Written by Christine

5 Jun 2009

Hi, Christine\'s back,I know that some of you were a bit disappointed with the last part of my story, to much detail of Allen\'s accident and tine in hospital, and not enough of me being fucked senseless, but without those details it isn\'t my life story. All of that explains the how and why various things happened, and how the changes in my life panned out. Now back to the sex.

When I left you last, we had just arrived at Sid\'s house for the first time, we found that there were six other couples there, a single woman(Margaret) and Sid. Sue was asked about Allen\'s progress and we were told that at least two other couples were due a bit later. this meant that potentially, not counting bi-women, I and of course the other women there had the opportunity of at least ten different cocks up them. I must confess the last few days had been a nightmare for me, thinking about what might or could happen had made me wet constantly, and I kept having to go to the loo at work and had a quick wank to relieve the Itch. At last Derek and I were going to find out if what we had been told about Sid\'s little gatherings lived up to the photos we had seen.

I was sitting on a sofa sandwiched between Sue and Margaret, when I felt hands creeping up under my skirt, up my stockinged thigh and start to probe my naked and unprotected pussy, it was only fair to return the attention and I soon had both my hands up their skirts and was fingering both of their pussies in retaliation. Sue\'s cunt I knew all about, but Margaret\'s was new to me, and very different to my touch. To start with, she had very protruding labia, far longer then either Sue\'s or mine, and her clitoris felt huge, almost like a baby cock. Whilst I fingered both of them, a new pair of hands (female) started to caress my tits from behind the sofa, and then undid the buttons on my dress and returned to by now bare boobs and nipples. As I started to respond to the attention my body was receiving, I was helped to my feet, my dress was removed and I was gently laid down onto one of the futons on the floor. Although I was still wearing my under ware, it did little to cover my body, a 1/4 cup basque, stockings and no knickers, were no defence to what seemed an hoard of advancing women. (I was to learn later that at Sid\'s parties there were very few women who were not AC/DC, in fact at some of them, there was at least two lesbian couples who liked to swing with different women).

As I laid down I feel fingers and tongues descend onto me from all directions, I was being kissed on the lips, and a tongue probe my mouth as as others lips and tongues started to tease mu breasts and nipples, other hands were running up and down my legs, holding them apart as first fingers and then, oh heaven a tongue started to dart over my cunt. As I felt it start to flick and dance over my clitoris, and I started to lift my hips to enable it to get deeper, the tongue in my mouth was removed and a soaking wet cunt was lowered onto my face, and at last I could start to return the pleasure I was receiving. Soon I was starting to feel that trembling across my body as I started to cum for the first time that evening, as I did so the women on my face started to quiver, and as I finished my orgasm she started hers. When she had cum, she got up and was replaced by another fanny, and another pair of lips were ready to be given the treatment by my mouth. What you ask of my needs, well I can assure you they were being well taken care of, My breasts and nipples were being fondled, kissed and nibbled, and my cunt was being penetrated by fingers and tongues on a none stop basis.

As I approached another orgasm I felt an extra finger inserted into me, there were now at least three, they probed away twisting and turning inside my spasming pussy, as a tongue teased my clit, then another finger started to stretch and probe me, \'Oh I thought whilst they have got me down like this I am going to be fisted.\' I was not too worried as I could now fist myself with ease, and Sue had fisted me several times (and me her). The only concern was who it would be, as I felt the hand probe knuckle deep and withdraw, only to return that bit deeper, fingers probing the depths of my pussy, I felt the weight start to lift from my face, and hands lift my head and shoulders up so that I could see what was going on. There were two women whose names I did not know sucking away at my nipples like they hadn\'t eaten for a week, And Margaret was about to give the final push to her hand that was more than knuckle deep in my cunt, as she did so it pushed me over the edge yet again and i started to feel my cunt clench and spasm around her hand, as I did so, she started to fuck me with it, on to yet another cum.

After I had calmed down I was gently helped to my feet and introduced to the various women who had either had me or those that I had sucked off. They ranged in ages from Sue, at 27yrs the youngest to Pam, at 49 the oldest, most of us were in the late 30s early 40s and ranged from a size 10, but with huge tits (Sue) to Jill who was at least an 18 to 20, with the biggest pair of jugs on her that I had seen at that time, I was to find out talking to her later that she was a size 48HH. Jill\'s huge boobs were weighed down by gravity and hung down onto the top of her tummy, but she had tiny, but ultra sensitive nipples, so sensitive that she could cum just from someone fingering or sucking them. I asked if it was usual that any one women would be ravaged like that, or was it just because it was the first time that I had been there. To my disappointment I was told the later. It was deemed a matter of welcome that any new women was welcomed by the other women in such a manner, and next time it would be up to me to get it on with any women that I fancied. As I was being told this, I noticed that both Derek and Sid were in the process of changing film in their cameras, when I queried this I was told by Sid that he always took photos, and that anyone was welcome to copies, Derek explained that he was taking them so that we could give them to Allen when we visited him again.

