Written by Jason

10 Jul 2009

Just to remind all you dutiful hubbies that wanting your wife to be fucked by another man that it is not all joy and happiness....I was invited to join an older couple Edna and Terry for a 3-sum. We had met socially once before, and Edna seemed to fancy my involvement.

The afternoon of our meet at their house started with a glass of wine, and an adult chat as to what was acceptable and taboo. I took the initiative and asked Edna if she was quick-naked or liked to be artistically undressed. Well, it seems Terry had never done the artistic/erotic undress before, as she plumpted readily for it, allowing herself to be slowly divested of lacy top, skirt, bra, and panties, leaving just her hold-ups.....during which time she had got me down to my pants, before pulling me down to her unshaven (but nicely trimmed) bush. It was while I was locating her clitoris and labia with my tongue that she pulled off my pants, me lying at an angle to her.

She seemed pleased with what she saw, as my already-hard cock was fully explored and gently wanked. Terry undressed himself, and started massaging Edna's breasts, but she ignored him and adjusted her position to suck my rampant todger....real deep throat.

At that point I noticed that Terry's pride and joy was much shorter than mine, with a thin head; we ended up in a 69, my tongue finding Edna's red button: 'Mmmm....oh, yes...come on...quick!!' she gasped, rolling over on the floor and pulling me into her. My cock, having located her wet lips, slid straight in; I held back, letting her feel the large head of my penis rest just inside her vagina, before easing slowly in. She arched her back, allowing me to acheive full penetration before I started a slow rhythm using the full length of my cock, stopping just before I slipped out. She loved it...I then started to gyrate my hips, a gentle corkscrew motion that soon had her moaning....I speeded up just before she had her first orgasm, a noisy affair that lasted some time before she subsided back into low moans......

Time to change position...I rolled her on her side, and re-entered her from behind, the length of my cock allowing almost full penetration of her cunt....her hand reached down to her clitty as I incresed my pace.....within a minute she had cum again....while she was still enjoying the last few spasms, I put her on all-fours and gave her a frantic doggy-shag....I was no where near cumming myself, and after about two or three minutes she shuddered and came a third time, collapsing onto the duvet, her body still shaking.

I pulled out, my hard cock still glistening fronm the lady-juices....I looked at Terry, expecting him to take over, then noticed that he had wanked himself off and was cleaning up the result with a tissue.

We rested for a few minutes. 'Did you come?' Edna asked. 'No, but I'm ready when you are!' I replied. She did no more...bending over me she sucked my softened cock back to life, then wanked me like a trojan....when I shot my load it went past her ear, in her hair, over her face, the last spurt landing just below her chin.

Next thing I knew she was sucking the residue from my cock, still wanking it. 'I really wanted you to cum inside me' she said. Mmm...bit late now, I thought. But was it?

I am no sexual athlete, but after a rest, some wine and nibbles, Edna and I started fondling again to the point where I was hard, she was hungry, so in I went, missionary, thrusting for all I was worth....and, bingo, just as she was about to explode herself, my second load bare-backed it's way into her cunt....I kept going for as long as I could, giving up only when my cock softened to the point of slipping out.

Now the pay-back: In all their years of marriage, Terry had never given Edna such a good fucking; my longer, bigger cock with better staying-power had really got her going, but what pleased her most was that my first priority was to satisfy her. This proved the undoing of what could have been a good scenario, but Terry texted me next day to say that I was no longer welcome, and he wanted no further contact between me and Edna.

So, brothers, please keep in mind the fact that your guest lover may just upset the marital apple-cart if he takes his love-making seriously. Pity, Edna was gorgeous!!