Written by Silky2

18 Feb 2008

Lynne who is 39years old and a good figure and i (Billy) had always had a good sex life during our 20years marriage. In the last six years or so we have roll played and had many fantasies bsed on men fucking Lynne whilst i watched.

Lynne likes to dress for sex and will always wear sily undies a thong, stockings and suspenders, a silky camisole top and a half legnth slip. This she wears under a silky blue dress that splits open so that she can tease me woth her legs and undies.

Lynne had long fancied a bloke at work called Matt who was ten years younger than her but the type that she fancied tall dark haired, good looking. She always used to tell me how he would chat her up and drop things on the floor so that he could have a look up her skirt, that sort of thing.

Our love life and foreplay would involved Lynne telling me what she wanted to do with Matt as he has tried it on with her a few times whilst out on an office night out at a local nightclub. She told me that she once came close to giving into her desires at a night out as he had been chatting her up all night slow dancing with her and exchanged a kiss.

Months of us having orgasms thinking of Matt and what could be resulted in Lynne and me having a long talk to take things a step Further. Lynne was soon to be going out on a night out with the office and Matt was to go to, patners were never invited to these things. We aggreed that she should see how far he is willing to go and if he wanted to have Lynne then she should invite him back home on the pretext that i was away.

I helped Lynne get prepared she wore a sexy thong and Lacy bra and put on her white lacy Camisole top and white lacy split half slip with hold up stockings (MM)we had aggreed that she should wear her blue silky dress to provide us with the chnace afterwards to roll play time and time again.

She looked really sexy long brunette hair and felt really silky to the touch with her dress slipping and sliding on her silky underwear beneath. I new that if Matt managed to get his hands on Lynne he would be able to feel all that undearwear beneath her dress.

Lynne got oicked up and was taken away she told me that if she had got lucky she would phone in order that i could get in position in the next room were i had made a hole large enough to see all that may go on.

At about 1am the phone went and it was Lynne telling me that Matt had been all ober her during the evening and had been fondling her undies and he wanted her. She was on the way home and i knew from what she had arranged with me what she would be doing with Matt.

130am and the door opens and i can hear voices and before i now it the bedroom light is on and as i peer through my hole i can see Lynne and Matt in a deep enbrase kissing. Matt has his hand between the slip in Lynnes dress groping at her slip and thong. Lynne takes down Matts trousers and helps him undress he is no small chap and is as hard as a bullet. He Pushes Lynne on the bed and i can see her dress is being parted and her slip lifted. Matt could obviously not wait and was pulling Lynne thong to one side and forcing his way in her cunt. Lynne was excited by this and responded to his roughness. Matt pushed at her as she groaned but the excitement of it all was taking its toll on Matt as within six minutes he told Lynne he was close. Lynne asked him to pull out and lie on the bed which he do his dick hard and throbbing. At this Lynne took her Slip of and lay it over Matts erect penis and slowly wanked away at him for about Five minutes telling him he was the biggest she had ever seen suddenly Lynnes wanking of this mans penis got faster as he satrted to groan and them suddenly he was creaming Lynnes silky slip with his cum his penis pumping hard and the nylon filling with cum. Matt lay there exhausted Lynne explained that she was satisfied enough and that she would see Matt at work after the week end. Matt left and Lynne came and found me complete with my 7inch erection, she decided that i deserved a treat and took me to the ebdroom and lay me were Matt had been laying a few minutes earlier. She produced her white lacy silky slip which had patches of wet now on it and placed the silky now wet fabric over my throbbing nob and slowly wanked me.

It did not take me long to add my cream to Matts and i came bucket loads.

The thought of this night has fuelled our love life for the time being and who knows she may have another outing?