Written by andysig

5 Nov 2009

Off to meet Sue and her boyfriend full of antisipation Allan and I debating in the car whether or not she would be as much of a slut in front of her man.

We should have known better as soon as we arrived at their large house on the outskirts of Elgin we were ushered into the kitchen by Shaun.Sue was making coffee her little denim skirt showing the start of her arse each time she streched up to get something from a cupboard.Shaun broke the ice by telling us he had read the story we had put on the site and punished Sue for her infidelaty by fucking her mercilisly for hours on end.Sue lauged saying it was 20 mins tops and she had asked for us to come up and give her good fucking.Allan waiked over behind her spun her round to face Shaun and I and started feeling her up hands up her shirt and down her knickers before she knew what was happening.Shaun turned his chair to get a better view of his slut rigling around as Allan exposed her cunt to us both sticking his fingers up her an streching her open.Sue was pushed on to the table head over the edge so I could fuck her mouth while Allan and Shaun spread her legs pulling her pants to one side so the could get better access to her soaking wet hole.

As soon as the first cock was in her she started bucking and screaming cumming all over the table clawing at me forcing my cock further down her throat.We fucked Sue for almost an hour before we made her kneel down to recive her first facial of the weekend which she smeared all over her neck and tits much to the approval of her partner.Latter that evening after a trip to Joanas night club we got a chance for Shaun to show us how much of a slut she could be by paying the taxi driver with a blow job.

Great weekend home with a smile on my face having been sucked and fucked to complete extasy by our little Raf slut.Please get in touch if you would like to join us for some fun and games.