Written by r1de

30 Jun 2015

I got to Abfabs around 9pm expecting not many people be there. Parked on the grass verge.

When I booked in, the woman asked me if that's my fella. I replied "I've come alone". The another woman said "Good girl". I laughed and left my bag with the staff.

I got myself a soft drink which was already on tap. Surprisingly, the exhibition lounge had a fair amount of people but no action. I proceeded to the cinema.

I walked in the cinema, I looked around and was thinking, I had too much clothes on but hey, you don't unwrap all your presents at once.

Most of the men on there, only had a towel and on their c?ck w@nking. I didn't mind,as it gave me the opportunity to check out the guy's c?ck size.

A small group of men had formed around me w@nking. One, moved the bin, in order to be closer to me. I continued sipping my lemonade. Hands started to caress my breasts through my clothing. The odd hand on my bum and another rubbing my pu??y. I was given a deep kiss, don't think he was expecting not to get his tongue back. One guy, started to take down my all in one. I told him, " I decide when this comes down". I decided to take a walk to the dungeon.

I went to the caged played room, a MF couple and a couple of men had joined them. It was nothing to exciting. Conversation started, asking me if I'd been before etc and why tonight? "I was meeting someone but due to work commitments, he couldn't make it and I'd wanted to see some bi action". That comment was followed by you've missed it. My reply "it's never too late". Two men had started to w@nk each other

I started to change in front of the men, which was ever increasing by the minute. One man said I should get in the cage so they could w@nk over my breasts. I did get in the cage, once dressed. I felt overwhelmed by the amount of men in the playroom, I decided to go to a walk.

There's part 2, if anyone's interested?