I returned to the girls as I noticed that now the men had started to strip off, from what I had spotted from out of the corner of my eye, the were some nice cocks about and that later I was going to fuck my fair share of them. But at the moment something else had caught my eye, I had never had one before and was determined to find out it they were as good as I had heard. Pam, as I had mentioned before was the oldest women there, nearly ten years older than I, about the same height and build, size 12-14, 38C or thereabouts, and quite well preserved, what had caught my eye however was a large pink, double ended dildo that was growing out between her legs. At first glance it looked slightly weird, a well shaped women with a long fat cock growing out of her crotch, but I had to try it. I walked up to her and said, \'Can I try it for size?\' We moved onto a spare futon and she gently started to rub it along my pussy lips, they were still sopping wet and open from my previous exploits, and she soon had the head between my lips and was pushing the rest up me. I must admit at that moment I was not too sure weather this had been such a good idea, the head of this artificial prick was enormous, at least 31/2\" in diameter and I was wondering it I had got eyes bigger than my pussy, but I soon found that I was getting used to its girth and when she started to fuck me with it and a little nodules protrusion started to rub and caress my clit I was soon getting that old feeling back in the base of my belly, after I had cum for the nth time that evening, I thanked her deeply, removed it from my body and went in look of some real cock, and even better some real juicy spunk. I enjoyed fucking and sucking women, but for me nothing can compare to the feel and the taste of spunk.

I had barely sat down when two men, who introduced them selfs as Steven and David, approached me and asked if I would like to suck and fuck with them, they seemed nice enough, their cocks looked like that had potential, and to be honest was that not what we were here for. So again I returned to the futons were htere were quite a few people, in all combinations and permutations , from a simple start swap to MMF, MFF, and at least one MMMF, (lucky girl).

I had told my two partners that I enjoyed all types of sex, no holes were bared, but that I preferred them to cum into my mouth as I enjoyed the taste of cum the best. This was greeted with approval. I personally think that most men that I have meet, and over the last twenty six years there have been quite a few, just love being sucked off, and if the women swallows its even better. As my loyal readers know, the first time I sucked a cock, I swallowed by accident, and I loved the taste and texture, and I have always swallowed since. If a man\'s cum amounts to a little over a teaspoonful at a time, I must have swallowed many gallons of it, and I hope to swallow many more. I personally have never understood any woman who does not like to suck cock, provided that the man\'s person is clean, and if you suck his cock why spit out his cum, there has been no end of \'pre-cum\' and you swallowed that, so what\'s the difference?

Back to my two new friends, they were good lovers, well experienced in giving a women pleasure as well as receiving it. I was slowly brought to the edge and left to calm down again, by lips, tongues, fingers and their cocks, they penetrated all of the orifices of my body time and time again, I was roasted, in both holes, DPed again in both holes, Oh two cocks up your cunt at once is just too much, until both of them and myself felt that it was time that they cum. I knelt down and Steven presented his cock to my mouth and I started to bob my head up and down until I could feel that he was on the edge, as David gently wanked his cock in preparation of his turn Steven started to tremble, then jet after jet of hot salty cum spurted into my mouth, it was with some difficulty that I managed to swallow it all, as soon as I had finished swallowing and then locking clean his wilting cock it was replaced by David\'s, he must have been on the very edge, because he had barely got his cock past my lips then he erupted, he must have been saving it for days, because, I had no chance to swallow before there was more and it spilt out onto my chin and dripped onto my boobs. when he finally finished cumming, i was gasping for breath, and had to be help to my feet. I must have look in a state, hair disheveled spunk dripping from my lips and running down my boobs, before I could do anything about if a camera flashed and the image was saved for posterity.

