Written by John

14 Dec 2017

I'm a great rugby fan and especially like to watch the six nations, usually with mates at one of their houses. He is divorced so has bought all the gadgets like large screen TV etc. We usually meet in a pub for a few beers and then go back to his to watch the match. We are all retired and in our early sixties and the other three of us are married.

Before one game last season we met at Weatherspoons in Bristol as it is a short walk to Ben's flat. When I arrived the other three, Ben, Nick and Malcolm were already seated at a table for 6 with a lady sat at the other end of the table on her own. I sat next to her at the table and could see she was about 45, quite a nice figure and very pretty with shoulder length blonde hair. She acknowledged me but was not interested in paying much attention and looked a little sad.

We chatted about the rugby and she went to get another glass of wine. When she returned I apologised for us being a bit chatty and noisy and she smiled and said it's ok. Nice to see us enjoying ourselves. I asked her if she liked rugby and she said that she and her husband always watched the rugby every week if the team were at home, and loved the six nations and always watched it at home. But she wouldn't be doing that today. I asked her why and she was just said she just wanted to be out today and left it.

The others also started chatting to her and she was quite knowledgeable about the players and it was obvious that she was very interested in the rugby. She finished her drink and I offered her a drink as it was my turn to get them in. She accepted a large glass of wine and when I returned had moved to my seat so that she could continue chatting to the others.

Soon it was time to go to watch the match and she accepted our invitation to join us. We walked the short distance to the house and picked up some beers and a bottle of white wine on the way.

We watched the first half and were pleased that England were winning after the first half and Claire had loosened up a bit more about herself and said that she had had a row with her husband as she had found out that he had been out with another woman the night before. He said nothing happened but she walked out early that morning and wandered until she went into the pub to have a drink. She said as she hadn't eaten, the wine was going to her head a bit and felt quite pissed. She was sat in between Ben and Malcolm on the sofa and was quite tactile when she talked. Malcolm put his hand on her leg and she didn't say anything and she rested her hand on Ben's leg. The match restarted and more drink was consumed until she had finished the whole bottle.

Anyway England won the match and we continued chatting and told her about us, Obviously wives weren't interested in sex any more, we were obviously hard done by, and her husband must be mad to see other women when he had her at home. By this time, drink thinking, telling my cock what to think and I noticed that she was not wearing a bra and had lovely hard nipples that pushed out of her thin polo neck jumper. She said maybe she ought to teach him a lesson and go out with another man. We all offered and she laughed and said who's first.

Ben turned towards her and pulled her face towards him and they kissed. Slowly at first and then more urgent and his hand went onto her leg and stroked it whilst we watched. She turned towards him and they kissed passionately and his hands were on her tits and feeling her nipples. Malcolm stroked her leg and her other hand reached over and stroked his leg and then turned towards him and kissed him.

Nick and I got close to her on the floor in front of her and her legs opened and I got between them and kissed the inside of her thighs. I then noticed that she wasn't wearing knickers and mentioned it. She said she was so incensed that morning that she had left the house without putting on underwear.

Her legs opened and I buried my face into her pussy which was shaved and licked and sucked her clit which grew in my mouth. It was the biggest I had ever seen and she loved having it sucked.

By now her hands were on Malcolm and Ben's cocks and they undid their zips and got out their hard cocks. We'd never been in that situation before and it was the first time that I had seen either of them in that state. Both were about average but Ben's was hidden a bit as he had quite a fat belly which covered it.I undid my trousers and took them down and Nick also did the same.

She sat up and reached for Nick's cock and started sucking it. His was quite fat and had a huge bell end which she managed to get in her mouth. I also stood up and she sucked me as well.

Next thing Ben pulled her back and she allowed them to undress her and then laid on the floor with Nick and I either side of her fingering her very wet pussy, and sucking those lovely nipples. Malcolm got between her legs and just slipped into her and just fucked her as we sucked her nipples. He took about 2 minutes to cum and she was holding his bum and gasping as he came in her with a loud groan. Ben was next and she had to help him put it in as his belly got in the way. He started thrusting into her and came in about 20 seconds. Not surprising as he hadn't had a woman for about 5 years.

Then it was Nick's turn. She gasped as his cock went into her and grabbed his bum hard and urged him to fuck her hard. He used slow and long strokes and after about 2 minutes she came, sighing loudly and holding onto him tight. He continued to fuck her and went faster as his orgasm approached. He groaned very loudly and she came again as he shot his spunk into her.

Nick got off and I got between her legs and entered her. It was very very slippery and I took quite a while to cum. I sped up as I was cumming and she grabbed me and groaned and gripped me tightlyas I came in her. I lay on her for a few minutes kissing her and then after I'd gone soft stood up and got dressed.

She laid on the floor naked with cum running out of her and said thank you, I needed that.

I pulled her to her feet and handed her clothes to her and she got dressed and sat on the sofa. Ben made coffee and we all chatted for another hour before she said she felt ready to go and see her husband.

We each kissed her on the doorstep and she walked off down the street never to be seen again.