Written by Deborah

18 Jan 2018

My hubbie has done the dirty on me and been with a prostitute. Whilst pissed on a stag do in Prague had stupidly used his credit card in a strip bar. He confessed to having a private dance because his mates had goaded him on but said he just got wanked off and had a grope of her. I’m pretty sure he fucked her. I decided to make his life hell and to see what I could get out of the situation. He treated me like a Queen for the next week and didn’t dare say anything when I said I was going out with my mate Claire and staying over at hers. Normally I get questioned about where I’m going etc.

Throughout my marriage I have been pretty innocent and admittedly I have kissed a couple of other guys but never gone further. I wanted to make him pay so was determined to get off with some guy as payback but doubted I’d do more than kiss.

Claire knew I was pissed off and leant me a slutty short dress with my tits half hanging out. She said a bra would show as would my panty line so I ended up just going out in the dress and high heels. I felt like a slut as never dared do that before but a few drinks whilst getting ready gave me Dutch courage. My pussy is bald and was completely smooth. I’d been doing this recently as my Hubbie had been begging me for years, so it would be his fault if another guy got an accidental view with no hair blocking their view.

For anyone interested I’m 40(ish), wavy ginger hair, considered fairly pretty, 5’4” with 36d breasts with very big nipples. Normally I wear thick bras to stop my nipples sticking out but tonight they were right out there. Even with a few drinks I nearly changed back but Claire egged me on and out we went.

It didn’t go as planned. We met a group of great guys and flirted and had a great laugh. I was eyed up and complimented but the guys had other halves and I didn’t pull. Claire did though with the one single guy and went off with him leaving me with the other guys as I said I would be fine.

Then they left. They offered me a lift in their taxi and I should have gone but i wanted revenge on my husband, so I stayed saying I was meeting other friends.

Then I was alone. I looked like a slut but don’t act like one. I felt horny as hell but not the type to approach and pull guys. I was about to leave walking through the bar, when a guy made some really cheesy remark about me. Normally he would have been ignored or told where to go, but i thought, “what the hell”.

We started taking and he introduced me to his 4 mates. I gave the sob story of my corned leaving me alone and before long I had several drinks bought for me and was getting loads of attention being the only girl. These certainly weren’t the normal type of guys I’d ever go for and were real rough and ready types, probably all with convictions. I’m the opposite and often called posh and well spoken. Also they were mid 20’s so I was old enough to be their Mums.

Anyway I was getting quite pissed and lapping up their compliments. They all loved my hard nipples sticking out and the fact I clearly had no bra on. Steve was their leader and loved himself but was also really funny. He had a tight fitting t-shirt and had a six pack and beautiful muscles. Soon I had my hands all over him feeling his gorgeous chest.

One of his mates shouted out that I would love his cock as well as it was huge. He then grabbed me and kissed me sticking his tongue down my throat and I let him and kissed him back, knowing I shoudnt but no longer caring.

He then invited me to a party at his and still can’t believe I went. If my hubby hadnt been with the prostitute i definitely wouldn’t have gone, but I though why the hell not.

In the taxi back to his, he was snogging my face off and then groping my tits in front of his mates. I didn’t stop him but made sure my dress didn’t ride up. He said that other girls were meeting us at the party but none ever turned up so was just me and 5 lads.

In the lounge we drunk beer and I was on Steve’s lap kissing and letting him grope me in front of the others. Then we kissed for ages and he was playing with my tits over my dress and I was getting really turned on and moaning. He then pulled the top of my dress down and my tits were out on full display to 5 young lads.

I tried to pull my dress up but Steve just said that giving the guys a little flash of posh tities wouldn’t do any harm. So I stopped trying to pull the dress back up and got a cheer.

Steve’s hands were then all over my breasts and squeezing my nipples. Done right I can orgasm with my breasts played with. He certainly wasn’t an expert and was rough, but i was really turned on and moaning loudly.

Steve got the others to turn the music off so they could hear his “posh married bird” moaning. I realised they were all watching me and could feel underneath me that Steve was erect and huge. I was loving them watching me and soo horny that I wanted my pussy pleasured. Steve hadn’t gone near my pussy yet and I was desperate for him to pleasure it.

I thought any minute he would take me off to his bedroom and I was willing to fuck him by this point thinking that if my hubby can then why can’t I, but he was more interested in showing me off to his mates. He then suggested I flash my knickers to the boys. I probably would have but coundn’t as wasn’t wearing any. I confided in Steve saying I wasn’t wearing any and could we go to his room.

He just told the guys that his posh married bird wasn’t wearing any knickers. This was followed by them chanting to see my posh pussy and to get my dress off.

There I was, a married very respectable woman in her 40’s with my breasts out being groped and watched by young lads all knowing I was a slut not wearing any underwear. But I was hornier than i had been in my life. Without giving it any thought I realised I also had my hand on Steve’s huge hard cock, and it out my hubbie’s slightly smaller than average one to shame.

I was nervous about flashing my bald pussy to the lads. Part of me wanted to run from there and the other part wanted to be start naked in front of these young guys.

Then I came out with it, and said, “if you guys get your cocks out I’ll show you my pussy”.

Then it happened. Steve told them all to do as the posh married lady asks and they were soon dripping their trousers in front of me and all but Steve’s cock was on parade. All were erect, or at least semi, which I loved knowing I had turned them on. They were all differing shapes but similar sizes but I would have happily fucked them all. The smallest was about the same size as my hubbies and the largest was a bit bigger than average.

Steve then told me have a feel of them all. I got up and in turn had a feel of each gently rubbing each shaft and all were by now rock hard. Two of the guys were ugly and one overweight but I didn’t care.

