Written by treecreeperess

10 Sep 2013

I have kept the title to allow readers to catch up if necessary. Hubby liked the last instalment and encouraged me to tell this one too. Mick rang me a day later after our first time at the country hotel, I was impressed he was so keen and told him to text me when I was at work as I was busy with friends and could not talk at the moment. I got to work and found three texts from him, a fast and obviously keen worker. He wanted to meet me again but on his own and the three texts were a bit of a jumble with him saying how great the night with Adam had been and that he was desperate to see me again.

I thought about how nice it would be to get him less frustrated than he had obviously been since his divorce, he was a nice guy and quite sexy so it must be all down to confidence that he was shy about meeting other women. I sent him a text saying I would meet him and suggested he told me of any fantasy he would like to fulfil.

My wait was longer than I expected, then he sent a message that to be naked with me again was his main fantasy. I asked if he had any preference for where or when he wanted to do this. I knew by his texts that there was something he was holding back, so I suggested we meet after work at a small pub close by where we could chat more easily, he was very keen and said he would be there at 6.

I arrived and saw him sitting in the sun at a table. We hugged and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. With a drink in front of us, we were apart from other people and out of earshot, but his almost conspiratorial whisper was low and sexy, I liked that and knew it was because he really wanted to say something but was unsure how to go about it. I kept the conversation light hearted but also added that we needed to be honest with each other and whatever he wanted to do, I would confirm if I was comfortable with it or not, reminding him it was only a couple of days since we had been fucking together. The word seemed to trigger him off and his eyes glinted with earnest desire, I felt a flush of excitement too.

It took around twenty minutes of small talk, him asking me questions about my sexual history, which I revealed telling him some of my past, some he hardly believed but they were true and I felt myself getting wet as I let him in on them. I then said he should take a deep breath and spit it out or risk not saying it ever. He looked down at his glass, I took his hand and said, 'come on, tell me, I won't bite and I will give you an honest answer'.

'I want to do some role play' he said, I relaxed and said 'Ok, but what', silence, then 'I want to do a rape with you', my nipples perked and I felt as if I had been given an electric shock. This was a revelation, no wonder he was shy and probably aware that I could have blown my top and left immediately, but I felt his honesty deserved some support. I said I needed to think about it but I was interested. His face lit up and I said we needed rules if we did it and a way of stopping if I got uncomfortable with it, but added that I thought we could probably do something to relieve the frustration it was causing him.

It was time to go and I gave him a kiss on the lips and said I would be in touch later that evening. I left and went home and told hubby whose reaction was that he thought it would be good as we had enacted something similar a few times ourselves with good results, but maybe with her not knowing him the situation would be more realistic. We discussed it and agreed to give it a go with conditions, no violence, no weapons and no third parties.

I put these things to Mick via a call and his voice sounded elated. He asked when and I said Friday evening just after dark near the river at Fulford near York. We made our plans to meet and I asked if anything special should be worn that he liked, suggesting a short kilt that I had which might turn him on. He agreed and I told him to keep his cock nice and clean and hard for me.

Friday had me looking forward to getting home and changed ready for fun. I felt relaxed and confident, looking forward to sex with Mick and the mystery of how he was going to rape an innocent lady walking alone beside the river with nobody about except a lone man with dirty intentions. I parked at the pub as arranged, the Saddle, then went in, Mick was there. The role play was that I got my own drink and stayed near the bar, then Mick was to start a conversation. It all went well and as agreed we chatted about all sorts, then as time moved on, I said it was time I left and departed as arranged and found the narrow footpath leading to the riverside. I was feeling nervous, about to be raped and fucked by a man somewhere down here, no lights, a wet cunt and very hard nipples. I had hold ups on and a tiny thong and matching bra. I slowed as a man passed walking his dog, he looked at me and said 'goodnight', I hoped it would be and returned the greeting.

I found the footpath and turned left away from the city, the air was col but not cold. I had gone only a few yards when I heard heavy breathing and then an arm come round my neck, his breathing as if he had been running, from behind I had no idea who he was, I hoped it was Mick, no words were spoken, my kilt was pulled up and my thong dragged part way down my thighs, I struggled but was held firm, fingers felt round my cunt lips and slipped inside. I was pushed towards a tree and held against it, I saw the dark river flowing ten feet or so below me. My aggressor pulled my short jacket off my shoulders, effectively pinning my arms, then I felt my tits being groped, the top being pulled from my kilt and a hand beneath my bra, feeling my breasts and nipples.I allowed the jacket and top to be removed, I asked what he wanted and his voice croaked at first and then he said 'I am going to rape you, you need fucking for leading me on in that pub, showing your sexy legs ad flashing your panties, well I am going to fuck you now and shoot my spunk in you, so get your clothes off, now'

This was great, he was living the part and his voice was deep and urgent, I was the victim about to be violated by a desperate man fuelled by drink and desire, he was going to take my body and fill me with his hot seed.

I stood in the darkness and slowly removed my skirt and thong, then he took off my bra and let down his trousers and pants, He told me to suck his cock and forced my face onto it, I sucked and enjoyed the feeling of being naked down to just hold ups for a guy who wanted to play out his fantasy.

I heard somebody close by, but they walked on, another dog walker but we were hidden by trees. This added a new dimension, I was naked and about to be fucked by the cock I was sucking, but I stayed in role, keeping quiet for fear of what my assailant might do if his plans were ruined. Mick was deaf to everything, his mind concentrating on his lust and soon he ordered me to turn and face the tree while he fucked me. His cock felt great sliding deep in me and I got shafted by his lovely cock for a good few minutes, I came once and the felt that warm flood and his body going limp as his tension subsided and I was well and truly fucked. His cock seemed to slip out very quickly and he hugged me and thanked me for doing it.

We dressed quickly and in that weird after fuck time, we cuddled up and kissed and both felt exhilarated after our nocturnal fun.

More to cum from Mick in the next few weeks I hope, he has invited me for dinner next week, will keep you posted and my lips wet