Written by Sandra

8 Feb 2010

My name is Sandra and im 44 and married. It was my birthday on Friday and my hubby,Ken and I had arranged to go out to the La Mon hotel with two friends, Jim and his wife Carol for a meal. When Ken got home he had been drinking and was far too drunk to go out. I decided to go on without him and when Jim and Carol arrived, I just slammed the door and left Ken on the sofa to sleep it off.

I was furious and hadn't much to say to my friends as we ate our meal. The evening was going downhill very quickly and when we had finished, Jim said that he would just drop me off home.

As we drove back into Belfast, I asked Jim to drop me off at Robinsons bar. It was only 10 pm and I just couldn't bear the thought of going home to watch Ken recovering from yet another hangover. I said goodnight to Jim and Carol and walked into Robinsons. The usual band was playing in the back bar and the place was packed tight with people, as usual. I fought my way to the bar and got a vodka and white and then looked for a seat. Two young guys in their early twenties who were sitting at a table shuffled over and let me squeeze in beside them.

They introduced themselves as Sammy and Tony and were very quick to make me feel at home. Sammy cracked jokes at a furious rate and soon I was laughing and giggling like a schoolgirl. Tony grabbed my hand and whisked me off for a dance and wouldn't take no for an answer. As the night progressed and the drink flowed, I took turns dancing with both of them and when Sammy kissed me, I didn't object. Later on, as I danced with Tony, I felt his hand carress my breast and again I didn't object. I surprised myself by reaching down and rubbing his cock through his jeans. He was really hard and I was in the mood for some fun.

When the pub closed at 1 am, the guys invited me back to Sammy's flat in Botanic avenue. They bought some pizzas from a nearby carry out and we waited for a taxi behind Robinsons. Sammy and Tony took turns at kissing me and I was really getting off on the attention that I was getting. I was getting passed from one to the other like a toy. Both guys had explored my breasts by now and Sammy had been inside my thong and been rubbing my shaved kitty and teasing my clit with his fingers. He told Tony that I was shaved and Tony decided to feel it himself, just to make sure.

I was loving it and in the semi darkness of the side street, I freed both their hard cocks and gently massaged them. I had been married for almost 25 years and had never even thought about playing around before, but now all I wanted was a good fucking.

The taxi drew up and sounded it's horn. The guys put their cocks back in their jeans and we boarded the taxi for the short drive to Botanic. I shared kisses with the guys and they groped me all the way back to Sammy's flat.

Once inside, we shared out the food and Sammy went into the kitchen to get a bottle of wine. Tony dimmed the lights and we started kissing on the sofa and he removed my blouse and bra. I fumbled with his zip and got his cock out and wanked it. He took off his jeans and shirt and knelt on the sofa with his cock near my face. I took him in my mouth and gave him what he wanted. Sammy handed me a glass of wine and I took turns at sipping the wine and then sipping Tony's cock. All the time, I was laughing and we were just having fun.

Sammy stripped off and sat on the sofa beside me. Tony got up and I positioned myself, kneeling on the floor in front of Sammy. Tony came behind me and removed my skirt and after a short time, my thong joined it on the floor. I was now naked except for my holdup stockings. I licked at Sammys cock and tried to give him as much pleasure as I could. Tony was licking my kitty from behind and I was urging him to fuck me. I didn't have to wait too long and soon I felt his 7 incher parting my swolen kitty lips and penetrate me deeply. I shut my eyes and revelled in the experiance. It was wonderful. Tony pumped me hard and mauled my breasts and bit my back.. I was having multiple orgasms for the first time in my life. I felt Sammys cock stiffen and then let fly as he moaned loudly. Tonys pace quickened and he came, deep inside me. I gagged on Sammys cum and swallowed hard, trying not to spill any of it, but failing miserably. His hot seed trickled down my chin and dripped onto my breasts

Tony gently withdrew and lay back on the floor. I cuddled up beside him and felt his cum trickle from me and soak my stocking tops. I shuffled down and licked his cock and tasted his cum. To me it was nectar. I love the taste of cum and it's something that i'd missed out on for a long time. My selfish husband gives me a quick fuck about once a month and he only lasts a few minutes, before rolling over and falling asleep.

It was time for a shower, so I went off to the bathroom and washed the sweat and cum off my body. I washed my thong and cum stained stockings and left them on the radiator to dry, before joining Sammy and Tony again. I laughed when I entered the room. To see these two naked young men with their erections jutting out seemed to me to be hilarious, but my intentions for them were anything but funny. Sammy was sitting on the sofa and I dropped to my knees in front of him. I licked his cock and added to its wetness, before getting astride hih and guiding him inside me. I held him tight around his neck and bucked at him like a whore. Tony was watching from the chair where he was seated and started wanking his cock furiously. I threw myself backwrds and while still impaled on Sammys cock, was able to lie on his knees and hold myself so that Tony could get his cock in my mouth. He got up and stood over me and I did my best to lick and suck his cockhead, while riding at Sammys cock. I remember saying "Fuck me, I'm just a whore,fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fill me" and then Sammy shot into me. I thrashed about in orgasm and accidentally slid off him as he lost his grip on me. My arms gave up and I ended up on the floor on my back. Tony knelt down and pumped his cock in my face, as I tried to take him in my mouth. Then he groaned and I got to taste his hot seed as it spat in my face and between my lips. I was in heaven.

It was nearly 4 am and my two young studs were drained and it was time for me to make an exit. I had a hurried shower and got dressed and Sammy ordered me a taxi. Twenty minutes later I was home. Ken was asleep and didn't notice me coming in. I got into bed and just lay there, shaking and trembling with excitement for ages, before drifting off into a very deep and contented sleep.

To sum things up. I am a woman who is in need of more than a very occasional poke and from now on, I will be getting my thrills wherever I want and by whoever I take a .