he has expressed interest in having me sleep with other men. We talked about either with him joining in or with me on my own and then coming home to be with him afterwards. At first I was not interested at all. I was even a little suspicious that he wanted me to do that so that he could then go and find new partners of his own. But over time, I gradually got used to the idea and we discussed more regularly.

So, a few weeks ago, I joined a few online dating sites and have made contact with a few different men. One particular man and I hit it off, so I told him about our interest in sharing. He was ok with the idea of it and was happy to have Darren involved if we wanted that. As it panned out though, my first contact with him, was just he and I.

A million things were going through my mind as that night drew nearer. I was close to backing out several times and I was very concerned that it would adversely affect my married relationship with Darren somehow. I knew he was starting to get a bit concerned, well it seemed that way to me anyway. So numerous times I asked him if he wanted me to back out. He said he didn't. So we decided that I would just go and meet the guy and see how I felt.

Anyway, now I'll cut to the chase!

Darren took the kids to the park to kick some football and then to McDonalds to keep them busy. I had got myself ready, hair, makeup, black dress which was very low cut in the front that exposed my breasts. I took my time getting ready. I wanted to be calm. Then I set off on the hour long drive to his place.

When I met him, (it was the first time we'd ever met in person and had only been chatting online for little over a week or so). He met me at my car, kissed me on the cheek and invited me inside. He had put a black light globe into his light fitting, creating an ambient light, had set out some lovely cheeses, caviar, crackers, strawberries, etc. He motioned to me to sit on the lounge, and offered me a drink. He poured me a lovely red wine. I will say at this point that I was not physically attracted to him in person at all. I was taller than he was with heels on, and he was too slim for my taste. I like tall, larger, musclier men. Anyway, I digress!

He joined me on the lounge and we sat there, sipping our wine and chatting, (I can't remember now what we talked about initially). He paid me some compliments. Not long after, he edged closer to me and started to kiss me. Soon, we had a nice rhythm with our kissing and his hands started to explore my body a little. Naturally, his hands moved quite quickly to my breasts and started stroking them, kissing them, exposing them before sucking on them.

I started to feel more comfortable with things. We paused for a little. We drank some more, ate strawberries and talked, and before long were back at it again. This time was far more intense. Far more passionate and far more urgent. He removed my bra, and rubbed himself against me through his and my clothes. He was hard and I could tell he was fairly 'long'!

Things progressed more with kissing, touching, moaning, etc, before I released his cock from his trousers. I undid his belt, stroking him through his underwear, then finally reaching my hand in and setting it free. It was a beautiful, hard, smooth, long cock too. The more I touched it, the more I wanted it.

He asked that we move to his bedroom. At first I resisted and then after a while I relented. You may remember that I only went to meet him and not to have sex with him this time. But we had already gone past that. He knew that, but as I said we went to the bedroom.

In the bedroom, we got into it more. He spent a lot of time grinding his cock against my clit, through my clothing, and it was driving me wild. I wanted him inside me and I wanted it bad. He did too. He kept asking me how long I was going to make him wait?

I told him I had to be sure. I excused myself for a moment and went to the bathroom. I sent Darren a text message telling him that I really wanted to fuck this guy. Purely a physical thing but that I wouldn't do it without his consent, especially given he knew I hadn't gone there with the intention of going that far.

Darren text back in capital letters, GO FOR IT. I had expected some resistance. I went back to the bedroom and said to him. It’s your lucky night. Then I went to my lover that I had only just met and gave myself to him. I straddled him and rode him, I like it that way. We did attempt to use a condom, something neither of us had needed to use for a long time, but it just wasn't happening. We removed it for what was supposed to be a short while. But then I climbed back on top of him again and rode him without it. I knew it was wrong, but I also knew he was safe (with same woman for 15 years and no other partners), and I hoped that it would make for a nice surprise for Darren when I returned home.

He lasted well but it was over sooner than I'd have liked, with him coming deep inside me. I was already fantasising at that moment that I couldn't wait to get back home to Darren, to have his hands on me, to be licked and sucked again, and then finally fucked hard.

After a short rest, I rose, dressed, chatted briefly then left. I made the hour long journey back to my love, my husband. I will mention at this moment that I deliberately did not reapply makeup etc. I wanted to look dishevelled when I returned home, as evidence of my evening!

Once home, he made it clear he didn't want me to shower before bed. We kissed immediately, very passionately. Before long he was going down on me and searching for every last drop of my lovers cum inside me. I never thought I would allow him to do that but by God it was a major turn on. I told him so too.

I soon rode him until he came inside me. Just like my lover had barely 2 hours earlier. It was an amazing feeling.

Now, for some aside points:

1/ Darren and I have had talked a lot about what we did. Darren is amazed about how much he got into it even though he wasn’t there.

2/ We are closer than we have been in ages. It is a new level of intimacy. It is quite amazing. Darren has insisted on oral after we fuck. That’s new, I not complaining. I love to cum and will take as many orgasms as I can get.

3/ I am impressed with myself that I was able to go through with it. It is the first time I have ever fucked a virtual stranger.

4/ I am also impressed with the fact that I was able to have hot, heavy sex with someone and afterwards not feel emotionally connected with them. It was a mild concern of mine that I would not be able to have sex with someone then keep my distance. Now I know I was wrong and that makes me happy. No, very happy.

5/ I have no desire or intention to do it again with the same person.

So, where to from here? I have no idea. I really don't. I know Darren really wants to be there physically if I get fucked by someone else so that will probably be the next step.

Sorry this was so long. I didn't mean for it to be. I have read stories here before I did this and wanted to tell some people what I did and about us.