I was fucked by I think five other men that night and finished as usual by sucking what cum they had left out of them. At about mid-night, the party started to break up as some people had quite a distance to travel. We had a Wedding the next day but did not need to be there until early afternoon. Margaret, spoke to Sue and asked if we were going back to her place for a short time. Sue had explained to us that Margaret\'s Husband Brian, had a \'special\' back-room were he indulged in his passion of bondage and light BDSM, She had been there several times and had enjoyed what had been done to her, and that if we went no pressure would be put on either of us to join in. Derek was curious and so we said our good-byes, with an assurance that we would be back asap, and followed Margaret\'s car the short distance to her house. When we got there Brian welcomed us all in, but asked Derek and myself that as we were not participating to wait until he called us up. Sue, Margaret and Brian then went up stairs, as the pair of us wait to be called. What Derek was thinking I do not know, all i can say is that my mind was in a turmoil, just what was it that he was doing to them or going to do when we went up. Our curiosity was soon put at rest, when after about ten minutes or so Brain called down and told us to come up, it was the rear left room, so with some trepidation we climbed the stairs.

Before we could enter the room Brian emerged and asked us to put on some sleeping masks that he had, and that when we had done so he would lead us into the room were he had place a couple of chairs for us to sit on. We complied with his request, and we were soon seated in the room, we were then told to remove the masks and to look in front of us at the wall. When we opened our eyes, I for one could not get my head around what I was seeing at first, then it all fell in to place. Sue and Margaret were both naked, tied with their backs to the far wall, their wrists and ankles were secured to wall rings about 30\"apart, at ankle and head height. The wall was padded in such a way that the upper part of the body was forced away from the wall so that their tits were forced out. Both of them had a length of what looked like pyjama cord, which was secured behind their neck, over the shoulder, turned tightly around their right tit, then on to the left one again two or three turns and the cord then went up and was tied off. It looked very similar to a crude bra made of cord, but instead of supporting the boob, it made it stand out from the chest wall, and trapped blood in the tit. Both women know had boobs that were at least a size larger,Sue at least a 44DD and Margaret 42DD. Both women had, had their nipples pierced in the past and now a length of cord was pasted through their nipple rings and pulled up and secured to a pair of small rings in the ceiling. On a chair was a collection of small, leather whips,and leather cats ( multi-stranded whips), canes and sex toys. Before we could comment we were told that everything was consensual and that a safe word was in place, he would stop as soon as it was used.

Brian then picked up on of the small whips ans caressed it across their swollen tits,the reaction was amazing, I could only assume that because of the bindings they were super sensitive, as they started to squirm and moan and ask for more, harder this time, until in no time at all both of them had cum. Derek and myself looked at each other in amazement, I admit I was starting to feel a little damp between the legs as I wondered what it was like to have your tits treated like that and Derek had what looked suspiciously like a large hard-on. Brian then asked Derek to help him as it was impossible to deal with both women at once. He picked up two of the cats, and gave one to Derek, and told him to copy what he did. He then started to draw the multi stranded whip across their nipples until with an accompanying groan, he brought the whip up between Margaret\'s legs and across her wide open and defenceless cunt. Derek copied everything that Brian did but of course that bit later, So Sue received the same treatment but with a few seconds delay. To my dismay both women asked for more, \'please whip my cunt, but harder\' they pleaded so they started again until both said that they had had enough. I asked what usually happened then and was told that usually they were then tied in turn to another piece of apparatus, and were fisted and face-fucked until he and Allen had cum down their throats and they were then released. After Brian and Derek had untied the pair of them I was asked if I wanted to have a go, but declined at that time, but telling them that I might be interested at a later date. I was then asked to release the breast-bindings on the two girls. After a quick coffee Sue got dressed and we left. The journey home was an interesting one as we all questioned each other on what we had got up too that night. Derek had watched my lesbian gang-bang and fisting with the other men and had been so turned on that he had nearly cum in his pants, but had manage to save himself and had proceded to fuck three women. Sue had spent some time with the other women after my initiation, and had been both fisted and fistee on several occasions, and had sucked and fucked a couple of the guys, plus her several cums at Brian\'s, you know what i had been up to so I wont repeat myself. When we git home it was about 3am and we had a busy day ahead so we all went to bed. On our return from the wedding Sue had prepare a nice meal for supper and later Derek and I asked Sue to join us in bed. I was turning into a sex addict,honestly I could not get enough, it truly mattered little that it was man or a women, I just wanted more. Sunday we visited Allen as arranged and told him of Fridays events, and that as soon as Derek could, there would be a set of the photos that he had taken. Allen again complained of a massive erection, and this time while the door was guarded, I sucked him off, we (Sue and myself had decided that it was only fair that we shared, after all she was having Derek as well as me).

Last episode until next week. sixty fifth birthday Saturday and I hope to be fucked senseless. Next time; Allen leaves hospital, and starts work with us, More parties, I get pierced, and more.