Written by Christine

28 May 2009

First of all I would like thank all the people who have kindly posted comments on the 1st part of my story, feedback of this kind is so helpful. Also some of you might be wondering why if my name is Christine,my story is signed off under Buelah, that is because Buelah is my first name, and I much prefer to be known by my second one.

When I finished the last part of my story, we had just said good-bye to Allen and Sue, after our first swap. To be honest, with you all, that day has stuck in my memory as if it was yesterday, and not almost 26 yrs ago. I had, had for the first time in my life had a different cock to play with, apart from my husbands, I had made the most of it too, sucking Allen off twice, and stuffing hie beautiful cock up both of my other holes. To add the icing to the cake after we had a regrouped in the living-room both Allen and Derek my husband had 'spit-roasted' me, my first,but if I had any say in the matter not my last.

As our guests drove away, my husband and myself sat on the sofa, and started to go over what had happened. Although we had said that we would return their visit on the following Sunday, Derek was asking me if I wanted to. If I wanted to call a halt to our swinging experiment, he would understand, all he was concerned with was how I felt and my happiness. I was amazed to think that he thought that I wanted to stop, NO! I reassured him I definitely do not want to stop, after we have paid a return visit to Allen and Sue's, I wanted them to arrange a visit to a swapping party, perhaps I would want to try out a bit of lady loving and there was so much more that I wanted to try out that I had seen in their photo album. We clear up, had a gentle shower together and went up to bed, no there was no more sex, we were shattered, we just lat there cuddling each other and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning was Monday, we did not open the shop on Monday's so we had a nice lay in, I was awoken by a tongue gently flicking across one of my nipples, and I was soon bouncing up and down on a lovely hard cock. Christ he was randy this morning, if that's what swinging does for his libido, we are going to swing every week. As the week progressed and we approached our return visit, my mind was full of the images that I had seen in their album, this gave me the problem I had, had to put up with the previous week,a pussy that was constantly wet and was always tending to dribble into my kickers. As any women will tell you, this is a bind, besides its uncomfortable, and wet patches on your clothes are noticed especially by other women. So it was back to the pantie liner, at least they absorbed the moisture and stop my skirts from getting wet. We did not have a wedding booked for that Saturday, we were just in the shop, so after shutting up, we had a quite night in, who knows what the moro would bring!

Sunday morning arrived bright and fine and we were due round at Allen and Sue's between ten and eleven o'clock, for sum reason Derek insisted that I put on the works that morning , despite my pointing out that it would soon be all taken off, but he would not be swayed, and I ended up in a black 1/4 cup basque, black seamed stocking's, vertiginous high heels, and a dark red button through knee length dress. We arrived just after 10.30 and Sue took me to one side in the kitchen as she prepare lunch for later. We, were soon deep in conversation about Margaret and what she had shown her (Sue) to do. How she had been taught how to take two cocks up her cunt, how to get two cocks in your mouth and to get them to cum, but most importantly as far as I was concerned, how she had instructed her on how to take a fist up her, either her own or someone else's. I had been more than a bit damp driving over here, but now I was soaking, and as yet no one had laid a finger on me.

We took the coffee into the boys, who as usual were discussing bloody football, what is it with men? get two or more together and its football, football, football.

Sue was not amused and told them in no uncertain manner to shut up blathering and strip. She then told them to stand as close together as they could. She then knelt don and started to suck each of them into an erection, when she was satisfied that they were hard enough, she gently pull both of their cocks together and placed them in her mouth. Naturally she could only just about get the glans in but was soon teasing them with her tongue, before she could move,turn and speak to me or anything to both hers and mine horror and disappointment Derek erupted. There was cum everywhere, his cock was not in her mouth at the time, so there it was over her face, in her hair, down her new silk dress and on the carpet. I was mortified, but Sue took it in her stride, used her fingers to get it off her,face and dress, licked them clean and said that after she had cleaned her hair, it was my turn.

When Sue returned, she had stripped off her clothes and was dressed only in a pair of hold-ups and high heels, I felt distinctly over dress and took off my dress, but was told to keep the rest on. I was then told to kneel down and open my mouth wide, both of the boys then sidled up to my face and offered their cocks to my mouth. Bloody Hell, I though that my lips would split, but soon found that I could get the heads of both of their cocks in my mouth, even better I could run my tongue round and under the glans and attack the trigger point. I soon had Allen panting and was rewarded with a nice mouthful. Sue was impressed at my effort and she suggested a short coffee break. We sat chatting about things in general, but both Derek and myself were drawn to Sue's tits, in particular the nipples which had been pierced. Last week there had just been a plain gold ring through each nipple. this week however she had really gone to town. There were two gold rings that encircled the nipple, these had a ring on the rim through which a gold bar bell was placed. this had the effect of pulling the nipple through the first ring and making it stand out further from the rest of her boobs. I am embarrassed to say that I was staring at them so much that she noticed, 'Like them?' she asked, 'Yes' I stammered, ' but God that must have hurt?'. 'No more than your ears' she replied, 'They give you a local, and you feel nothing until a few hours later, then you treat them the same as you do your ears'. I must admit I personally was not convinced, to start with her tits were at least 4" and two cup sizes bigger than mine, let alone her nipples.

