Written by Why Not

9 Aug 2019

As a couple, my wife and I have always been very open minded. We have swung and my wife has had some boyfriends and I have been with some other ladies since we have been married. It’s not like we have fucked anyone we like but we have done it to keep things very interesting.

We have a daughter and have let her bring boyfriends home and sleep with them. We felt this was better that making her do it behind our backs. She was at school when we gave her this freedom. She really appreciated it and we have an excellent relationship with our daughter. She has been aware that we have sleep with others beside each other and accepted it as our normal.

Our daughter and her boyfriend came to live with us and stayed for 6 months. They knew one another at university and got together again after that when they were working. They came and lived with us as our daughter was waiting for her new work contract to start overseas. She would then be away 2 years. My wife and I thought that they were a couple and her boyfriend would go with her but they explained that they were only fuck friends and used each other for sex while they concentrated on their careers.

As I said after 6 months our daughter moved overseas to Rhodesia to take up her contract. Liam, her boyfriend/ fuck friend was staying a couple more weeks while he waited for a shared apartment to become available. Liam is a very likeable fellow and good company. While staying with us we found him very easy going and he helped around the house. He is also good cook and made many tasty meals. Our daughter told us that they were fuck friends because he was a superb lover and would definitely miss his skills while overseas.

It was 4 days after our daughter left that my wife told me when I came home after finishing an afternoon shift that she had had sex with Liam. She explained that she and he had actually done it twice. She told me that Liam had returned from his work early and they were having a drink and they started talking about sex. My wife asked him what he was going to do now that our daughter had moved on. Liam simply said, find someone else. He wanted no strings attached, good sex. My wife answered, what about me. Liam told her he would like to but would I mind? To which my wife told him, probably not. 5 minutes later, they had stripped and he immediately gave her oral before pushing his very erect bare cock deep inside her.

She described that he is about one inch longer than me and probably a little thicker. My wife said that the first time he fucked her for about 20 minutes. First on top of her then from behind. Then he spun her over and went back to on top. She came in all positions as well from his tongue and she came again when he shot inside her. She told him that it had been amazing and he suggested that they do it again. She sucked him and he was soon hard. He gave her an even longer fucking and shot more cum into her.

By the time I got home she had cleaned up and had dinner waiting for me. I was a bit shocked with her having sex with what was really her daughters ex but not really disappointed. I found it quite a turn on and asked if I could also have sex with her. She readily agreed and after dinner and a shower I added my load to her clean by still excited pussy. I could certainly tell she had been fucked and she was still very sensitive and came easily.

After our sex, my wife asked me how I felt now? I told her that I was ok which was obvious but couldn’t help feeling and believing that she was behaving like a real slut. Neither of us had ever done it with anyone with such an age difference. He was 24 and my wife was 51. Also particularly someone her daughter had been fucking. She readily agreed. She told me that she had in mind to do it long before our daughter moved. Sex with him was even better than what our daughter had described. She confirmed it made her feel and she was behaving like a slut but if I would let her, she wanted to keep doing it as long as Liam wanted. With that she bent over and started to suck my soft spent cock. It felt so good and she kept doing it. I got reasonably hard again but I knew I could not fuck her again so soon. So, in return I played with her pussy and made her cum again.

Liam has never left. He was nervous at first but I reassured him all was ok. That all happened 18 months ago. My wife has told our daughter and she is ok with it. She actually told my wife that she and Liam had talked about it before she left. He had told her that he would love to fuck her mother. She had wondered how long it would take. Our daughter has met someone in Rhodesia who works with her. They are quite serious and she intends to bring him home for a visit before their contracts are extended. He is black and from South Africa.

Liam intends to stay with us. We all seem happy with the arrangements. My job involves shifts. I am an engineer and am also a Shift Manager. Our plant works around the clock, 7 days a week. There are 6 teams, so I work different shifts and rotate to different days. If I work day, morning or afternoon shifts then my wife sleeps with me but she will always make time for Liam and have sex with him. She will often do this before we retire to our bed. On my night shifts she sleeps with Liam in his room. When I come home I will usually sleep and we will have sex when I wake up in the afternoon.

On my days off she will find time for Liam. She wants him to stay for as long as he wants and he seems very happy. My wife gets more sex now that she ever has and I get as much as I want and I am sure Liam is content with his. She wanted to be more fit and has joined a gym and goes 6 days a week. Her muscle tone is amazing and her stomach is firm and flat. Having lots of sex is good for her.

My wife’s parents who are in their 70’s are aware of what is happening. For a start they showed concern but have warmed to Liam and accept it. Some of our close friends also know. The way we live it is impossible to hide. My wife’s natural way is to show affection and I am used to seeing her in Liam’s arms with his hands inside his clothing. This will usually lead to her dragging him of to his room for a romp. I don’t watch them have full sex and nor does he when I am with my wife but we see each other kiss and fondle her. It seems natural.

So may it continue.