Written by Karen

13 Oct 2010

Seeing him masturbating at the window knowing that I was the reason he was doing it was an unbelievable turn on.I had no experience of men,I knew they got a hardon and relieved themselves on a regular basis with their hand and I'd seen on the internet their cock could be sucked off,even though I believed that only gay men did that,it even occurred to me that I might be gay because the thought went through my mind that I'd like to suck a cock even though I'd never held one in my hand.

Over the following week or so we masturbated for each other,he always appeared naked at his window,always with a hardon ready to bring it off.He became more explicit in his behaviour,moving his hands all over his body as he turned around to give me a complete view of his body,he would hold his balls in one hand as he masturbated.I would copy his movements and get my nipples as hard as I possibly could almost in an immitation of his cock.

I would lie on the lounger and open my legs wide apart with my knees as high up as I could get them,I would hold my pussy open with one hand as I deep masturbated myself with the other,I hoped he could see my clitoris,I hoped he could see my juices flow down between the cheeks of my bottom.I would increase my actions as I knew he was approaching a climax,he always went through the same pattern,his hand movement would begin to increase,his hips would start to move backwards and forwards then push upwards as his cock seemed to increase in size as it pushed upwards and then the stream of white cream,always hitting the window in about the same spot.

I would come off time and time again as I watched him complete himself,I would count how many times he'd cream the window,almost always 4 or 5 times.He would continue to masturbate for a minute or so more before winking at me and leaving the window.

I saw him talking to my mum over the fence in the garden,I don't think she'd ever spoken to him before,I feared the worst,surely he was'nt telling her what I'd been up to,surely he could'nt without implicating himself,but my mind was in turmoil.It was a massive sense of relief when she said that the old fella next door had agreed to trim our hedge when he was doing his own,so if I saw him in our garden not to worry.

After a while it dawned on me what he'd done,he'd got access.My mum had gone to work when there was a knock on the door,I was still in my dressing gown,this was'nt what I'd expected but I did'nt have much choice.He was standing there with a shears and rake in his hand,I've come to do the trimming he said,I told your mother I would,she said you were a shy young girl so you might be a bit nervous,he was grinning from ear to ear.

I let him in,it was the first time I'd seem him so close up and I could'nt remember the last time I'd seen him with his clothes on,I'll go through the back he said,Iwas completely speechless.He let himself out through the kitchen,it looked like he was going to go in the garden,but he was'nt.

He came back in without the tools and started to strip off in the kitchen,come on he said,this is all I've thought about for weeks,being wanked off by them pretty little hands.He was naked in seconds,his cock was rigid,I'd never seen a cock close up,the blue veins standing out,the pulsating as it moved up and down of its own volition.

He moved up close to me and pulled on the tie of my dressing gown,I was naked underneath.His breathing was deep and rapid,he pushed the gressing gown off my shoulders onto the floor,his finger touched each of my nipples in turn,they immediately responded by hardening,I felt the tingling in my pussy and then a massive orgasm,he grabbed me and pulled me against him.

It was the first time a cock had ever touched my body,I felt the heat and the power of it as his hands went down my back and held the cheeks of my bottom in a tight grip,my orgasm increased,I could already feel the wetness between my legs.

Suddenly his body started to jerk uncontrollably,his cock was rubbing harder and harder onto my stomach and even though I'd never experienced a cock coming off against me I knew he was coming off,his hips were moving the way I'd watched them move at the window,his cock was moving up and down my stomach.

I felt the heat and the wetness and almost found myself counting,1,2,3,4,5,he'd come off,like he did when he masturbated he continued to push his cock up and down my stomach the pulsating becoming less and less,the hardness fading.

I did'nt want it to stop but it did,he let me go and stepped back,his cock already gone limp,the cream which normally ran down the window was covering my stomach.He reached for kitchen towel and handed me a length and with some more he cleaned himself,I needed that he said,its been a long time since I've done something like that,just wanking's not the same,I'll do that hedge then we'll take our time,it'll give me a chance to get this old boy back ready again,holding his cock as he said it.

As I showered I masturbated like never before,I stood at the bedroom window naked as he looked up at me,I wondered if he was already getting a hardon as he watched me,I definitely hoped he was,there was a lot of things I wanted to do to him,I wanted to learn more and more about a cock,were the things I'd seen on the internet as good as they seemed to be.