Sue then changed the subject by saying that before we swapped she was going to show me how she got two erect cocks up her cunt at the same time. This I thought I must see, so we both started to suck the boys back to a nice throbbing condition, Allen was told to lay on the floor, Sue then lowered herself onto his cock, with her back towards him, when she was fully impaled, she lent back and called Derek over, he was to get between both of their legs and enter her from the front. To my utter amazement after a bit of faffing about on his part he was firmly home. There was this tiny woman barely five feet tall, and petite with it taking two reasonable sized cocks up her at the same time. Well, I was at least six inches taller, and a bit bigger if you see what I mean (size 14 at least). If she can bloody well do it so can I. Sue was panting hard and it was only a matter of time before she was going to cum, so I told them in no uncertain fashion, 'don'tyou buggers cum I want to try that'. A few minutes later Sue exploded and collapsed back onto Allen, Derek withdrew from Sue's fanny and helped her to her feet, before she could take a seat, I was crying, 'my turn' and I got on top of Allen, ' hells teeth' I thought as his cock slide up need I needed that, hell was I wet, I could feel the liquid flowing out of my body and down onto Allen's cock and balls, Derek gently lent me back and place his cock at the entrance of my cunt, the head was drawn back and forth over my lips, and when he felt in the right position, he gently pushed forward until he was fully home. Bloody hell, I am going to split in half, I had thought that a fat cue filled me up, but that was nothing to this. No one moved, all I could hear was my breath and the blood pounding through my brain, and unbelievably full feeling between my legs, then Sue's voice 'right boys give her what she wants and fuck her'. Both of them slowly started to move in and out of me, slowly at first but as I became more used to them faster and faster, I could not hold out for long and in a matter of moments had cum like I never had before. It was a good job that their nearest neighbours were away on holiday because the would have called the police I was screaming so much, Sue had to put her hand over my mouth. We disengaged from each other and was help to the sofa, my legs were so weak.

As I lay back on the sofa a drink was placed into my hand and as I started to gulp it down, I felt the unmistakable touch of a tongue start to flick away at my right nipple, God I started to cum all over again, I glanced down to see Sue's mouth engulfing my right boob and nipple and her tongue dance over the teat again. Christ she certainly new what turned a woman on. I was amazed, I had never even thought about a woman touching me like this, but I was not going to stop her, it felt two good, and besides I did not have the energy. I hadn't stopped Sue, and so she took this as the green light to seduce me into 'lady love' continuing to lick and suck my nipple, she started to need and fondle my other boob, I was soon moaning with delight, and squirming about when I felt fingers starting to caress my fanny flaps. They gently danced over my gaping hole, skipped onto my clit then back again, like some tantalising butterfly. Then the mouth left my breast and her tongue snaked its way down my body until in engulfed my open defenceless cunt and her tongue started to flick and suck away at my clit. If I had cum before that was just a tremor, this time I thought I would die of ecstasy. I felt my legs being lifted up onto the sofa, and the rest of my body laid full length on it, a hand took hold of mine and moved it onto Sue's thigh, I could feel the pussy juice on it so my fingers must be near her hole, I knew what I had to do, she was giving me so much pleasure, it was only fair that I at least tried to give some back, besides I was enjoying it and I wanted to. I ran my fingers up along upper leg towards her fanny, and started to run the tips of my fingers along her pussy lips and then parted them and placed a couple fingers inside and started to frig her juicy hole. Sue opened her legs to give me better access, gently gripped my wrist and pushed my hand against her hole. I immediately grasped what she wanted, and pulled my fingers out, bunched them together, and returned them to her waiting hole and slowly pushed them into Sue. I watched in amazement as my whole hand and wrist disappeared up into Sue's welcoming cunt and then I started to fuck her as she continued to lap away at my clit and frig my hole with her fingers until with load moans and copious shuddering we both came. I slowly removed my hand from Sue's hole and as she continued to lap away at my clit, I gingerly brought my hand up to my mouth and lick Sue's juices from my hand and fingers, it tasted much nicer than I thought, so I moved my head forward and lowered my mouth onto her dripping cunt, extended my tongue until it touch her clitoris, and then for the first time started to eat a women out. It was a first, but I can asure you not the last time I have done that, To be honest with you I now enjoy either going down on a woman or have her go down on me I do sucking cock. After we had both had another orgasm, Sue said,'lunch time' which raised a laugh if nothing else. As The next day was a bank holiday we were going to stay over, so we spent the rest of the afternoon chatting about what had happened between us, looked at more of their photo albums, had dinner, watched a blue movie of ours that evening and swapped when we went to bed. I was enjoying what was happening to me, did not regret, us placing our add, definitely did not regret meeting Allen and Sue, and looked forward to whatever they could do to broaden our sexual horizons. Next time, I finally meet Margaret, and our first swapping party, I also try to take part in 'Fisting'.