My dress was down nearly to my waist with my big breasts out. One guy had a good feel and as Steve nor I objected then the rest of them followed suit so my breaats has now been manhandled by all 5 lads.

One called for Steve to get his out. He obviously wasn’t shy about telling everyone about his big cock as all his gang knew. He stood up, kissed me and told me to get his cock out. I didn’t as I was told and couldn’t wait.

He was massive, putting all the others to shame. All I could say was Oh My God and stare at it. Steve put my hands on it and I wrapped both round and couldn’t resist wanking his massive shaft. I just had to taste it and dropped to my knees and forgetting the others wee there just put what I could of it into my mouth and started to suck it. About 30 seconds later Steve pulled me back up. It felt as though he was ready to shoot in my mouth and stopped me just in time.

When standing back up the lads demanded they get their reward and get my dress off and show them my pussy. I was scarred but so excited, but nervous wondering if they were into bald pussies. I slowly pulled Claire’s borrowed dress down and wanted to make sure I put it over a Claire not to ruin it.

Then the comments came about my bald pussy and they loved it. I was standing naked and all the guys still had their cocks out. Most were touching and discretely wanking them.

My pussy was aching to be pleasured more than it had ever been and probably wetter. If it wasn’t pleasured soon I’d have to sort myself out, but the way the evening was heading I doubted it would be long before I was satisfied.

One guy asked me to part my legs for a better view of my “shaven cunt”. He got a play slap from Steve and said that was no way to speak to a posh married lady. But he agreed they all should have a better view. He looked around at the dining room table and told one guy to get a balanced and put in there. He then picked me up and laid me naked on my back on the table with no objection from me. The guys all came over and without being asked brought my knees up and parted my legs as wide as comfortable to give them all the view they wanted.

I have a big protuding clit and big pussy lips and again without asking used both hands to pull my lips apart revealing my sopping pussy, which felt like it was gaping open in anticipation.

I was beyond the point of caring about anything, only getting fucked and wanted them all. I started begging for one of them to fuck me. They didn’t. Thinking back I was probably too high on the table and also as they were young lads they probably were worried about performing in front of each other.

Steve then ordered me to finger myself calling me a posh married slut and whore. This just turned me on even more and I begged for cock and by now they were following Steve’s lead and happing calling me slut,whore and slag.

I did as I was told and rubbed my clit and started moaning like the whore and slut they were calling me. Hands were soon groping my tits and fingers were soon in my sopping hole. I didn’t even look to see whose they were but knew there were quite a few fingers in me as I can take a lot and I was full. I had my first orgasm of many on that table. I’m very vocal during sex and was louder than ever, totally letting myself go with hands everywhere on my body and being called every name imaginable. My hands were soon around two cocks and another was fed in my mouth with the guy half on the table.

Then a finger or fingers were thrust up my bottom. I’d never allowed this before as thought it disgusting but didn’t care that these animals were doing it and loved the feeling as i was lost in the feeling of being used like their posh whore.

My hubby can easily get 4 fingers in me when I’m wet, and if he wanted to his whole hand but never tried, probably out of respect, however these guys had. I respect and Steve was proudly announcing that he was fisting my bald cunt. They were so insulting and crude but I was beyond caring. I Then I heard them laugh when one had a plastic Lucazade bottle and suggested fucking me with it.

So they did. It was painful as they thrust it in me as they didn’t lube it at all, but they had no concerns about me and I was their posh slut.

Soon it was being thrust in and out and the pain turned to absolute pleasure as my bottom hole, breasts and clit had hands mouths all over them.

My clit and breasts were also licked and sucked. I climaxed hard again, mainly due to the bottle fucking my pussy. Then the guy I was intermittently sucking off spunked in my mouth. He shot what felt like streams of cum in my mouth, some going straight down my throat. I only ever swallowed my hubbies cum once and hated it so refused to swallow him again. But on this night I was paying him back for his night with the prostitute and greadily seallowed this lads cum. The others could tell he was pumping into my mouth and cheered as I opened my mouth to show it had all gone.

Steve instructed me to turn over and i did as ordered and following instruction knelt and lent forward with my arse in the air.

He then forced open my bum cheeks and licked my bum hole. It felt lovely but I enjoyed the humiliation of it more as he told the others that he could get his posh slut to do whatever he wanted. He then spat on and slipped a larger bottle into my bottom and they laughed as it just stuck out in the air.

I was then turned on my back and moved to the edge of the table and Steve announced he was going to fuck me, although he said that even his cock would’t be felt by me in my slack cunt. I was too high so he lifted me on to the carpet.

Dispite this he still got me to beg to be fucked, which I did even though I thought I had enough. I hadnt and could feel his massive cock in me despite what he had said about my slack cunt, and having a proper cock in me was amazing and I had probably the most shuddering orgasm I’ve ever had and was soaking after. I think I squirted for first time ever but still not sure. As he pumped into me he instructed the others to cum over me. As I was in the floor I had cocks presented to my mouth and in my hands. I was taking turns on 2 cocks and then one spurted over my face and the other one cum, half in my mouth and the rest over me. Another cum over my breasts. Then Steve shot his load up my pussy announceing that was a present for my husband.

One guy, the ugliest one, apparently hadn’t cum. He asked if I had ever had my arse fucked and i said no. He asked if he could take my brown cherry and I said if he lubed it first. I was going to get on my hands and knees but before I did one of the others pulled my legs apart and over my head so I was on my back with my pussy and bottom exposed. He used my pussy juice to lube his cock and fucked my bottom and spunked in it.

I’d had enough then and the guys probably felt guilty about the abuse they gave me and allowed me to shower and ordered me a taxi and gave me the money for it.

I never even told Claire the truth of that night let alone my hubbie. I’d never do anything likely that again but dont regret it and have got Steve’s number xxxx